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Artem Severiukhin: a 15-year-old racer, was accused of giving a Nazi salute following a round. FIA opened an investigation into the matter. After winning a round, the 15-year old was accused of giving a Nazi salute. FIA opened an investigation. After his victory in round one of the European Championships in Portugal, a 15-year-old Russian champion in karting has apologized for appearing to give a Nazi salute.

Ward Racing has fired He while the FIA, the world governing body of motorsport, has opened an investigation.

Video footage shows that Severyukhin (a Russian racer under the Italian flag) thumps his chest twice, then makes the gesture before bursting into giggles.


Severyukhin posted a video message Monday on the Russian Automobile Federation Telegram channel. In it, he stated in quotes via “I would love to apologise yesterday at the European Karting Championship.

“Standing at the podium, I made a gesture many thought was a Nazi salute. This is false. I don’t support Nazism, and find it to be one of the most horrible crimes against humanity.

He explained that his chest-thump was a routine way to express gratitude and added: “I don’t know how it happened.”

“It’s my fault. I know it was stupid. I’m willing to be punished. It is clear that this gesture was not intended to support Nazism and fascism.


Automobile Club of Italy issues statement about Artem Severiukhin’s gesture

The Automobile Club of Italy (ACI), which took to its social media accounts, informed Severyukhin of its decision to revoke his sports license and decided to refer him for Sports Justice. The ACI released a statement about Russian karter Artem Severiukhin’s actions on the podium.

Artem Severiukhin’s Nazi Salute Explained

artem severyukhin

Artem Severiukhin, a Kart racing driver, pounded his chest and raised the right arm in the gesture to celebrate his win in round one at the FIA Karting European Championship in Portimao. Severiukhin competed in the championship using an Italian license because of the FIA’s ban against Russian competitors after the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Ward Racing, a Russian kart racing team, terminated Severiukhin’s contract due to the incident. Artem said that Artem Severiukhin wanted to apologize to everyone for the events of yesterday at the European Karting Championships. Many people thought I was making a Nazi salute while standing on the podium. It is false. This is false. I do not support Nazism.


Already under investigation

The FIA said Monday that they were looking into the incident. The statement, released Monday by the FIA, stated that the agency had launched an investigation into Mr Artem Severiukhin’s unacceptable conduct during Round 1 of the 2022 FIA Karting European Championship Kartodromo Internacional do Algarve, Portugal.

“The FIA is expected to communicate in the near future about the next steps in this matter. “Severiukin won the first round in the 2022 Karting European Championships in Portugal, where he has been competing under the Italian flag since Russia’s sanctions. The 15-year old made a fascist salute on the podium. His team has since fired him and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile investigated.

“I’m ready for punishment. “It was an unacceptable gesture,” Severiukin said in a video posted to social media.

The Ward Racing team has already dismissed him. It remains to be seen what additional sanctions the young driver will face. After the incident, the Swedish outfit quickly dismissed him.


“Ward Racing is ashamed of the pilot’s behavior, which it condemns in all seriousness.” “Action will be taken promptly,” stated a World Racing statement.

“Ward Racing therefore condemns pilot Artem Severyukhin’s personal actions during the award ceremony of April 10, 2022. It considers them unsportsmanlike behavior and a violation of the ethical codex.

Ward Racing, along with all Ward Racing athletes and staff, has made this statement. Ward Racing believes that there is no way to continue cooperation with Artem Severukhin and will terminate his racing contract.

Severiukhin’s team will fire him

The Russian Automobile Federation said Ward Racing will discontinue Severiukhin’s contract.


“Ward Racing is mortified by the pilot’s behaviour,” they remarked. “We’ll act quickly.

“Artem Severyukhin’s actions at the award ceremony on April 10, 2022, weren’t Ward Racing’s opinions or principles. Ward Racing agrees with the world that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was wrong and supports the victims of this unjustified attack.

“Ward Racing condemns Artem Severyukhin’s conduct during the award ceremony on April 10, 2022, as they were unsportsmanlike and broke the sports codex.

“This is Ward Racing’s and its athletes’ and staff’s opinion. Based on these considerations, Ward Racing won’t renew Artem Severyukhin’s contract.”


The Russian Automobile Federation, an FIA member, is “clarifying the incident’s facts” but has also declared “any, even inadvertent, manifestation of fascism and Nazism in Russian motorsport and among Russian athletes is unacceptable.”

“The Russian Automobile Federation is aware of what happened on April 10 during the European Karting Championship in Portugal, when Russian athlete Artem Severiukhin, racing for the Swedish squad with an Italian licence, made a gesture that some interpreted as a “Roman salute “saying

Other Information

“The Russian Automobile Federation is investigating what happened and what the athlete did and what others have said.

“The Russian Automobile Federation says Artem Severiukhin:left the RAF and drove in the European Championship under an Italian licence. Artem’s procedure includes the Italian flag, and the anthem was performed on the platform.


“We think any hint of fascism or Nazism in Russian racing or among Russian athletes is unacceptable.

After the RAF Sports Council meeting, we’ll say how the incident will be viewed and what steps will be done.

Severiukhin had just won his first race of the season in the OK category, which is for drivers ages 11 to 15. Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Lando Norris, all of whom now race in Formula 1, all won titles in the FIA Karting European Championship when they were younger.

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