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All Might: Episode No.1 Hero Academia Anime



All Might: is the former No. 1 Hero, the eighth user of the One For All Quirk, and one of the two deuteragonists (together with Katsuki Bakugo) of the My Hero Academia anime/manga series, as well as the overarching protagonist of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.

He also teaches Foundational Hero Studies at the University of Arizona. All Might resigned from crime fighting after defeating All For One, using up all of One For All’s embers to vanquish All For One. This marked the end of his era. As the No. 1 Hero, he was succeeded by his adversary, Endeavor.

In the Japanese dub, he is voiced by Kenta Miyake, who previously voiced Muhammad Avdol in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.


Stardust Crusaders, and in the English dub, he is voiced by Christopher R. Sabat, who previously voiced Vegeta and Piccolo in the Dragon Ball franchise, as well as Roronoa Zoro in the One Piece franchise.

All Might Episode No.1 Overview

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All Might

Toshinori Yagi, aka All Might, is Japan’s most powerful hero, serving as a beacon of hope and justice for all heroes. No one can stand up to his immense power, therefore his mere existence instils fear in the hearts of evil all around the planet.

All Might’s enormous power, however, is not his own, as he was born Quirkless, which is unknown to the rest of the world. In reality, his Quirk was passed down to him by his tutor, and he is the seventh person to possess it.

He’s had the power since he was a teenager, and he’s used it to grow into the Peace Symbol he is today. Unfortunately, his body has been greatly weakened as a result of a previous fierce struggle with a formidable supervillain. The only thing that hasn’t weakened is his determination to make the world a better place.


He can now only conduct hero work for three hours per day, after which he transforms into a lanky, skeleton guy who continually coughs up blood. Only a few people at U.A. are aware of this, and even fewer are aware of the exact nature of his Quirk.

My Hero Academia follows his successor, Izuku Midoriya, as All Might instructs him on how to harness the enormous strength he has been given.


Toshinori, in his hero form, is a tall, muscular man with a design that resembles a generic American comic book superhero.

His hair spikes on top of his head, and regardless of the time of day, his entire body has more shadows than any other character in the series, adding to his stylized image.


His Hero Costume is a red, white, and blue bodysuit with golden gloves and boots, similar to those worn by standard American superheroes. It’s been portrayed both with and without a cape. Its design is regarded classic in general.

He is an overly-skinny man with angular features, lengthy limbs, and a long neck in his actual form. In his hero form, he has spiky, dishevelled hair with two bangs framing the sides of his face and no eyebrows.

He has a massive scar on the left side of his chest that covers most of it, and he frequently spits blood out of his lips when pleased or surprised.

To accommodate his Quirk’s size shift, he usually wears baggy clothing, but once his actual shape was revealed to the world, he began wearing more fitted attire.


It’s worth noting that his eyes are sunken in in both versions. The difference is that in his true shape, you can see his eyes more clearly.


All Might, in his muscle form, is the epitome of what a comic book superhero should be: charming, heroic, selfless, kind-hearted, and protective.

He guards the lives of others and serves as the “Symbol of Peace” while defending the Japanese people. He uses his distinctive smile to put others at rest with a loud chuckle, assuring them that everything will be alright since he is there.

All Might takes on a more serious and focused demeanour in his actual form, while he retains his genuine grin and concern for others’ well-being, albeit not to the same grandiose extent.


All Might, in whatever form he takes, exemplifies the principles of a true hero with a decent heart to match. He had dreamed of being a symbol that others could rely on in difficult times since he was a child, and upon obtaining his Quirk, he would ascend to become not only that symbol, but a legend that would inspire countless others to become heroes and follow in his footsteps.

Even Stain, the infamous Hero Killer, thinks of All Might as a true hero who embodies everything a hero should be: selfless and willing to aid others.

All Might spent the remainder of his life after retirement training Izuku and entrusting him with information about the other One For All users and their quirks.

Previous Capabilities

One For All: All Might inherited the “One For All” Quirk. It would enable him to store a massive quantity of raw power, allowing him to dramatically boost all of his physical talents to superhuman levels. This gave All Might incredible strength, speed, agility, and durability, making him nigh unstoppable.


Shade Manifestation Because he is still alive, unlike the previous users, All Might projects himself as a shade within One For All, taking the form of Toshinori’s true form but formed of yellow energy. The shade can communicate with prior users and share information with them in this fashion.

Intimidation: Like Stain, All Might can project his own will to intimidate others even without his powers. All Might’s will, on the other hand, originates from his protectiveness of Izuku and his readiness to put his own life on the line for his student.

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