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Aramis Knight: Bio, Movies, Physical Stats & Net Worth


Aramis Knight is an American actor. Some of his most notable roles include Bean in the Ender’s Game film adaptation and M.K. in the Into the Badlands series. Read on to know more about Aramis Knight. Follow centralfallout.com to be updated.

Aramis Knight bio

Aramis Knight

Born October 3, 1999, Knight has already had several notable roles on TV and in the movies. His most well-known roles include Bean in Ender’s Game and M.K. in Into the Badlands. However, his extensive list of credits doesn’t stop there. There’s more to this American actor’s background than just his acting career.

In addition to his many television and film roles, Aramis Knight is a prolific poster on social media. He keeps sets of Story Highlights based on his travels, which are quite interesting to look at. In addition to these platforms, Knight maintains a website that’s easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information about his work. His bio on Facebook includes links to all of his social media accounts. His Twitter account contains a wide variety of content, including videos and screenshots of magazine covers.

Knight’s movies

Aramis Knight is an American actor who has appeared in several films and television series. He has starred as Bean in the film adaptation of Ender’s Game and as M.K. in the Into the Badlands series. In the past, he has also starred in the hit comic book series Young Justice. His work has been praised by many critics and audiences alike. Read on to discover more about this versatile actor and learn about some of his movies.

In 2007, Aramis shot to prominence on television and in 2007 made his first movie appearance as Jeremy El-Ibrahimi in the thriller “Rendition”. After this, he gained a lot of fame as an actor in the crime-drama movie “Crossing Over”. Aramis Knight movies have become popular due to his versatility.

Aramis’s Physical Stats

Aramis Knight was born in Woodland Hills, California, on March 10, 1999. He was raised in Los Angeles and attended school there. Knight has a height of 5feet, 6inches. He is an active person, working out regularly and posting pictures of himself at the gym. Aramis mother is of English and German heritage. Aramis weight 54 kg.

Knight Net Worth

Aramis Knight net worth is believed to be quite high due to his successful career in the entertainment industry. His early acting career included roles in television series, such as “Invasion” and “Dexter,” which both enjoyed commercial success and favorable reviews from audiences. As a result, Aramis Knight’s net worth is $2 Million.

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