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Amanda Hubble, Clovis High School Teacher Arrested For Having S*x With Student


Amanda Hubble is a story you may have seen if you have been following the news over the past few months. Two different offences were brought against Amanda Hubble, a woman who was initially arrested. She was eventually found guilty and sentenced to over three years and eighteen months in prison.

Amanda Hubble An investigation into a case is ongoing

Amanda Hubble

The Clovis Police Department issued a warrant for Amanda Hubble’s residence this weekend. Hubble was accused of engaging in sexual activity with a minor. Hubble was released after posting a $20,000 bond.

The suspect was also charged with oral copulation with children, a lewd act upon a child and arranging a meeting to discuss lewd or sexual behaviour with minors. Her arraignment is set for January 11.

Investigators discovered that the couple had a relationship outside of campus. A witness also told police that they were engaging in inappropriate behaviour. The victim’s mother was one of the witnesses, but she declined to comment on the verdict.

According to authorities, Hubble was 31 years old and had been working as a music teacher in Clovis Unified Schools District for several years. She began her teaching career in an elementary school, but she later became a teacher of the choir at a high school.

Amanda Hubble She was put on unpaid leave

California teacher Amanda Hubble was on unpaid leave after she was arrested for two sex-related offences. Amanda Hubble is Clovis High School’s choir teacher. Her arrest was made for oral copulation with a minor.

The first encounter took place in November 2021 and the second occurred days before her arrest. Both incidents occurred outside the school.

Amanda Hubble is also accused of the following sex-related offences: felony counts for oral copulation with a child under 18, felony charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and misdemeanour charges of tampering an affidavit or a fake ID. Her teaching credential was also suspended.

Fresno County Judge has ordered that Hubble must serve two years probation and that she will need to register in California as a sex offenders for the next ten years. Hubble’s guilty plea was the smartest, and she will be sentenced accordingly. However, she may still spend time in prison if she does not re-offend.

She pleaded not guilty to the two charges.

In December, Clovis music teacher Carolyn Hubble was charged with a sexual encounter. The Fresno Bee reported that she was charged with two unintentional sexual encounters with a male student aged 17.

Although the case remains under investigation, Hubble was suspended by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for misconduct.

Clovis Unified Schools District released a statement saying that the incident took place outside of school. To investigate, the school district will cooperate with the Clovis Police Department. An 18-year-old victim of an abusive relationship with Hubble was later revealed to a high school peer.

Since her arrest, Hubble has been on unpaid parental leave from Clovis Unified Schools District. The Fresno Bee reported that her employment remains in doubt and she will need to register in California as a sex offender for ten years.

Hubble was sentenced to two years probation. However, she can serve longer. Oral copulation was also a crime, which is the smallest of all three penalties.

She was sentenced to more than three years, eight months and nine months in prison

California laws apply to teenagers in the United States. You must register for at least ten years. You can be sentenced for violating this law.

Amanda Hubble is one of the women who broke the law. In December 2021, she was charged with several sex offences. She was in her car at the time of the first encounter. She was also arrested days later in a second encounter.

Hubble had two unconstitutional sexual encounters with a boy aged 17 years old. She was at the time a Clovis high school teacher. After her arrest, she was fired from her job in the district.

Later, the girl told her friends she was in a relationship with Hubble. Investigators discovered evidence of the unsuitable relationship that included a recording from the boy’s phone. The boy’s father also confronted him the next day

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