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Adin Ross’ sister? Naomi Ross links to Zias



After Adin Ross’s Instagram live rage, everyone is curious about his sister, Naomi Ross, who supposedly got into a brawl with Twitch broadcaster Zias.

The thing that started it all could easily win the award for “pranks that went horribly wrong.” Still, Naomi has managed to be the talk of the town for a few days in a row. Here’s an update if you’re wondering who Adin Ross’s sister is and why she’s suddenly popular.

Who is the sister of Adin Ross?

Adin Ross' sister

Naomi Ross was originally seen in one of Adin’s YouTube practical joke videos. But it appears that she is now enjoying the same level of popularity as her famous brother. Recently, Adin Ross and numerous other Twitch streamers and online personalities moved into a “content house.


” One of them was Zias, a well-known YouTuber and former football player who arrived on the first day at sixes and sevens with Adin. That is due to the fact that Naomi Ross briefly joined her brother at the famous person’s home before striking up a conversation with Zias.

When Adin allegedly witnessed Naomi and Zias having a sexual encounter inside the home, things went bad. Adin vented about the situation live on Instagram after it happened. During the live, Zias also appeared and attacked the streamer.

Naomi Ross apparently started the whole thing as a hoax to frighten her brother. She has now taken on the role of the trend’s face, and everyone wants to know who she is. Even though Naomi Ross isn’t an online superstar, she has just as many Instagram followers as a famous person. With a storming 45.5K, Naomi has really taken off today.

Adin Ross reacts to sister ZIAS

After the Twitch streamer reacted to his sister’s TikTok with ZIAS, two clips of Adin Ross came out. In the first one, Adin didn’t seem to care at all, and all he had to say when the video was over was, “That’s crazy.”


Fans thought that Adin was trying to hide the fact that his sister is close to ZIAS because of this. So, a fan told the Twitch streamer that he was in denial and dared him to say out loud, “My sister is getting f****d,” to show that he had accepted what was happening.

To the surprise of his fans, it didn’t take Adin even a second to say that with a straight face, which shows how little he cares about his sister’s drama.

Fans mocked Adin Ross and his sister on Twitter for being with ZIAS when they didn’t get a delicious answer.

Naomi Ross’s Moment in the Sun

Adin has been in his fair share of gaming scandals, but his sister has mostly been able to stay out of the news — until recently.


In 2021, Adin joined the group Clout Gang 2.0 and moved in with FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray, and RiceGum at the Wizza House. The house was meant to be a place where streamers could get together and make content, but gambling and cryptocurrencies caused problems for the group.

Things got bad for Adin when Naomi came over and got close to Zias, who used to play football and is now a streamer.

Adin even went on Instagram Live to say that he saw Naomi and Zias having a private moment, which made Adin very angry. He told them both that their flirting had gone too far and gave them some harsh words.

He was upset about something that wasn’t even real. Later that night, Adin found out that Naomi and Zias had set up their romantic moment as a joke to scare him. Think of that as a job well done.


So, did Naomi really try to get close to Zias, or was it all an act? Most of the evidence points to the second answer. And after seeing how Adin reacted, Naomi might not be in a hurry to play another joke on her brother.

Who Is Adin Ross?

Naomi has her own platform, but Adin’s star is currently shining a little brighter as he continues to grow from a small-time gamer to a well-known personality.

From Family Streamer to Superstar

Adin and Naomi Ross got their start streaming by playing NBA 2K together. Adin is also known for putting big bets on his Grand Theft Auto games.

He streams most nights, and his loud personality and silly sense of humour make him stand out. Part of Adin’s appeal is that he makes his fans feel like he’s their friend instead of just a famous person on the internet. After a while, Adin’s videos started getting a lot of attention in the 2K community, and through his Twitch streams and YouTube channel, he started making friends with well-known people.


One of these connections was Bronny James, LeBron James’s oldest son. Adin and Bronny started playing games together in 2020. They gained a huge following and each bet a lot of money on 2K streams, which went viral.

In fact, LeBron crashed one of their streams together. This gave Adin a chance to talk about how much he loves the basketball star and show how much of a fan he is. Adin was blown away by the stars, and Twitter went crazy over the moment.

Adin is also known for streaming with rappers like Tee Grizzley. He does this because he sees collaborations with rappers as a way for both of them to promote themselves.

Adin started hosting “e-dates,” which were a series of dates between Discord users, while he was making these gaming videos. This was his first real step into streaming outside of the video game bubble. The project was a huge hit and helped Adin get even more fans.


Adin’s Campaign to Make 2k Fun Again

Adin is probably best known for a hashtag he started in 2020 when he decided the NBA 2K game had become old and boring. “#Make2000FunAgain” was the top hashtag that day all over the world.
A lot of other streamers backed Adin’s campaign, agreed with what he said, and asked the makers of the popular NBA 2K game to make it more fun again.

Bots, bans, and arguments

Over the past 10 years, Adin’s content has caused a few problems because he has become more famous. Adin is sometimes the one who starts trouble and sometimes the one who gets hurt.

On April 4, 2021, a Twitch bot followed his account, which caused 3 million people to follow it.

In 2021, Zias, the same guy from Naomi’s prank, used a homophobic slur during one of Adin’s streams. Twitch banned him for this. After contacting Twitch, he got his account reinstated, but it’s been blocked since. Twitch has “zero tolerance” for hate speech, making it hard for users to return.


Adin has said in tweets over the course of 2022 that he wants to reach more people outside of the gaming community.Adin is garnering a lot of attention in the rap and hip hop communities for his humorous videos.

The Ross Family Keeps It Real

Adin and Naomi are two of the most famous family gamers out there. Whether they’re on a Livestream, pulling pranks on each other, or posting cute pictures of themselves on Instagram, they’re always getting a lot of attention.

Adin’s star seems to be on the rise, but Naomi may become more popular and keep building her audiences on Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans.

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