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15 Exciting Christmas Movie Characters From The Grinch To Grismo



Christmas Movie Characters: Holiday films are incredibly touching. Here are the coolest Christmas movie characters, from the Grinch to Grizmo, to get you in the festive spirit!

It’s the happiest time of the year! Everyone is in a joyful mood, and the fire is becoming increasingly inviting. And there’s nothing like watching a Christmas movie with a cup of hot cocoa.

Holiday movies are both heartwarming and entertaining, and are ideal for putting you in a festive spirit. There have been some fantastic holiday films over the years that have gone on to establish famous characters who are loved all across the world.


15 Best Christmas Movie Characters

Christmas Movie Characters

There have been some wonderful characters, whether it’s because of the songs they sing, their personality, or what they’ve had to go through. When it comes to the holidays, several of these cinematic characters come to mind right away.

Matthew Wilkinson updated this page on December 21st, 2020: With so many Christmas movies out there, and more coming out every year, the list of legendary characters is only going to get longer. As films become household favourites, so do the characters who bring them to life.

Some characters in Christmas movies are just ideal, whether it’s for the joy and laughter they provide or the emotions they make you feel. So, as you prepare to choose which Christmas movie to watch, here is a list of the 15 most memorable characters from the movies.

The Elderly Man (A Christmas Story)

A Christmas Story is one of the most well-known holiday films of all time, and it is frequently broadcast on cable at this time of year. The Old Man is one of the best characters in the film, portraying a typical father from that era.


He is kind but yet severe, and overall a wonderfully loveable guy, constantly tinkering with the faulty furnace and swearing all the time.

He eventually gives in and gives his son the BB gun he desires, demonstrating his undying love for him. He’s a witty, friendly, and caring figure who’s ideal for the holiday season. He is a character who never grows old, having captivated audiences for generations.

Arthur is a man of many talents (Arthur Christmas)

Arthur Christmas is the polar opposite of A Christmas Story, and it is a modern Christmas classic that provides a lot of joy and happiness. The video incorporates technology and more modern ideas into the holiday plot, which makes it stand out even more.

However, in a film full of outstanding characters, Arthur, the little underdog, stands out. He has a lot of enthusiasm and a strong love for Christmas, which makes him a great festive character and has helped him become well-known.


Willie is a character in the film Willie (Bad Santa)

Bad Santa is a completely different kind of holiday picture, therefore Willie will only be an iconic Christmas character if you are over a certain age. Willie is a depressed, suicidal, alcoholic who spends his Christmases dressing up as Santa in order to loot the shopping mall.

You’d think Willie would be unrelatable as a result of this. But his journey to becoming a better person is truly remarkable. He can’t be too high on this list because Christmas movies are designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences. He is the ideal character for grownups because he depicts the flaws and joys of the holiday season.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a character in the Dickens novel A Christmas Carol (A Christmas Carol)

Ebeneezer Scrooge is a Christmas classic, regardless of the version of the character you choose. Everyone has a favourite version of A Christmas Carol, and Scrooge, who is taught a lesson throughout the film, is at the centre of them all. From a callous, wealthy jerk to someone who is nice, kind, and loves everyone.

The storey itself is one of the best, with the ghosts of Christmas past (all of them are also legendary characters) teaching him valuable lessons. A Christmas Carol teaches a lot, and even though Scrooge is first disliked, towards the end of the film, everyone has a soft spot for him.


Jack Skellington is a fictional character created by Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas)

While some may identify Jack Skellington with Halloween, he is also a well-known Christmas character. After all, the holiday is mentioned in the film’s title, and Jack spends the majority of the film learning about it while he transforms into ‘Sandy Claws.’ But that’s the brilliance of Nightmare Before Christmas: it combines two famous holiday seasons into one fantastic film.

Who’d have guessed that spooky Halloween characters attempting to take over Christmas could be so entertaining? There’s no doubting that Jack is one of Christmas’ most renowned movie characters, thanks to his catchy tunes and contagious charisma. Even if he’s a bad Santa, there’s no doubting that Jack’s heart is in the right place, which is why he’s so popular.

The Orchestra’s Conductor (The Polar Express)

With Tom Hanks as the voice of a Christmas character, there’s always the possibility of something extraordinary, and that’s exactly what happened with The Polar Express. Although Tom Hanks voices a number of characters in this film, it is The Conductor who has the most impact.

The Conductor is a really pleasant and upbeat figure who offers insightful advice and valuable lessons to the young passengers on the train. He’s got a lot of heart and a genuine love for Christmas, which makes him the ideal holiday character.


Susan Walker is a writer who lives in the United (Miracle On 34th Street)

One of the best Christmas movies of all time is Miracle on 34th Street. The film is a timeless masterpiece with a cast of unforgettable characters. Susan Walker, on the other hand, is the real star here. Susan is extremely distrustful of everything because of the way her broken-hearted mother reared her.

She doesn’t believe in fairytales or Santa Claus until she meets Kris Kringle, whom she believes to be the actual Santa Claus. This is a touching storey that is ideal for the holidays, with Walker’s character encapsulating how many children feel at some point in their life.

Mr. Poppy, if you’re reading this, I’ (Nativity)

Mr. Poppy is a significant reason why the Nativity movie series has swiftly become tremendously popular among holiday movie viewers. He brings all of the heart and humour to the movies, with the teacher’s helper infusing everything he does with excitement and passion.

He tries really hard to serve everyone, and his charisma and passion make him a very recognisable character right away. He’s just right for a Christmas movie, which is why he works so well as a character.


John McClane is a character in the film John McClane (Die Hard)

The debate over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas film will never end. While many may disagree, John McClane is undoubtedly an iconic character for this time of year, with many people watching the film during the winter months.

As he confronts terrorists at a Christmas party, Bruce Willis’ portrayal in this film is as famous as the character itself. The film is packed with brilliant one-liners and some absolutely superb action sequences as it takes on these villains head-on. Even if you don’t consider it a Christmas picture, it is a fantastic action flick.

Luther Krank is a character in the film Luther (Christmas With The Kranks)

Tim Allen has been in a number of Christmas films during his career, but his portrayal of Luther Krank is by far the most memorable. This film is very fantastic and contains everything that people seek in a Christmas storey.

It has a terrific tale, heart, comedy, a little romance, a lot of lights and celebrations, and a lot of lights and festivities. Luther Krank is at the centre of it all, and he may spend the most of the movie attempting to avoid doing anything for Christmas, just to find that family is all he really needs.


Gadget (Gremlins)

Gremlins, another Christmas picture with a twist, is another film that isn’t your usual holiday flick. It is, however, a Christmas film, and Gizmo has become one of the holidays’ most iconic characters as a result.

While Gizmo is adorable and affectionate, if you don’t follow the rules that come with this gift, you will suffer the price. The festive fun is turned into a horror when an army of scaly, ugly, and highly mischievous animals is unleashed. It’s impossible not to like Gizmo, which is why he was such a big toy seller when the movie originally came out.

The Grinch is a fictional character created by Dr. Se (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

Dr. Seuss came up with some fantastic characters. The Grinch is one of the most well-known. He shouldn’t be likeable given how nasty and hateful he is for the majority of the movie, yet he is simply impossible to dislike. Grinch despises Christmas and everything it represents, so you’d think a movie about it wouldn’t be very entertaining.

His journey to developing his heart and caring for others, as well as the holiday itself, is remarkable. This film is a lot of fun, with the traditional Dr. Seuss universe expertly brought to life. Grinch is unusual, outlandish, and obnoxious. But, at the same time, he is very lovable, and his rants are entertaining, so he eventually wins over the crowd.


Karen is a woman who has a (Love Actually)

Love Actually is one of the best Christmas movies of all time, and it features a number of well-known and well-known characters. Karen, played by Emma Thompson, is the star of the film and has the most dramatic backstory of the four.

In reality, she is having a difficult time because she discovers her spouse is having an affair in the early stages. Her strength in dealing with that situation, remaining committed to her children, and moving ahead, on the other hand, contributes to her being a really famous character.

Buddy the Elf is a fictional character (Elf)

Buddy The Elf is the reason why Elf has become one of the most cherished Christmas movies of all time. Will Ferrell’s performance in this film is excellent, bringing his comic timing to the festive world in the best way possible. The narrative is heartwarming and entertaining for all ages.

Buddy’s interactions with the human world are hilarious to watch because he still believes he is an elf. This film is one of the best, including everything from chewing gum that has been thrown away to facing a bogus Santa in a shopping centre. It’s impossible not to like this song, so keep in mind that “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loudly for all to hear.”


Kevin McCallister is a British actor (Home Alone)

Kevin McCallister is one of the most renowned Christmas characters ever created. Home Alone is one of the best holiday movies ever made, bringing plenty of seasonal warmth and fun to the screen, and it’s all because to Kevin. Kevin is unintentionally left at home by his family and is forced to stand up and take care of himself in this humorous film.

When the two burglars arrive, though, things really start to heat up. It gives some excellent slapstick comedy by setting up a variety of traps to prevent them from entering his residence and then stealing whatever. Kevin is adorbs and has starred in a number of films that have become classics.

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