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4chan Users Use Ai Image Generator To Create Nudes


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4chan biz: TechCrunch Top 3

4chan biz

Fake out: Kyle talked with Stability Diffusion to discuss 4chan’s artificial intelligence model, and then to deepfake experts on what this means and who may be at risk.

Peloton rides into Amazon. Brian writes that Peloton is now selling its equipment through Amazon. This opens up a new revenue stream and strategy for the company.

Spammed: Some Facebook users received strange fan posts from celebrities due to a bug in their configuration. Although the problem has been fixed, Ivan and Manish give their take on what actually happened.

4chan biz: Startups and VC

Today, we published an interesting piece by Battery Ventures’ Neeraj, Brandon, and Jack Mattei, on TechCrunch Plus (our premium subsite), about how ARR per Employee (APE) can be one of the most important efficiency metrics for startups.

This makes sense. For many startups, the number and cost of employees is more important than customer acquisition. This is a refreshing take on measuring company success and well worth reading.

Okay, let’s do a few more.

4chan biz Keine Handy fur Sie! Oppo, a Chinese smartphone company, has stopped selling in Germany despite the fact that Germany is its operational hub. Rita reports that it claims to be committed to Europe.

How is the beef? Fake meat or lab-grown meat are soaring in popularity these days. It’s rare to see startups looking to improve the “real meat industry.

 Lumachain is one of these companies. It uses computer vision to transform meat production. Christine reported that the company raised around $20 million to keep an eye on matters.

OK, you can get a mortgage. As traditional financial products and services become more accessible online, there are many crypto startups that focus on decentralizing old-school methods. Jacquelyn reports on how Spectral raised $23 Million to add web3 juice to credit scoring.

Scalenut raises $3.1 million to hire AIs to create marketing copy. Catherine reports.

Keep your eyes on the prize! 4chan biz Haje reports that Hardware tag Unpluq blocks distractions from your phone so you can get work done once in a while.

The North Star efficiency metric that you have been searching for is ARR per worker

APE is the best way to break even.

Cloud companies rely heavily on efficiency metrics such as CAC payback or LTV-to CAC. However, they feel more like operational metrics than financial ones and it is difficult to execute against them,” said Neeraj Agrawal, Brandon Gleklen, and Jack Mattei from Battery Ventures.

This post uses data from Capital IQ and Battery’s research. It contains key benchmarks and recommendations for SaaS companies, as well as targets for SaaS companies with different ARR levels.

“APE” is a very simple metric that we believe could be your north star in these volatile times.

Your employees are the best place to begin if you want to make your business more efficient.

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Big Tech Inc

It was Sarah, Brian Aisha and Zack’s kind of day. Walmart+ members now have cash back. Sarah explained that Walmart+ is the “answer for Amazon Prime.” You can browse the app and find offers, then save them for future purchases. You earn cash back when you make a purchase. These digital rewards accumulate over time and can be applied to future purchases.

Let’s now move on to WhatsApp’s group discussion features. Sarah has been following this story since April. The feature is similar to Facebook but with a messaging option.

It reduces single chats and seems like more users have access. You will need to be invited to join one of these groups.

Fruit movie: We’re not sure we can do it better than Brian, so we won’t. A BlackBerry movie starring Dennis, from “It’s Always Sunny” was made by someone.

It was settled: Snap informed Aisha that Snapchat denies that Snapchat’s filters and lenses violate Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act. However, the company agreed to settle a lawsuit for $35 million with the state.

Tinder made it possible to quantify your mental health by creating a ring. Brian was there.

Change your password! Zack reports on Plex’s recent data breach. Details are not available.

Aisha writes that Instacart has added a feature that allows users to shop until they drop large, bulky items like furniture, electronics and other goods and receive same-day delivery.

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