Amazon Prime For Students: How to Get a 6-month Amazon Prime Student Discount

September 22, 2022
Amazon Prime For Students

Amazon Prime For Students: Most likely, you can buy almost anything online. Even if you shop only part-time, you will most likely visit Amazon at least once per month. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

You may not be aware that Prime Student accounts have many benefits. To qualify, you will need email address. Here are some perks that Amazon Prime offers:

Who is eligible to receive the Prime Student Free Trial?

Amazon Prime For Students

Prime Student membership requires a valid email address Membership is only available to students enrolled at school. Prime Student members must show proof of enrollment on request.

Amazon Prime student discounts end after four years, or when you graduate from school, depending on which comes first.

If you do not meet these criteria, you will be limited to Amazon Prime standard-issue. It’s more expensive that Amazon Student at $79/year but many people still consider it a great value.

Amazon Prime Student is available if you:

  • You are currently enrolled at school
  • You have an email account
  • The proof of enrollment can be provided

How to sign up Amazon 

You will need to have a account in order to switch your membership or sign-up for Amazon Prime Student. Log in or register at the Prime Students page.

Amazon will then ask you for your intended graduation year. This offer is available to active students who have access to their university email.

You can sign up with an alternative form of proof of enrollment, such as a school ID card and/or a current transcript, if you don’t already have account.

The Benefits of Amazon Prime Student

1. Amazon Prime is available for a six-month risk-free trial

Amazon Prime Student offers a free six-month trial. You can get almost all the Prime benefits while you are a student during this free trial.

You can take advantage of the free trial to see if Prime is worth your investment or if you are unsure.

2. Students can get two-day free shipping

Prime Student offers free access to two-day shipping. This is the cornerstone of Amazon Prime. Students benefit the most from two-day shipping for free:

  • You can get your textbooks quickly. Amazon Prime eligible sellers can ship your textbooks in just two days if you order your textbooks there. You might need the textbooks for a new class, or you forgot to place your order. You might be able to save money on shipping costs by ordering two-day shipping.
  • Your dorm space should be livable. It is almost impossible to forget something once you move in. You can find almost any everyday item on Amazon, including a coffeemaker, air freshener or other essentials, and you can get it within a few days.
  • Meet unexpected class requirements. Imagine starting a distance education course. You realize on your first day that the classroom is too noisy to hear. You can order a headset or noise-canceling headphones online in two days. This means that you don’t have to spend time at a store and will be able to get it before the next class session.

Students who have to ship quickly are especially benefited by this service. It can be difficult and time-consuming to transport items by public transport or get a ride from friends.

3. Prime Video allows unlimited streaming

Prime Video offers unlimited streaming of thousands TV shows and Amazon Originals, as well as award-winning movies. The  Prime Student members have access for free. What better way to relax than by watching your favorite TV show?

Prime Video often offers exclusive shows and movies, even if you already have Netflix or Hulu. You can stream one movie during your free trial, but that’s okay!

4. Exclusive deals and offers for students

Prime Student members get special offers and discounts on the items they love, need, or want. You will be eligible to win sweepstakes, giveaways and contests that are student-oriented.

Amazon held a three-day event called “Amazon Student Days” in October 2015. During this event, they offered exclusive discounts and giveaways for Prime Student members. This event is likely to be repeated by Amazon.

5. You can access your photos from anywhere by storing them securely

You can expect to make many memories if you are new to college. Prime Student is a safe place to keep them.

Prime Student membership and the free Prime Student trial unlock unlimited photo storage. Your visual memories can be stored in the cloud for free.

6. Prime Student is a great way to make money by inviting your friends.

Refer a friend to Prime Student and you’ll both receive $5. This referral program may be used by enterprising students to pay for their Prime membership after the free trial ends.

7. Prime Student Membership gives you a 50% Prime Discount for up to 4 years

Your Prime Student subscription automatically converts to a full-pay Prime subscription after a six month trial. However, you will receive a 50% discount. This discount will be available for up to four years, or until you graduate.

You can save hundreds of dollars if you are a Prime subscriber already or plan to become one.

Amazon Student Prime is a great option for back-to school supplies. This is a great deal, especially for students who are used to paying a lot for shipping.

What is the cost of Amazon Prime?

After a six-month free trial, Amazon Prime Student is $7.49 per month. This is half the price of a Prime membership ($15/month).

Existing Prime members who are eligible can switch to the Student plan. They’ll only get their remaining Prime months refunded.

JPMorgan estimates that Amazon Prime memberships are worth $785 per year. A standard Amazon Prime subscription is a great deal. However, the Amazon Prime Student discount and other benefits make it an attractive option.

Interested? Register for the Free Trials

Amazon Student Prime can be a great resource for back-to-school supplies, both for school and home, especially if your family doesn’t already have an account. This can be a great deal for many students though especially if you’re constantly paying quite a bit for shipping.

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