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Who is Samsung Lady? Virtual Assistant Characters, Age And Name


Samsung Lady: was one of the year’s most viral and surprising internet phenomena. But who is the Samsung girl, where did she originate, and why has she become the topic of so many memes?

Dozens of virtual assistants try to make our lives easier, from Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft’s Cortana. While their distinct acoustics can identify several of these technologies, most of them lack a face. With Samsung Girl, Lightfarm Studios, a multi-award-winning visual arts production business, changed that.

Not only have they entirely replaced Bixby with a new avatar, but the company has also gone viral due to the new avatar’s debut. When the visual arts studio’s avatar concepts were first released in June, they soon became popular on social media, with people falling in love with ‘Sam.’

Naturally, this has left a lot of Samsung users and others perplexed, so here’s all you need to know about Sam, a.k.a. Samsung Girl.

Who is the Samsung Lady?

samsung Lady

The Samsung Virtual Assistant, often known as Samsung Girl, is the brainchild of Lightfarm Studios. The studio is noted for its photorealistic CGI photos, movies, AR filters, and virtual reality apps. However, their idea for a virtual assistant, Sam, became a hit.

The tech behemoth has yet to respond to the studio’s drawings for Bixby’s fictitious replacement, but that hasn’t stopped fans from going crazy online.

Thousands of Twitter users have been busy sharing jokes, fan art, and opinions about the new virtual assistant. The craze has reached stratospheric heights, showing no signs of abating very soon.

Is Samsung’s Virtual Assistant a genuine product?

Because it was only a concept, there are no plans for it to become a reality, so Samsung customers will have to conjure up their possibilities.

To create the appropriate design, the designers employed “realistic materials, primarily for the character’s hair and clothing, so that Sam appeared aesthetically beautiful,” according to the designers. In this, they were unquestionably successful.

It’s unclear whether Sam will join Bixby, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri at the virtual assistant table. Samsung Girl fans will have to make do with the plethora of fun stuff available for the time being.

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