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How to Know Amenadiel 8 Best Powers, Ranked



Lucifer’s Amenadiel, the eldest child of God and Goddess, has played the protagonist and antagonist roles in various stories.

The character, who was born as an Archangel, has shown various talents and abilities similar to Lucifer’s. In fact, Satan’s son calls him “one of God’s greatest” and a highly-skilled fighter who is “undefeated in combat.”

How to Know Amenadiel 8 Best Powers


All angels in the Netflix show have a variety of abilities that allow them to attack and protect others in dangerous situations.


Amenadiel, too, possesses incredible abilities, ranging from the capacity to slow time to immortality.

These superhuman abilities have aided him much in defending his loved ones and carrying out God’s purposes on Earth.

Slowing Time Down

Amenadiel cannot only move through dimensions but also slow down the passage of time using a technique known as chronokinesis. His ability to stop time could be instrumental in saving lives.

In Season 2, for example, he uses his power to aid Linda’s rescue. After Charlotte stabbed her, Linda lay in anguish for a long time until Amenadiel realised it was too late to rush her to the hospital.


This is when he chooses to turn back the clock and allow Maze to take Linda to safety.

While Lucifer has the most remarkable talents on the program, Amenadiel’s are just as impressive but a little more limited than the titular hero’s.

Amenadiel, like Lucifer, can freeze time, which he demonstrated once in season 3. Because Amenadiel’s chronokinesis is so exhausting, it doesn’t rank as high as his flight and healing abilities.

He was physically fatigued and required a lot of mental concentration even after the encounter with Linda.


As a result, these time-altering abilities can only be used in extreme circumstances, which is why they are rarely seen on the program.

Inter-Dimensional Travel and Flight

Amenadiel’s back wings not only allow him to fly to vast heights, but they also grant him the capacity to traverse across dimensions.

He can readily travel between dimensions, whether in Heaven, Hell, or Earth, and has demonstrated this ability during Lucifer’s 5 seasons.

While his wings are an inextricable part of his anatomy, they are fragile and can be easily harmed or destroyed.


After being stabbed with a demon blade during a fight in Season 2, his wings began to molt.

Amenadiel became a fallen angel, his wings withering to a skeletal framework, as he began to rethink his life choices and duties on Earth.

Only in the final episodes of Season 3 does he resolve to regain his wings so that he might journey to Heaven and comfort the soul of the deceased Charlotte.

Miracles And Curses

Amenadiel’s name approximately translates to “So be it says God,” and one of the angel’s most extraordinary Biblical powers is his capacity to condemn as well as bless mortals with heavenly marvels according to God The Father’s whims.


In the former case, he had left a mark on Pierce’s (Cain’s) arm, cursed with immortality.

When it comes to miracles, it’s revealed that he once blessed John and Penelope Decker with Chloe, who was dubbed a “miracle child.”

In both situations, he had followed his father’s orders. While the Archangel can wield these powers at whim, he has never done so without God’s permission.

Depending on the situation, Amenadiel can curse or bless a certain individual if God wishes to modify their fate.


Amenadiel uses these powers to affect mortal beings’ actions and choices, whether through blessings or curses. Because God’s command is his only limitation, he cannot utilize it to fix every difficulty he encounters.


The divine power of Amenadiel can also be employed to resurrect the dead. This was most visible when he renewed Malcolm Graham, one of Lucifer’s most heinous antagonists, and instantaneously repaired his gunshot wound. Finding a soul from another dimension and implanting it into a corpse is part of his resurrection procedure.

The only disadvantage of this ability is that he must use his wings to journey to either Hell or Heaven in search of a soul. He briefly lost his wings and hence his ability to resurrect people in a season 2 episode.

While Amenadiel eventually regains his wings next season, he is cautious about using his resurrection power. He brought Charlotte to Heaven without putting her spirit into a new body.


The episode never explains why Amenadiel refuses to resuscitate Charlotte, but his resurrection skills are now unpredictable adds to his vulnerability.

Superhuman Powers

Amenadiel is not only a main character on Lucifer, but he is also one of the show’s most powerful angels. His duels with Michael and Remiel have confirmed this.

He could easily defeat his opponent with a few punches on all occasions. Metal weapons, like as firearms, are easily bendable in his hands, and he can apply a lot of force to any thing.

His incredible strength was severely lessened when he momentarily lost his powers as a fallen angel.


He could still hold his own against humans, and he is sometimes seen fighting numerous opponents simultaneously. After Charlotte’s death in season 3, his strength was restored, making him an even more physically threatening presence in battle.


Amenadiel, like most angels on the show, has superhuman speed, which, while rarely shown, is a beneficial ability.

Lucifer’s ability to fly allows him to escape potentially lethal situations, such as several fights with Cain. Furthermore, Lucifer’s remarkable flight speed in “Quintessential Deckerstar,” one of the best episodes from Lucifer’s third season, demonstrates that his speed is otherworldly and thus superhuman.

Because Lucifer and Amenadiel are siblings with similar supernatural abilities such as super strength, it’s reasonable to presume that Amenadiel’s flight speed is as impressive and has been used to save his allies such as Chloe from certain death.


Superhuman Durability and Immortality

Amenadiel has existed since the beginning of time. Because he is the first-born angel, he is older than any other notable angels in Heaven.

His eternal youth ensures that he outlasts the passage of time, and he exhibits no indications of death or decay.

His immortality is demonstrated in the episode when Amenadiel’s son Charlie is born, despite his angelic roots ensuring a long life.

Because of his mother Linda Martin’s human roots, he is saddened by the prospect of his son living a restricted mortal life, to the point where he seeks to give up his own immortality, which God refuses.


Given that he is unlikely to lose his immortality any time soon, Amenadiel’s limitless life will serve as both a curse and a gift, serving as both his worst flaw and one of his most helpful skills in the program.

The factor that promotes healing

There’s almost nothing on Earth that can kill Amenadiel. Bullets and knives slice his skin, but he heals in a matter of seconds. When Chloe is shot with many rounds of ammo, for example, Amenadiel saves her by physically absorbing most of the bullets.

Only celestial weapons, such as Demon Daggers, can really injure him. Malcolm stabs Amenadiel with a Demon Dagger in Season 1 of Lucifer, almost killing the eternal angel.

Apart from his heavenly artillery, Amenadiel’s healing factor is one of his most powerful abilities, and it comes in handy in all of his battles.


Unlike his chronokinesis and flying, he has a shallow risk of losing his healing factor unless he chooses to do so.

Amenadiel’s most substantial strength is one of defense, which has enabled him to survive innumerable wars throughout history.

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