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Ari Jennings: Jazz Jennings’ Quiet Elder Sister is Curious for “I Am Jazz” Fans


TLC’s I Am Jazz is centered on Jazz Jennings, but her family is also an important part of the show. While her twin brothers, Sander and Griffen Jennings have their own stories, Ari Jennings is often the one who takes the back seat to the main drama. Ari is part the storyline in Season 7. It involves the whole family rallying around Jazz in order to help her lose weight.

Jazz is Jazz’s big sibling on I Am Jazz. She is the oldest Jennings child and the most quiet. This may be why she has so many fans. Ari has not made a career of social media influencers and doesn’t mention the show on her Instagram bio. Ari is definitely different than her siblings.

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Who is Ari Jennings?Ari Jennings

Ari began her college education at the University of Florida, just like Sander and Griffen. She then went on to earn a PhD from the University of Arkansas. Jazz’s admission to Harvard clearly shows that brains run in her family.

Ari has a serious relationship with Jeremy Michael, a man she seems to live with. Ari returns home with her brothers in Season 7 of I Am Jazz. However, it seems like she has moved away since filming finished.

Jazz admits that Ari can be quite harsh, especially when Jazz is struggling with her diet and weight gain, but Ari is undoubtedly the most controlled of the Jennings siblings.

She is to be commended for being so supportive of Jazz as she embarks on her journey as transgender child and young woman.

Jeanette Jennings was Jazz’s mother. She told SheKnows in July 2015 that Ari struggled to understand that Jazz knew she wasn’t a boy and that Ari didn’t know that. Jeanette said that Ari was a supportive big sibling and fully on board when she explained to Jazz what she would go through.

Ari Jennings moved recently across the country.

She returned home after the COVID-19 pandemic. Ari shared recently on Instagram that she and her boyfriend now live in Arkansas. While it’s not clear if Ari is still working on her PhD, or if her boyfriend was called across the country, Ari doesn’t live with the Jennings family at the moment.

Ari, although she is the quietest Jennings sibling in I Am Jazz, is still supportive of her younger sister. She called Jazz her macaroni and cheese in an Instagram post.

Ari added a caption to a picture of Jazz saying, “You’re such a remarkable human.” It is truly a pleasure to watch you grow. I can’t wait for what the future has in store. You are an incredible person.

TLC’s I Am Jazz Tuesdays at 9 PM EST

What does Ari Jennings do for a living?

Ari Jennings used to dream of a career singing. Ari Jennings hoped to one day make music her profession and make it her livelihood. You may have already noticed her beautiful voice if you follow her on IG. If you haven’t already, check out her performance on her IG.

Ari is also a huge classic rock fan. It’s not just her music that she loves, but her entire life revolves around classic rock. Her walls are covered with photos of legendary artists like The Beatles, The Grateful Death, and The Doors.

Ari is a performer as well as a reality TV star. She has been in more than 18 episodes of I Am Jazz.

Ari Dating Anyone?

She was actually dating Jeremy Michael, a self-described “singer/cook” as of 2021. They lived together in Arkansas, USA, with their adorable cat. You can see that they were in a relationship prior to 2014.

We don’t know much about her boyfriend but we do know that Jeremy loves to travel and that he celebrates his birthday every October 23rd.

Ari wrote, Happy Birthday Poopdee on Ari’s 2018 birthday. We are grateful for the wonderful times we share together.

What is Ari Jennings’ Net Worth?

Ari Jennings net worth amounts to approximately $1.5 million as  of 2022.

Jazz, her sister, is worth approximately $500,000


Q. Where does Ari Jennings go to college?

A. Ari started off her college education at the University of Florida.

Q. How old is Jazz’s sister Ari?

A. Jazz’s older sister, Ari Jennings, is Greg and Jeanette’s firstborn. She turns 26 in December 2021.

Q. What does Jazz’s parents do for a living?

A. Her father Greg is usually there to support his daughter’s latest ventures, such as her recent weight loss journey. However, he has a busy career of his own: as a successful attorney.

Q. What nationality is the Jennings family?

A. Jennings is an Irish surname of Anglo-Norman origin.

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