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5 Methods For Getting Your Small Business Noticed



When you decide to start a small business, you’re probably not thinking about marketing or promotions much at all. That’s not unusual. It’s more likely you were thinking about factors such as securing funding, acquiring product, hiring, developing your business plan, licensing, and other things. Customers are a big part of that. And getting them to become clients starts with marketing. How are you going to get them in the first place? How are you going to generate leads? How are you going to grow and sustain your business? These are all valid questions that a good marketing plan can answer. You need to learn what your customers want and find a way to market it to them. Getting noticed is the first step to earning business. Today, we’re looking at five ways you can get your business noticed by customers. Check it out blue.

1. Build A Better Website and Web Presence

Since the internet grew to such prominence and Technology took over our daily lives, one of the ways that most people are going to find your business is through your website. That’s why you need to create a better website. A website is the best way to make a small business visible without spending a lot on advertising. A few suggestions you might consider for creating your website are to hire a freelancer to create it for you or merely use a website building service. If you don’t have any experience with web design, you could use a graphics based website builder that can show you what your website will look like in real time. If you want to hone your HTML skills, that’s fine too. Whatever you do, build a website that is easily navigated, has distinct categories for customers to make purchases, and has a way for them to easily contact you. SEO and polish are also important, but those should come after the initial design and support the functionality of the website. Keep in mind that hiring a professional to build your website or using templates to build your website might cost a little bit more upfront because they have built-in e-commerce functions or require additional software to get up and running.

2. Leverage Social Media Marketing

One of the first contact points for your customers is going to be your website. But social media is going to also act as a two-way communication conduit for interacting with your leads and existing customers. You can use social media marketing to get your brand noticed, build a community, and encourage people to share your content. It all starts with high quality content creation. If you’re just throwing out random nonsense that it’s supposed to get you clicks, that’s not an effective market or strategy. You want to craft engaging and relevant content that will inspire your followers to not only continue following you but also share your company with others. This can drive more business and engagement to your company, ultimately resulting in conversions and higher sales/profits.


3. Text Message Marketing

Another fantastic method of getting your business noticed is to use a text messaging campaign. Nearly everyone uses text messaging and some capacity. Most of us have phones and it’s easy to get in touch with each other that way. Text messaging is also a form of two-way communication, meaning you can use it for marketing as well as customer support. It begins with creating a sign up or opt-in list for your potential clients. Once they sign up, you can start sending them engaging messages at appropriate times. Using bulk text marketing can serve as an effective way to reach a large amount of clients quickly. Text message marketing is a herb technology tool that can be leveraged to manage any text marketing campaign. Since text messages have higher open rates than emails, you’ll expand your reach, increase impressions, and hopefully create more conversions over time.

4. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a fantastic way to get your business noticed by customers. They can give you a competitive advantage over larger stores and help provide a small business feel that seems organic to your customers. They can keep them coming back regularly and help them feel like they’re making a good spending decision by patronizing your organization. Loyalty programs allow customers to earn points or coupons/discounts for future purchases. That’s pretty much it. They are a deceptively simple program that can put yourself on the map. Incorporate them into your text messaging marketing to really see them take off. Some examples of this that you’ve probably seen are those coffee shops that have points programs or stores that offer discounts for bringing back bags. Your mileage may vary, but a loyalty program will go a long way to ensuring your customers are consistently happy and returning regularly to your establishment.

5. Use Marketing Measurement

Marketing is a long-term strategy and it’s going to take some time before you see the fruits of your labor. But it’s still important to measure your marketing success. Set goals and measure them so you can understand what works and what doesn’t. Out there means you can measure basically anything you want to understand at any given time. You can then use this information to track the performance of individual content, see what’s being shared or liked more frequently, tailor your content to specific requests, see which ads have more impressions, measure the impact of a specific marketing campaign, and figure out what works best for your target audience. By mixing it up between social media, text message, and email marketing, you can take a comprehensive approach to reaching your audience and understanding how to perform better while getting your business noticed.

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