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Ant Anstead Net Worth in 2022


Ant Anstead Net Worth: Ant Anstead, a British television personality, has made a name in America. He moved to America in 2017 from the United Kingdom to work as a Wheeler Dealers. HGTV’s mainstay Christina Haack later divorced him after he had married and had a child during this time. The series returned to the U.K. in 2020 but Ant chose to remain in California to pursue other opportunities.

Let’s look at Ant’s net worth, his work history and his relationship history as he continues to accept more TV jobs in the U.S. To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

Ant Anstead Net WorthAnt Anstead Net Worth

Ant Anstead, an English television presenter and car builder, designer and artist, has a net worth $5 million. Anstead was born March 1979 in Plymouth, Devon in England. Anstead is most well-known for his co-hosting the Channel 4 automotive television series For the Love of Cars, which he presented with Philip Glenister. In 2017, Anstead was co-host of Wheeler Dealers TV series with Mike Brewer.

NameAnt Anstead
ProfessionEnglish Television Presenter, Motor Specialist, Car Builder, Designer And Artist
Date of Birth28 March 1979
Age43 years
Height1.88 m
Net Worth$5 million

Early life

Anstead was born in Plymouth, Devon, England, on March 28, 1979. He and his family immigrated to Hertfordshire at the age of 10 to attend Richard Hale School, then Haileybury School to finish his A-Levels.

After completing school, he joined Hertfordshire Constabulary. This is the territorial police force that policing Hertfordshire. Two commendations were given to him for bravery during his police career. Despite his success, Anstead found other passions and decided to leave the police force to become a car builder.


Ant Anstead joined Hertfordshire Constabulary in 1999 as a constable. Semi-professional Ryman matches were played over 700 times. He was the first Ryman league promotion winner and made the switch from goalkeeper to striker. Ant Anstead is a TV producer and director who started his own production company in 2014. Anstead, a television producer and director, started his own production company in 2014.

Ant, together with James May and Kate Humble, the host of BBC Two’s 2015 live program Building Cars Live. He also hosts after-dinner speakers, motivational speaking in schools and charities, and is a master mechanic who uses a variety of components to create an homage to the Alfa Romeo 158. Ant is a Master mechanic and also part of the new series “World’s Greatest Cars”. Anstead announced his intention to leave Wheeler Dealers in November 2020. This announcement came one month after Christina Anstead’s divorce announcement. The series was filmed in the UK again.


Ant Anstead is currently dating Renee Zellweger. American actress Renee Zellweger is his soon-to-be-wife. After nine months of Anstead’s divorce from Christina Haack, he began dating in June 2021. He has been married twice, and he has a son and daughter with his first wife Louise.

In 2017, they divorced. He began dating American television personality Christina Haack in October 2017. They were married in Newport Beach, California on 22 December 2018. They have a son together, who was born in September 2019. On September 18, 2020, they announced their separation.


Ant has two children, Hudson and Louise. Before he married Christina, he had been married to Louise in the U.K. between 2005 and 2017. Their two children were Amelie (17 years old) and Archie (1 year). Amelie, Archie and their mother still live in the U.K. but Ant still plays a significant part of their lives and travels to the U.S. to see them.

The Key Takeaways

We now know the net worth of Ant Anstead and the process he used to build it. Let’s look at some of the most valuable lessons we can learn from his journey.

1. You Are Not Tethered to One Profession

Anstead was a successful police officer, but decided to change his career. He went all out to make it a success and was soon a TV host. It’s not easy to switch careers. Do not be discouraged by the thought that you cannot change. It could be a great way to achieve success.

2. Turn Your Passion Into Income

Anstead’s passion for cars led to him choosing a career that allowed him to be financially independent. It is important to take the time to discover what you love and how to make that passion into wealth.


Q. Where did Ant Anstead get his money?

A. In 2005 Anstead resigned from the Police to pursue a career as a car builder.

Q. Are Ant Anstead and Renee still together?

A Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead have been together for over a year.

Q. What is Ant Anstead doing now?

A. He started his own production company called Ant Anstead Limited.

Q. Is Ant Anstead in a relationship?

A. People confirmed Zellweger and Anstead were dating in June 2021.

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