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Apple Takes Down Russian Social Network VKs App


Using Apple’s mobile operating system, the mobile version of the social networking app VKs App ontakte was remove from the App Store in March of this year.

However, it will not be removed permanently. In fact, the company has been able to continue operating, but only through its mobile website and through core updates.

VKs App has also managed to sell off its gaming division to a Russian billionaire

Vks App

While the VK social networking app is no longer available, the company has managed to keep the ball rolling by launching a mobile website that works on the iPhone. It is also the brains behind a social media platform that is akin to Facebook.

The VK mobile website has a few unique features, but the main thing that differentiates it from its rivals is that it can be access on any device, regardless of brand.

Using VK on a mobile phone is akin to using Facebook on a desktop, and users can share photos, videos, and messages with friends. It is also one of the few social networks that allows its users to send money, but payments may be tricky.

Spokesperson that Apple adheres to local laws

As for the removal, Apple has yet to provide a specific reason. However, a spokesman told Centralfallout that Apple follows local laws, such as those governing the distribution of software.

The company did note that it has not side loaded any apps into iPhones. It did mention that its mobile website has been upgrade to include new features such as video content sharing and improved mobile payments.

The company has also taken measures to protect its brand. It recently removed ads from the App Store, and it redesigned its mobile website to avoid using the same URL as its desktop website.

This is all in anticipation of a potential legal dispute, although the company’s legal team says they haven’t had any such occurrences in the past.

The company also redesigned its marketing material, removing ads from its Facebook page

However, it still seems to be a bit unclear why Apple remove the VK app, which was include in its suggested apps section when setting up an iPhone in Russia.

The company is adamant that it will continue to develop and market its mobile apps. However, it has decided to stop providing free updates, stating that the company will no longer be able to provide new features or patches.

In announcing the news, the company has also omitted the most obvious implication, that a free update will no longer be available on iOS devices. In addition, it has also stopped selling its products in Russia

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