Army General Ogbole James Crushed By Drunk Soldier

November 28, 2022
Army general ogbole james

Army General Ogbole James, the Director of Finance of the Nigerian Forces Resettlement Centre, Oshodi, Lagos, in Nigeria took his last breath on Monday, 14th of November, 2022. According to the reports, Brig. Gen Ogbole James died after he had met with an accident.

The Nigerian Forces Resettlement Centre paid tribute to the late Brig. Gen Ogbole and many others have posted tribute and remembrance messages in honor of the late Brig. Gen Ogbole Jim. To get all new updates follow

Who was Army General Ogbole James?Army general ogbole james

Brig. Brig. There is not much information on Brig. It is not known what happened to Gen Ogbole James in his personal life. However, it is clear from sources that he was the Director of Finance at Nigerian Forces Resetlement Centre.

Brig. Brig. Everyone was shocked at his sudden death in this manner. Everyone is now thinking of Brig. Gen Ogbole James is remembered for all he did and his invaluable contribution to the Nigerian Forces Resettlement Center. The person responsible for the accidental death of Brig. Gen Ogbole is currently under arrest. The authority is investigating the matter with the utmost priority.

How Did Obgole James Die?

Brig. Gen Ogbole James died around 11:30 p.m. Many speculations surround the death of Brig. On the social media platform Gen Ogbole James, we can inform you that Gen Ogbole James died on the 14th November 2022, around 11:30 p.m., after being hit by a vehicle. Brig. Brig. Later, Brig. Later, Brig.

According to the reports, Brig’s family and friends are being investigated. After the death of Brig., Gen Ogbole Jam is seeking justice along with them. After the accident, Gen Ogbole died. According to reports, Brig.

After a two-month gap, Gen Ogbole James had returned to the Nigerian Forces Resettlement Centre and had just begun work again. The man who had struck Brig. The police arrested Gen Ogbole Jam just after the accident.

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