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GoPro has released a flashlight because of action camera flashlight


Action camera flashlight has entered the lucrative business of personal lighting. This is the GoPro Zeus Mini. It looks great, but it’s an unusual product coming from an action camera company.

action camera flashlight

The waterproof Zeus Mini is available at $69.99 and comes with a magnetic spring clip. GoPro claims that the light can be used with any of their mounts. Zeus Mini’s versatility mounts may be its best feature. This light is a great option for anyone who has invested in GoPro’s ecosystem. Have a GoPro mount already mounted to your bike? It can now be used as a light or camera mount.

Lighting is becoming more competitive. Over the past few years, a number of forums, subreddits, and fan sites were created to discuss the latest products by brands like Fenix and Sofirn. The Zeus Mini is spec for spec and looks great for someone like me.

There are four brightness levels for the Zeus, which can produce up to 200 lumens. Flashlight geeks will quickly point out that 200 lumens may be good, but it is not exceptional. It’s the spread and range of the light that is important.

action camera flashlight It’s waterproof, compact, and seems durable because it’s a GoPro product. However, I have yet to see it in person.

GoPro’s stock continues to climb and is poised for its highest level in 2020. The stock trades at $4.14 per share as of writing, an increase of almost 3% over the previous day. Although the stock price has recovered from the COVID-19 collapse, it is only half of its 52-week peak of $7.33.

GoPro follows other companies offering similar lights to use with their mounts. These lights can be found at many online retailers. Some offer a higher output while others are more affordable.

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