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Alleah Taylor worried she’d die after a domestic assault.



Alleah Taylor, the ex-girlfriend of NFL offensive lineman Chad Wheeler, said she felt she would die in January. Chad Wheeler severely attacked his girlfriend Alleah Taylor on Jan. 22. Taylor, 27, alleges 310-pound NFL lineman strangled, pummelling, and sat on her to faint. “God saved” her, she says.

Today in this article we are going to discuss about Alleah Taylor worried she’d die after a domestic assault, Alleah Taylor, Chad Wheeler severely attacked his girlfriend. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

Alleah Taylor, Chad Wheeler severely attacked his girlfriend

alleah taylor

Wheeler, who was dismissed by the Seahawks, pleaded not guilty to domestic violence allegations. He posted a $400,000 bond and apologised on Twitter for a “manic incident.” Taylor detailed Wheeler’s behaviour the night he assaulted her and fractured her arm.


Our romance began like most. Chad liked my Instagram photos and messaged me. A Google search revealed his NFL fame. I’m not a football enthusiast. OT. SEAHAWKS

The meeting felt fated. Capricorns appreciate Tropic Thunder. We started going on pandemic walks, cooking, and babysitting my nephew.

“He’s emotional, I guess. His LA journey was rough. Just let him cry it out. Next morning, we’re on vacation.

“My house is secure,” remarked Taylor. Monday


“When he grabbed my throat, I thought I’d die. “When he strangled me, I believed I’d die”

Taylor was upset that Wheeler didn’t check on her throughout the skirmish.

She stated that he should go to prison to properly appreciate his conduct.

“Because I’m important, he nearly murdered me. “Strangely, he wanted to go to Hawaii after court. He doesn’t grasp the repercussions, “saying,


She continued, “This isn’t his first violent encounter with police.” “I think he should realise the implications of his actions. I don’t think avoiding prison would benefit him or public safety.”

After allegedly assaulting Taylor, Wheeler was charged with first-degree domestic abuse, unlawful confinement, and resisting arrest. Those charges were denied.

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