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5 Controversial Weight Loss Strategies & What to Do Instead


5 Controversial Weight Loss Strategies & What to Do Instead: Every time you look at your rising belly, you might want to turn towards the internet to seek immediate help. Controversy over the internet and social media are not new to the screen. One of your gurus might be shouting weight loss tips, while the other guru is there to discard their claims. The truth seems to fade away somewhere over the smog of false claims between these fights. But an informative piece from a trusted source can lead you towards the healthy weight loss. 

Weight Loss Strategies And What To Do Instead

Weight Loss Strategies

Let’s get familiar with popular but controversial weight-loss strategies that are occupying your screens. Let us slash out the false claim and learn what to do instead.

Abolish Fats Completely

You might have heard of this advice very often, but is it the right thing to do? You have been introduced to fats as your weight loss enemy. This is not the truth to hold on to. Fats are required by your body to reserve heat, energy and process nutrients. The fats to be debarred are trans fat and saturated fats that can raise LDL(bad cholesterol levels) in the body, increasing disease risk. 

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There is a healthy term for fats known as healthy fats, and they do exist. You don’t need to have the same eye for all types of fats. Fats that are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are good for your health, but maintaining moderation is essential as they are high in calories. Try out coconut oils, seeds, nuts, and olive oil. Try out supplements that work for you. Healthcanal’s medical team has reviewed the safety and efficiency of the supplements, so you can use them without hesitation.

Push Carbs Out

The new trends shout out loud to follow the keto diet plan that restricts carbs intake. Carbs aren’t bad until they are obtained from a processed food source. Artificial sugar and starch source are bad for your health and weight. Don’t stick through the healthy carbs that you take in with carbs-laden veggies and fruits. Carbs are the energy sources for your body that are even reserved for tough times when you are deprived of energy. 

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Munch on natural carbs rather than a processed bag of chips or sweetened drinks. Replace it with fruits and vegetables rich in carbs and nutrients. You don’t have to rely entirely on them. If you aim for weight loss that stays longer, go for it without hesitation. 

Move Towards Weight Loss Goals Slowly

The myth here is that initially when your weight is declining rapidly while following a diet, you are at the risk of regaining it at the same pace. You will hear the advice to take it slow to score the results for the long term. This isn’t true; if you have a plan and you are consistent, that’s not going to happen at all. A rapid weight loss is observed during the initial diet and exercise plan; it’s mainly the water weight. 

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Be it a slow or fast weight loss, the weight loss needs to be healthy in any case. Choose a diet plan that can help you in the long run and doesn’t give you unsustainable results. A diet and exercise can give you instant results, but there will be a time when the results will be static. The slope can first take a toll, stay to the same point for long, and then increase to push you towards your goal. 

Small And Frequents Meals

No doubt this method works but not for everyone. The health gurus over the internet claim that it’s a way to trick your body into burning fat. The process can mislead you to take more calories if you are not keeping track of your calorie intake. It can also signal your hormones to produce more than enough insulin. Both of them can take you a step down in your weight loss ladder. Consuming more calories and the rising sugar reserve in the body is not how you keep your weight loss on track. 

Try This

When you think that it’s not working for you, fast instead. When you are fasting intermittently, growth hormone is released at this time. It is not the absolute truth if you think this will make you more hungry. It will help your body gain lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism

Missing On Breakfast

If you don’t like to have a ‘heavy lunch’ during your breakfast time. The rumors spreading in the air say that it can be bad for weight loss. The fact is it’s not true. On the flip side, there is a strong possibility that you might end up grabbing more calories and fats to satisfy your hunger. It’s better to play on the safe side. 

Try This

Simply increase the time between the two meals, dinner, and lunch. Snack on fruits between these periods and observe results to check if it works for you. The best thing about this is that you have the authority to decide which meals are more important to you. 


It is easy to fool people unaware and fall for the trend that is just another gimmick on the internet. These false claims can de-motivate people and give up their weight loss goals. Go with diet, exercise, and habits that are simple and effective. The road isn’t smooth and short, but the destination is beautiful and long-lasting.

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