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Aaron David Robinson: Everything About Vanessa Guillén Murder Case


Netflix’s true crime documentary I Am Vanessa Guillen focuses on the murder of an American soldier at a Texas base by Aaron David Robinson.

The shocking murder of Vanessa Guillen, a serving American soldier, by Aaron David Robison (also serving in the US Army), is now Netflix true-crime documentary. This documentary examines the failures of the army in investigating sexual harassment and the specific failures related to Guillen’s murder.

This documentary examines how Guillen’s family pressured the investigation to move forward and how it led to changes in the military’s response to sexual harassment. What happened to Guillen’s killer Aaron David Robinson? To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

Who was Aaron David Robinson?Aaron David Robinson

Aaron David Robinson was a key suspect for the murder of Vanessa Guillen (a 20-year old woman who served in the US Army). Robinson was also a sergeant of the US army. He joined the army in October 2017, and held the rank E4 Specialist.

Guillen, before her death, told her family she had been subject to sexual harassment by a colleague. However, it isn’t known if she referring Robinson or another member of Fort Hood.

Guillen had been missing for over two months and an extensive investigation was initiated to locate her. Robinson and Aguilar were implicated in Guillen’s murder after her remains were discovered.

Aguilar later stated that Robinson had told her that he had beat Guillen to death using a hammer. Guillen had seen Robinson’s lockscreen image and he claimed he did it.

Robison reportedly concerned that Guillen would reveal his relationship to Aguilar, a married, but estranged, soldier, Robinson would be penalized for violating military fraternization rules. He could have been sentenced to a maximum of two years imprisonment and dismissal if he was found to be in violation of the rules.

What happened to Aaron David Robinson?

Robinson had been detained in his Fort Hood unit, but when he learned that Guillén’s remains had been found, he broke free and chased by law enforcement. Police made an attempt to arrest Robinson in the early hours of July 1, but before they could do so, he shot himself to death.

Guillen’s mother stated that Robinson’s family had told her by witnesses that they heard two gunshots. She believes Robinson was murdered by police in a cover-up.

Robinson committed suicide, so he was not tried nor sentenced for Guillen’s murder. Aguilar was charged with 11 crimes, including the destruction of evidence. Her trial is set for January 2023. If she is found guilty, she could spend up to 20 years prison.

Netflix will release I Am Vanessa Guillen on Thursday 17th November. It is a feature-length documentary.

Guillen was sexually harassedVanessa Guillén

Guillen claimed that she was subject to sexual harassment twice. Her supervisor didn’t report the incidents in both cases and the summary says that other leaders “failed to take appropriate action.”

Garrett also added a memorandum to the report, stating that he had “considered every evidence and concluded that Spc. Guillen has not filed a report alleging sexual harassment.” No one in the unit, chain of command or outside the unit failed properly to report.

The first incident occurred in late summer 2019. It took place at a troop-orderly area. The incident involved a supervisor making an inappropriate sexual comment about Spc. Friday’s executive summary shows that Guillen understood Guillen’s words to be a request for Guillen to join a “threesome.” 

A second supervisor observed a “markedly different” in Guillen’s demeanor and asked her if she was alright. Guillen reported the incident her supervisor, another soldier. She then confided in “two chosen peers”. 

Guillen’s soldiers given the report by two soldiers but failed to open an investigation. Guillen’s supervisor was not professional and his “counterproductive behaviour adversely affected Spc. Guillen” and others, the summary states.

“The supervisor especially targeted Guillen and called her out in front of her friends, making a constant example of her.” Guillen \also observed by the supervisor during field training exercises. Guillen was scrubbing the treeline. Spc. Guillen remarked that she was uneasy.

Guillen also said she “reluctantly confided in her mother that she had been sexually harassed by” (name redacted). She planned to leave the Army after returning from a deployment in November 2019.

Guillen ruled after analysing all information that SPC Guillen was not the victim of sexual harassment and abuse by the investigating officer. Guillen’s management failed to hold the supervisor accountable. According to this assessment, they were aware of the aggressive and unproductive leadership but did nothing.

Investigation of Guillen’s death

Guillen sent by A Troop Regimental Engineer Squadron to inspect and process broken equipment and verify the serial number of a machine gun in the Arms Room. Robinson was present in the second armroom. Guillen arrived at 10 :15 to validate the serial numbers. At 10:23, Guillen was text to her supervisor.

She was the last person she spoke to. Guillen was reached by the soldier who had opened her first arms space. Guillen contacted Guillen at 11:05 a.m. to ask when she would be back.

The soldier and a supervisor went to the second room, but it locked. Around 8 p.m. “Several of her close friends became increasingly alarmed” while a duty officer was notified that she was missing.

Six soldiers searched for her in the Squadron Area between 10:15 am and 2:25 the next morning. On April 23, senior leadership was present by 7:30. Guillen’s sister was taken to Squadron Area at 8.15 am to meet with one of the missing soldiers’ supervising officers.

The search for motor pool areas, barracks, arms rooms and unit areas completed by 1:05 p.m., April 23. The next day, thousands of soldiers, dogs and helicopter searchers participated in the “significant search effort”.

“These intensive search efforts continued for several more weeks and included increased involvement of civilian law enforcement agencies along with private groups. Contractors who worked along the Leon River fence found remains later proven to be Guillen.

A federal affidavit dated July 2nd 2020 claims that Robinson (20 years old) of Calumet (Ill.) beat Guillen using a hammer. Robinson was shot in his head in the morning of July 1, 2020 in the 4700 block East Rancier Avenue. Robinson approached by Killeen officers.

Robinson’s girlfriend Cecily Aguilar, also taken into custody that day.

Investigation revealed failings prior to and after Guillen disappeared

Guillen’s regiment failed to adequately emphasize response and prevention to sexual assault and harassment. Her management did not participate enough in the programme for sexual harassment response and prevention.

Guillen’s unit leaders did not confirm Guillen was present on April 22nd. Fort Hood’s acting chief commander and his staff also failed to engage with the media. This led to inability to educate and inform the public promptly, as well as maintain transparency with Guillen’s family.

The Army also failed to “engage in social media”, which was a key role in creating the negative environment surrounding Fort Hood’s response to Spc. Guillen.”

However, the search for the missing soldier was prompt and well-coordinated, the investigation discovered. Guillen’s disappearance however “highlighted gaps in U.S. Army policies regarding missing soldiers characterizations.”

“The chain of command believed Spc. Guillen was not present involuntarily. However, they were given guidance by Human Resources Command (HRC), and the Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Divisions (CMAOD), that they did not have sufficient evidence to support a missing status determination.

Guillen’s duty status subsequently listed as AWOL between April 24 and June 30. Since then, the Army has published a revised policy regarding the duty status for missing soldiers. Natalie Khawam, Guillen’s Family Attorney, took to Twitter to express her disappointment at the results of the investigation.

She said, “Last Year, the base did their Mickey Mouse investigation and tried to claim that Vanessa Guillen did not sexually harassed.” “Today, Vanessa was finally acknowledged by the DOD that she was being sexually harassed. It is not an easy truth to be told.


Q. What did Aaron Robinson do to Vanessa?

A. Robinson killed Guillen with a hammer in an armory on post in April 2020. He then enlisted the help of Aguilar to dispose of the remains

Q. What happened to specialist Robinson?

A. Robinson fled Fort Hood and fatally shot himself.

Q. Did the Guillen family sue the Army?

A. she served at the Texas base, has filed a wrongful death claim against the Army.

Q. What race is Vanessa Guillen?

A. Vanessa Guillen was born and raised in Houston. She was Mexican-American. She joined the US Army in 2018.

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