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Anthony Loffredo: Black Alien’s ‘Claw’ is made of two healthy fingers



Anthony Loffredo is the most radical when it comes to drastic physical changes. The Frenchman who has changed his body into a “black alien” has now had a portion of his hand sliced off, resulting in a bizarre ‘claw.’

Two of Loffredo’s fingers have been amputated, the latest in a series of treatments he has undertaken to pursue his insane desire. He’d previously had his nose and top lip cut off, his tongue split, and his entire body tattooed, including his eyeballs.

Anthony Loffredo

Despite undergoing a number of surgical operations, Loffredo said that he has only achieved 34% of his goal of transforming into an alien, according to The US Sun.


Loffredo, who documents his progressively hideous body changes on Instagram under the Black Alien Project, has shared new photos of his grotesque operation.

He posted a photo of his hand, which looks to have stitches where the ring finger and pinky used to be, “I cultivate my inner calm.”

Loffredo also revealed that he plans to cut two fingers from his right hand in order to have matching ‘claws.’

On Instagram, he wrote: “On the other side of the world to continue my project, the operation is going well, another dream realised. Thank you for doing an excellent job; thank you, Mexico, from the bottom of my heart. The loading is 34%.”


For over a decade, Loffredo has been subjected to radical physical changes.

He’d also had both of his ears surgically removed to make him appear more extraterrestrial, and he was at risk of tongue-splitting, which entails cutting the muscular organ in half with a scalpel.

Anthony travelled to Spain last year to get his nose surgically removed because the procedure is banned in his home country.

“I have been passionate about mutations and alterations of the human body from a very young age,” he told the French newspaper Midi Libre in 2017.


“When I was a security guard, I had a click. I realised I wasn’t living my life to my full potential. “At the age of 24, I dropped everything and moved to Australia,” he told the publication.


“I enjoy putting myself in the shoes of a terrifying character. I frequently sit down and take on a part, especially late at night in the dark alleys… “I’m interested in the difference between the character I’m playing and myself,” Loffredo continued.

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