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A Brief Guide to Help You Buy A New Bong


Buy A New Bong

For beginners, selecting and purchasing smoking tools can be a confusing ordeal. When you first explore online sites selling these, you find many options to choose from. After all, there are many things to consider, from the material of the bong to its design. Then, there are also several other things to consider like the material quality, price, percolators, accessories, etc.

Purchasing one can be confusing, and you should not rush into making a decision because having the right smoking tool does matter. The right water pipe can make your smoking sessions ecstatic. But, it is important to consider certain things before making the final purchase. That is where this article is going to assist you. 

Finding the Best Design 

Undoubtedly, it is the design that first appeals to you. As you scroll down through the pages of the online headshop, you find so many attractive designs. Some have a long neck, while others have a big base. Also, the quality and filtration of the smoke vary from one product to another. 

So, here are the top three designs of bongs that also are most popular –

1. Recycler

Average Price: 60-110 USD

These are some of the most advanced types of smoking tools that deliver the best hit and high. The reason behind calling them ‘recycler’ is due to the mechanism of how these smoking devices work. Once you start inhaling, the smoke gets through a filtration process. The water inside them continuously gets recycled over and over.

Reasons to buy these

  • Some people say that these probably deliver the smoothest hits.
  • The refined smoke is cooler than other water pipes.
  • The smoke does not make way for any type of throat or lung irritation/burning sensation.
  • Two-chambered percolators ensure that you get the most filtered smoke.

2. Straight Tube

Average Price: 120-160 USD

These have a long and elongated cylindrical neck. The neck connects with the water chamber on one side and a carburetor on the other. The Straight Tube ones have a downstem percolator with both removable and non-removable options. Made out of quality glass or silicone, these come with varying neck lengths.

Reasons to buy these

  • As these have long and straight necks, they are effortless to clean.
  • Having a long neck also makes them easier to hold and carry.
  • The straight shape of the neck also allows multiple accessories like tree percolators, splash guards, ice catchers, drains, etc.

3. Zig Zag

Average Price: 49-130 USD

Are you searching for one of the most stylish smoking products? Then, head towards the Zig Zag ones. Also known as the ‘Zong Bong,’ these are crafted out of high-quality and dense glass. The neck height of this type of tool usually varies, but that does not change the overall attractive look.

Reasons to buy these

  • Have a unique zig-zag design that can allure your guests and friends.
  • Extremely affordable even while having premium looks.
  • The zig-zag design stops water from splashing back to your mouth.
  • The design also makes the smoke much cooler.
  • Have excellent grip and heat resistance abilities.

What’s the best value you should look for?

Different online headshops have unique smoking tools with varying price tags. So, what’s the best price range for first-time buyers? Well, it is anywhere from $50 to $150 bong. There aren’t major compromises that buyers need to make because you can find many attractive designs. Whether you buy Recycler, Straight Tube, Beaker, Zig Zag, Percolator, or other water pipes, you can easily get a good one in the $100 range bong.

However, if you cross the $200 mark, you enter the zone of luxury devices. Online stores selling smoking instruments have an extensive collection of elite items. They might cost you around $400-$500 or even more, but the product will be top-notch. Prices of these tools vary owing to their design, shape, size, thickness, etc.

Finding the Right Material

There’s no doubt that glass products are the most chosen and the most popular option available in the online market. Why? Because over 90% of them are made of ‘Borosilicate Glass,’ a type of glass that can withstand heat changes better than regular glass and is good at resisting thermal shock as well. Therefore, that equals better durability.

Moreover, glass bongs come with options of adding multiple accessories that increase their features. At an affordable price with good looks, buying the glass ones from a reputed manufacturer is undoubtedly the best choice. But other materials are equally widespread in the market. Here are a few options available online –

1. Acrylic

They have tons of exciting colors and designs to choose from. But that isn’t their biggest selling point. Instead, their price is what drives buyers towards them. They are the cheapest option you will get if you look to spend less on bongs. But will they give you a unique smoking experience? Well, that is a debatable subject.

2. Ceramic

Glass products tend to break faster as they contain several intricate parts. Buy the ceramic ones if you are prone to breaking glass items now and then. These are highly durable and reliable for daily use. Besides, these have a long history of traditional usage over the last 100 years. Ceramic products can handle temperature fluctuations easily and deliver a neutral-tasting hit.

3. Silicone

Buying the silicone ones will be an excellent idea if you need to carry your smoking tool with you. These also have options for customizations but what’s better is durability and performance. Besides that, they are the types that do not require a regular cleaning procedure. 


Beginners who want to enter the euphoric world of bongs should go for those with pre-equipped accessories. Choosing what’s best for you lies in your usage and lifestyle. 

At every price point, you will find a bong from the classifications you read in the article. However, buyers should keep in mind that choosing the right seller is equally essential. If you are buying your smoking tools online, ensure that the site has customer-friendly policies and secure payment options. The best online stores will always be transparent in showing their ratings, reviews, and policies.

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