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4 easy methods for organic YouTube promotion


There are other places besides YouTube where you can do organic YouTube promotion. Sharing your videos elsewhere is frequently the simplest approach to expand your following on YouTube.

But how do you get started? Here, we go through a few strategies for organic YouTube promotion the most outside of YouTube

Promote your YouTube channel across all of your platforms

Bringing your videos for organic YouTube promotion to where your audience is already gathered is the best method to connect with them. You may embed YouTube videos on your website, link to them in your newsletter, share them on social media sites, and more because sharing them is so simple.

Another great strategy to share your content is to promote your videos in relevant internet groups. Are you a member of a Facebook group or Slack community for your industry or specialty? Find the groups you may share your videos with to reach a wider audience.

Pro tip: Rather than attempting to create new channels to promote your videos, it is always simpler to capitalize on what is already effective. With the Referring Traffic measure in your YouTube Analytics dashboard, you can see which channels are currently producing the most engagement with your video. You can use this metric to determine which traffic-sending sources are most effective for your channel.

Work along with other YouTubers and creators

A successful strategy for organic YouTube promotion outside of YouTube and expanding your audience is to work with other creators. Working with another creator (or several) helps connect your fans and broadens their perspective.

Additionally, working with other artists expands your professional network, raises your brand exposure among an audience you might not have previously been able to reach, and boosts the number of views on your content. In addition YouTube Video Thumbnail is a important part of your success, you have to remember it.

Ali Abdaal’s YouTube channel is a fantastic illustration of creator collaboration in action. Ali is a doctor who also has a sizable YouTube following—in just three years, he has amassed over 930,000 subscribers. For the purpose of cross-promoting content, Ali frequently works with other artists and YouTubers on videos, podcasts, and other projects.

Add videos to the appropriate pages of your website

Did you know that 84% of consumers claim that watching a brand’s video persuaded them to buy a product or service? You can reach new audiences through organic YouTube promotion, direct users to your YouTube channel, reduce site bounce rates, and perhaps attract new customers by embedding videos on your website.

Consider Lisa Bardot of Bardot Brush. Although Bardot has an amazing YouTube channel and is an expert in Procreate and digital art, she also embeds YouTube videos on her website.

By doing this, Bardot broadens the audience for all of her videos, regardless of how her viewers found her—through social media, YouTube, or another platform.

Don’t wait for your videos to get popular

Although YouTubers’ growth will be gradual and consistent, every new YouTuber began out exactly where you are. Every popular YouTube channel started out from scratch, and success was only achieved via constant work, clever organic YouTube promotion, and community development.

Make a strategy for advertising your videos and channel, follow it, and you’ll soon notice an increase in your audience and subscriber base. Additionally, you can use your videos and descriptions to entice viewers to subscribe by email once they’ve already done so.

The greatest method to maintain their interest, demonstrate your subject matter expertise, and establish a deep connection with your subscribers is to send your content right to their inbox. Making a free landing page with ConvertKit is the simplest way to get started growing your email list; you can link to this page in the description of your YouTube videos, your Instagram profile, and more.

Create a free ConvertKit account now to get started with email marketing for your videos and to maintain contact with your audience.


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