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Apple Releases Security Updates For iOS 15.3.1, iPad And iPhone Users Can Update It With Ease


Apple Releases Security Updates

Apple Releases Security Updates For iOS 15.3.1, iPad And iPhone Users Can Update It With Ease: The iOS 15 version users can now update their iPhones and iPads as the company has released the second update for 2022, iOS 15.3.1. It is a minor update, so there are no new features. Apple’s support page states that the update was released because the WebKit bug enabled the users to process the malicious web content on their iOS devices. Two weeks ago, Apple already released iOS 15.3. update for the iPhone and iPad users. The security fixes were released, along with the bug fixes for the Braille display in the devices. 

A Full Sneak Peek into Security Update For iOS 15.3

The new security update launched for iOS 15.3 updates the privacy bug that was exploited by the cybercriminals or some ‘bad actor.’ Apple only issues the security update when the users have updated the confirmation of security issues. The WebKit update done for this version is available for iPhone 6s and later users all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th Generation and the later ones, iPad 2 Air and other newly launched devices, iPod touch-7th generation, and iPad Mini 4 and later devices.

The anonymous researcher bug, namely “CVE-2022-22620,” disrupted the security, and the company fixed this. After this, the issue is reported and addressed with improved memory management. Most iPhone and iPad users can only use those approved applications by Apple. Like, if you want to enjoy playing Roulette, then choosing from a licensed platform that offers this table game for iOS will only be accepted. The security updates and accessibility fixes are only made after an in-depth discussion and confirmation.

The company has asked the users to update to the latest version to avoid data loss due to privacy buying. The anonymous bug was successfully detected after the iOS 15.3 update, so the company updated and fixed the memory management in this new update. To maintain your iOS device’s security, users can seek the steps to update to the latest version here. This update will help users scroll through the Safari browser with ease now. It is a significant security fix, as it may have hampered the Braille display badly. Along with this, there is an Apple watch update released too that is watchOS 8.4.2. It is also a minor update that will sort out any bug fixes for the Apple Watch Series 3 and its other latest models.

Apple Saved The Users Data From Getting Vulnerable

In the statement issued by the company, “We are aware of the report that this anonymous bug may have actively exploited the sensitive information of the users.” The malicious web content would have made the data vulnerable and caused harm to the users. On the other hand, experts are watching it as a good sign for the company’s growth and retaining of its customers by releasing the security patches as and when it comes to their notice.

The company is aware that the cybercriminals would have exploited this bug issue, and therefore all the iOS device users are asked to update their device immediately to this version. Apart from the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Smart Watch, the macOS 12 update has been released for MacBook laptop users. This update is macOS monetary 12.2.1 update to fix the zero-day vulnerability, if any. 

This update came into force on February 10, 2022, and was issued for Apple users immediately across the globe. But, the users who cannot see the updated information by default can refresh the page. This update will help improve device usage, as stated by Apple experts.

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