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All American: Who Killed Tyrone in Season 2 by Ruth (Updated)



All American: In the second season of All American, gang leader Tyrone was shot and killed on his front doorstep. Here’s who did it, why they did it, and why they surrendered.

Tyrone (Demetrius Shipp Jr.) is shot and killed in the stormy second season of All American. However, the identity of his assailant and the motive for his murder were both unexpected. Ruth Scott (Bernadette Speakes), the mother of Shawn and Brandon and a lady forced to take harsh measures, is revealed to be the killer.

Who the Truth Killed Tyrone in season 2

Who Killed Tyrone In All American

Tyrone is shown standing on his front porch when he is killed in All American season 2, episode 13, “The Art of Peer Pressure.” Three bullets are fired into the Crenshaw gang leader’s chest, and he collapses into his couch.


Although no one was shown pulling the trigger in this moment, it is far from surprising that Tyrone is “taken out” as a murderer, drug dealer, and bonafide monster in the universe of All American season 2.

Viewers are lead to believe it was Coop (Bre-Z), who had previously snitched on Tyrone and threatened to kill him, but Coop is actually covering for the real murderer.

Simply put, Ruth Scott killed Tyrone for no other reason than vengeance. She is shown to have lost both of her sons, Shawn (Jay Reeves) and Brandon (Jefferson Reid), in the span of a year owing to Tyrone and his gang’s warfare.

Tyrone “took everything” from Ruth, says Coop, who has been in the know since the beginning. When Ruth is finally apprehended, she explains that she did it to put an end to the “suffering,” which she knew would never happen as long as Tyrone was free.


Ruth’s ownership of Tyrone’s death in All American season 2 is a massive gesture, but it isn’t wholly unselfish. Ruth is aware that a videotape of Coop near the area of the murder exists, and that Coop was a leading suspect in the case.

Ruth even tells Coop in their final talk that she handed herself in to the authorities because she couldn’t disrupt Coop’s All American existence and she wanted her to have a peaceful upbringing.

While it’s shocking that Ruth not only murders Tyrone but also turns herself in, Ruth’s decision is prompted by Coop’s involvement in All American’s illicit activities. Ruth, on the other hand, is a minor character who appears in only three episodes in the second season of All American. As a result, an easily expendable character with no family isn’t revealed as Tyrone’s true killer in a surprising manner.

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