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Katie Leung Wiki Boyfriend And Relationship



katie leung

Katie Leung was cast in the Harry Potterfilms role of Cho Chang in 2005. Leung, a Scottish actor with Chinese heritage, She recalls going online and finding a website about the Harry Potter fandom. “I can remember reading all the comments. She said that it was full of racist shit. She recounted coming across another site dedicated to protesting her casting. Leung was just a teenager when Harry Potter cast her as his love interest. She is now 33 and claims she did not receive media training prior to interviews.

 Early life

Katie was born in Dundee, Scotland. Motherwell, North Lanarkshire was where she spent the majority of her childhood. This is why it is often misidentified as her home. Katie completed her secondary education at Hamilton College in South Lanarkshire. Her Cantonese heritage is inherited from her father Peter Leung and mother Kar Wai Li. Her father was a Hong Kong restaurateur and businessman who also opened a Glasgow company. Katie’s mother was a Hong Kong banker. Katie divorced her mother when she was three years old. While her mother returned to Hong Kong, she remained with her stepmother, father and siblings in Scotland.

Katie Leung Wiki

Katie Leung is one the most successful and well-known actresses and actors in the world. Her success in the entertainment business has allowed her to amass an impressive fortune.

Katie Leung, a Scottish actress, starred in the Harry Potter series as Cho Chang. She has also appeared in Run and T2 Trainspotting. Her stage debut was with Wild Swans. Her net worth is $5 million.

Social Media Account

Katie Leung

Katie Leung was born and raised in Scotland. Her family moved to Hong Kong at the age of three. She spent her childhood in Motherwell (North Lanarkshire). Secondary school she attended Hamilton College. She continued her studies at the University of the Arts London in art and design.

Katie Leung began her acting career with the fantasy film Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire in 2005. Cho Chang was one of her characters in Harry Potter films. Later, she appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. She was also in Harry Potter, the Half-Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. She also appears in Run, a television series. She speaks Cantonese and English fluently.

Katie Leung has been working in entertainment for over two decades. She has appeared in movies, television shows, and games. She has also traveled to different countries. Her leisure business has allowed her to make a lot of money.

Age35 years old (in 2022)
Date of BirthAugust 8, 1987
Full NameKatie Liu Leung
ProfessionFilm, TV and Stage Actress
BirthplaceMotherwell, United Kingdom
Zodiac Sign

Katie Leung Career

Net Worth: USD $5 million approx.

Katie Leung Career

Profession: Film, TV and Stage Actress

Known For: Cho Chang on Harry Potter


Film: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
TV Show: Agatha Christie’s Poirot

Katie Leung, despite a distinguished career on stage and screen is very private about her personal life. Katie Leung is the child of Peter Leung and Kar Wai Li Leung. Katie was three when her parents divorced. She was raised by her father and half-sisters Nichole, Darren and Will. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in photography. She is also a member of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Katie Leung started her acting career in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Cho Chang was her role. She was the first girl in the film to kiss Daniel Radcliffe. She was also in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts I and II. Katie Leung is also known for her voice acting work in Harry Potter videogames. Leo Ku also featured her in the music video Love Coming Home.

Katie Leung was named the hottest Scotswoman in 2007. In Wild Swans, she also made her stage debut.

An actress

Casting calls were held for Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. Leung’s father saw the ad and suggested that she apply. She waited in line for four hours to be called back during auditions and made a five-minute performance. She was then called back two weeks later to take part in a workshop, and she was eventually cast as Cho Chang. While she beat over 3,000 girls to the role, she felt a small chance of getting the role.

Leung was cast in the video Love Coming Home by Leo Ku by Gold Label Records in Hong Kong, in July 2007. Ku described her acting to be “professional” as well as “mature”. Katie has starred in movies and miniseries on TV.

 Body Measurement

Body Measurements34-23-34 inches
Height5 Feet 4½ Inches (1.64 m)
Weight52 kg (115 lbs)
Waist23 inch

Katie Leung Boyfriend And Relationship

Katie Leung is not married to Eric Caira despite being in a relationship. Although this has been a topic of conversation among fans it is not something that Leung or Caira are willing to discuss publicly.

Caira and Leung met in Hong Kong while she was filming Harry Potter movies. Caira was interested in Call Of Duty. Caira was a recruiter when they first met. The games were what brought them together. They quickly became fast friends and became close friends. They have been together about a decade.

Katie Leung was born and raised in Dundee in Scotland. She grew up in Motherwell in North Lanarkshire. She spent most of her childhood in Scotland, where she also lived with her family. Her father was a businessman, and her mother worked at a law office. When she was young, her parents divorced. She attended Hamilton Faculty in South Lanarkshire.

Katie Leung is most well-known for her role as Cho Chang in Harry Potter films. To land the role, she beat over 3000 other girls. When she was cast, she was 16 years old. Leung has also appeared in numerous TV and film shows. She has also performed on stage.


Katie has been nominated and received awards a few times throughout her career. She was presented with the Outstanding Newcomer Award in 2006 and appeared in the top four Asian Excellence Awards. She was also nominated for the Young Scots Award that year.

She was named Scotland’s Most Fashionable Female in 2007 and was number 80 on Cosmogirl’s Hot 100 List. She was nominated in 2008 for Best Kiss with Daniel Radcliffe at the MTV Movie Awards US. In 2014, she was named BAFTA Breakthrough Brits.

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Aishwarya Rajinikanth files police complaint over missing jewelry from her locker



Aishwarya Rajinikanth files police complaint

Superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth appears to have had her home broken into, as she recently filed a complaint that 60 sovereigns of gold and diamond jewellery are missing from her locker.

Aishwarya Rajinikanth files police charges

Reports indicate Aishwarya Rajinikanth filed a police complaint with Teynampet Police, alleging in her FIR that some of her house servants in Chennai were aware of the jewelry stored in a locker. As per police, Section 381 of the Indian Penal Code has been invoked and an investigation has begun into this matter.

Aishwarya Rajinikanth Suspected to Have Employed House-Help

According to reports, Aishwarya opened her locker on February 10th to discover her valuable jewels had vanished – worth an estimated Rs 3.60 lakh! These were last used for Soundarya’s wedding in 2019. A case was filed shortly thereafter when Aishwarya discovered what had gone missing when she opened it last.

Lal Salaam director Aishwarya Rajinikanth files complaint of jewellery  theft in her house | Centralfallout

Aishwaryaa has admitted in her complaint that she is suspicious of her maids Eashwari and Lakshmi as well as Venkat, her driver, who have been visiting St Mary’s Road even when she wasn’t present.

India Today reported that the director had been collecting jewellery for 18 years. The stolen items include diamond sets, antique gold pieces, Navaratnam sets, bangles and nearly 60 sovereigns of gold worth Rs 3.60 lakh.

On the work front, Aishwarya Rajinikanth is currently immersed in shooting for her upcoming film, Lal Salaam. To capture these images, the actress has been visiting various cities across Tamil Nadu for the shoot.

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Liver King Exposed: Tiktok Fitness Star Admits Lying About Taking Steroids



liver king exposed

Liver King Exposed: An Organ-Eating Fitness Star Admits His Steroid Use in a Shocking YouTube Apology Brian Johnson, who earns $100 million a year through his all-natural raw meat diet and fitness regimen, often tells his followers: ‘I am on steroids.’

The Liver King built a $100 Million kingdom through an unorthodox diet of raw meat and strenuous exercise to achieve “strength, health, and happiness.” Liver King, a viral star on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, preached an “ancestral” caveman lifestyle by eating delicacies such as raw liver, bone marrow and bull testicles in his videos.

He went on to make a fortune through the sale of protein supplements and dried animal organs through his Heart & Soil and Ancestral brands. Now the Liver King’s status as a fitness influencer is in jeopardy after he admitted to lying about taking steroids to bulk up. “I lied and misled a lot of people,” Liver King, real name Brian Johnson, confessed in a somber YouTube video. “Yes, I have done steroids and yes, I am on steroids.”

The Liver King’s Steroid Use

Many skeptics, particularly Joe Rogan, were skeptical that Johnson, 45 years old, wasn’t using performance-enhancing drugs. Yet Johnson insisted he never used steroids.

“I don’t do the stuff. I’ve never done the stuff and I won’t do the stuff,” he declared on Mark Bell’s Power Project podcast.

Instead, he promoted a narrative that his family (whose wife is The Liver Queen) lived according to “nine ancestral tenants”: to eat, sleep, move, shine, connect, freeze/thaw out, fight/bond etc.

Last week, fitness YouTuber More Plates More Dates revealed Johnson’s false front. Leaked emails revealed multiple steroids taken by Johnson and a request to buy more from an unnamed dealer; additionally, Johnson’s blood test revealed evidence of steroid use.

Liver King Exposed: Why the Liver King Lied

Sitting shirtless atop a leather throne, Johnson confessed to lying about his steroid use in an apology video. “I am as sorry as any man can be,” he said in the clip.

He acknowledged taking 120 mg of testosterone per week, but denied other rumors such as having ab implants or plastic surgery performed. Johnson attributed his steroid usage to an inner conflict.

“When I talk about the 85 percent of people suffering from low self-esteem issues, that’s me. This is why I dedicate myself to working out until my lungs bleed in the gym every week – just to feel normal again,” he said. “And hormone replacement therapy has definitely helped tremendously.”

Will The Liver King be dethroned? Johnson has yet to provide any definitive answers about his future plans or strategy. “All I can do right now is accept responsibility, strive to improve myself, and lead myself on a journey towards a more rewarding life as an even better human,” he declared to his millions of followers.

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Josh Hawley Running Video Y Fleeing Jan 6 Rioters Sparks Memes



Josh Hawley Running Video

Josh Hawley Running Video goes viral on Thursday night, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO.) may have set a Guinness World Record by guest starring in the most movies and music videos simultaneously – if such an award exists.

Hawley ran in slow motion to the iconic, piano-punctuated theme song from “Chariots of Fire,” culminating with a breathtaking finale.

Hawley then made an impact in music, featuring in Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With the Devil” and Kate Bush’s 1985 classic “Running Up That Hill,” which recently returned to prominence due to its portrayal in Netflix show “Stranger Things”.

Hawley was featured in two clips aired live during a House committee hearing investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Both videos depicted Hawley running away from rioters as they poured into the building, according to the committee.

Although the videos drew laughter from the courtroom audience in real-time, the internet had just started. Within minutes and then hours, people online began viciously mocking Hawley for his appearance.

Some set their videos to music — usually songs with running lyrics. Others played with words by creating a new term for what the junior senator from Missouri was doing: Hawlin’.

Most just posted memes such as Forrest Gump sprinting at his start line across America; Road Runner zipping along with a “Meep meep”; or George Costanza from “Seinfeld” pushing an elderly woman and several children away to escape a fire at a kids’ birthday party.

One Twitter user wrote, “I will hydrate myself on Josh Hawley Running Video content for the remainder of this week.”

At press time on Thursday evening, Hawley’s office did not immediately respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment.

Thursday’s hearing was mostly solemn. Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA.) introduced Hawley as the senator who, on Jan. 6, while passing protesters as he crossed East Capitol Street, held up his fist in solidarity with them before entering the building.

According to Luria, a U.S. Capitol police officer protecting the building reported to the committee that Hawley’s gesture “riled up the crowd,” with an enormous version of his fist-pump photo projected behind her.

She expressed her disdain for Hawley because he agitated protesters from within what she described as his “safe space”–protected by barricades and police–without regard for any potential mob that might form.

Afterward, Hawley entered the Capitol leaving officers on the front lines with no way out, according to her.

But that safe haven didn’t last, Luria reported. “Later that day, Sen. Hawley fled after protesters he helped stir up stormed the Capitol.”

“Expect the extraordinary,” Luria exclaimed

The videos played. A three-second clip showed Hawley running down the halls of the Capitol, past several officers as Luria claimed he did so to flee rioters flooding in.

The committee replayed this footage twice in slow-mo for emphasis and added another six-second clip showing Hawley making his way down a flight of stairs with others.

Hawley has defended saluting Jan. 6 protesters with a fist pump before contesting President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win over President Donald Trump.

The senator pointed out that many of them came to peacefully demonstrate and labeled them as rioters are “a slur on the thousands and thousands, tens of thousands” who came to the Capitol that day for peaceful demonstrations.

Hawley has continued to capitalize on the political impact and financial gain that his fist-pump picture has generated. In February, Hawley put a rendition of the image on several items of merchandise with the slogan “SHOW-ME STRONG!” — an allusion to Missouri’s nickname as “the Show-Me State”), and began selling them in March according to The Missouri Independent.

Internet users were drawn to Luria’s juxtaposition of Hawley’s fist-bump photo and running videos as evidence of his indiscretion. One user used a popular meme to categorize Hawley’s fist pump photo as “playing around,” while a still image of him fleeing was labeled as “finding out.”

Some Twitter users stuck to the classic one-liner format when taking shots at Hawley. One such tweet from a freelance writer and editor in California read, “From now on if political reporters ask Josh Hawley if he’s running, he must ask them to clarify.”

One political adviser used the occasion to urge voters to turn out, saying: “Y’all better run to the polls like Josh Hawley ran from insurrection.”

Others turned to the language of the internet to ridicule Hawley. One TV producer posted a four-second GIF image of someone sprinting with the caption, “How Josh Hawley fled the Capitol on January 6th.”

Legendary TV journalist Dan Rather went with the obvious response, declaring: “Run Hawley Run!” A Twitter user responded to Rather’s allusion to “Forrest Gump,” providing a GIF of Tom Hanks as the character running.

Political commentator Charlie Sykes recognized the potential of the Hawley videos immediately upon their release. Within moments of viewing them for public consumption, he was ready to assess their value


Q.1 Is Josh Hawley married?

Erin Morrow Hawley

Q.2 How old is Josh Hawley?

43 years, 31 December 1979

Q.3 Where does Josh live now?

Vienna, Virginia

Q.4 Is Senator Hawley a lawyer?

Senator Hawley is widely recognized as one of the nation’s premier constitutional lawyers. He has litigated at the Supreme Court of the United States, federal courts of appeals, and in state court, advocating for individuals’ liberties

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