Amra Nor Jenkins: All Facts About Jeezy Daughter

October 15, 2022
Amra Nor Jenkins

Amra Nor Jenkins, the youngest child of American rapper Jeezy, is Amra. Mahi is her mother. She is the sister of Shyheim and Jadarius Jenkins. She was eight years old when she was born in 2014.

By her nationality, she is an American citizen.  To get all new updates follow

Amra Nor Jenkins’s Early Life

Amra Nor Jenkins

Amra Noe Jenkins, an eight-year old girl, was born in 2014. Her two older siblings are Jadarius, and Shyheim. She is an American citizen due to her nationality. Jay Wayne Jenkins, also known as Young Jeezy was her father. He was born in Columbia, South Carolina, on September 28, 1977.

Jeezy was the only child of divorced parents. His mother took him to Georgia with her mother and raised him there. He often had to be juggled among different family members.

Jeezy was attracted to rap music when he was young, as hip-hop songs were popular in his neighborhood. As a child, he was very poor. He learned how to make money by illegally selling mobile phones and drug trading.

Jeezy moved to Atlanta as a teenager to continue his trade in narcotics. In 1994, he was sentenced to Youth Challenge Academy for nine month for drug possession. He chose to let go his past and begin again.

Amra Nor Jenkins’s Parents Marriage

Jeannie Mai is Jeezy’s current wife. The couple married in 2020. One year prior to their wedding, the couple were engaged. They announced their pregnancy shortly after they got married. They have a daughter and are happy to be married.

Jeezy met Jeannie on a chat show hosted by Jeannie. She is also the producer of the show. They met and became friends, then began dating in 2018. They were together for three years before they got married. Jenkins is their only child.

She Also Has Other Half Siblings

1.Jadarius Jenkins – first son of Jeezy

Jadarius, Jeezy’s oldest child, is Jadarius. Tenesha Dykes, his mother is. Jadarius, a rapper goes by the stage name “Lil’ Jezzy”. He’s well-known for his musical talent and fashion sensibility.

He graduated in 2019 from Georgia’s Riverwood Academy and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in order to start his own fashion label. Jeezy is a loving dad and gave Jadarius an all-new customized Wrangler Jeep for the occasion of his 18th birthday.

2.Shyheim Jenkins– Second son of Jeezy

Shyheim is not well-known because unlike Jadarius, Shyheim is a media personality. Even the identity of Shyheim’s mother is unknown.

Amra Nor Jenkins and her baby mama

American rapper Amra Nor Jenkins is clearly very connected to his third child. He is very attached to his only child, she. This was the lucky year that her daughter was born. She is the daughter Jeezy Gebregiorgis and Mahlet Gebregiorgis. Her mother Mahi is a well-known musician.

Her mother has a difficult relationship with her father. They are therefore seen as avoiding the spotlight together. The daughter serves as a link and bridge between her parents. The rapper allegedly paid $7,500 child support and $30,000 tuition to Amra in the end of a bitter custody battle.

The ex-couple went back to court in 2020, when Mahi charged Jeezy with failing to pay the custody agreement. Sources claim that Jeezy denied this accusation and even accused Mahi, out of “bitterness” over Jeezy’s relationship to Jeannie. The fate of the court case is currently uncertain.

Amra Nor Jenkins’s Father Jeezy was Arrested for Shooting A Man

Wiz Khalifa performed in Northern California at Shoreline Amphitheater. Numerous gunshots were heard at 11:15 p.m. Mountain View Police Department responded to residents who complained about the situation.

Jeezy and other people were on the scene when the cops arrived. The cops later arrested them and put them in jail. The shooting resulted in the death of an elderly man. The pistol was found hidden in a bus carrying tourists. After his arrest, Jeezy was required to post $1 million bond.

Amra Nor Jenkins’ Father Nearly Died in a Car Accident

Amra Nor Jenkins is the son of one of the most respected rappers in the country. Although he has had a lot of life experiences, he was close to losing it in September 2007. As he was walking along the street to Justin’s Atlanta parking lot, a taxi suddenly appeared.

The rapper was riding in his Bugatti Veyron worth a million dollars, and the taxi was going in the wrong direction. His front half was severely damaged when the taxi collided with his vehicle. If he was struck directly by the taxi, he would have died.

Jay Wayne and Jeannie Mai are expecting their fourth child.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai were married in Atlanta in 2021. According to reports, Jeannie Mai and Jeezy had planned to have a child about a year ago but were unable to conceive. They fell in love over the next year and are now expecting their first child. She is sharing her maternity photos on social media and is receiving lots of blessings for her baby.\

Jenkins Parent’s Net Worth

Amra is now spending time with her dad and mom after Amra’s divorce. Her father, a multi-millionaire worth an estimated $20 million, is her mother. Jeezy has amassed wealth through his career as a rapper.

Her mother Mahlet, however, has an estimated fortune worth $500,000. Her profession as a musician and the child support she received from her ex-husband make her money.

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