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Astolfo is an androgynous-looking boy who is fancily dressed. Beautiful beyond all compare, he states that his hair ornaments, which seem like something a princess would wear, are an “irresistible proof of friendship” that he uses to restore peace to his depressively mad boon ally, Roland.

Astolfo: Identity , Character & Appearance

Astolfo (Asutorufo? ), Rider of the Class “Black” (Kuro” no Raid? ), in Fate/Great Apocrypha’s Holy Grail War, is the Rider-class Servant of Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia of the Black Faction.

He strikes a pact with Sieg after Celenike’s death.

He is one of Ritsuka Fujimaru’s servants in the Fate/Grand Order’s Grand Order wars.


Identity | Astolfo

One of Charlemagne’s Twelve Paladins (Sharurumnyu Jni Yshi?). According to legend, he is the son of an English monarch and one of Charlemagne’s twelve loyal Paladins.

Astolfo is supposed to be the most attractive, perennially hopeful, mordred fate and entirely devoid of sense among the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne.

According to folklore, Astolfo was a real ladies’ man. Astolfo is one of the twelve since Roland’s cousin; yet, tales claim that Astolfo was “weak.”

As an explorer who flew worldwide and even made it to the Moon, Astolfo has spawned a slew of legends.


He’d acquired several Mystic Codes along the way, including his flute, grimoire, and gleaming golden lance.

On the backs of horses like a gryphon and the legendary Rabicano, Astolfo spawned a slew of stories, the most renowned of which is the Hippogriff, which is unimaginable in this world.

Despite Astolfo’s many magnificent tales, it is alleged that he has committed equally as many mistakes.

He was consistently trounced in riding competitions, fell prey to numerous thaumaturgical traps, and even misplaced the reason he had picked up at the moon in a matter of hours.


Astolfo, on the other hand, never faltered; he didn’t appear to regard failure or defeat as mistakes in the first place.

Appearance of Astolfo

Astolfo is a flamboyantly dressed androgynous young man. He claims that his hair ornaments, which seem like something a princess would wear, are “irresistible proof of friendship” that he uses to bring tranquility to his depressively insane boon partner, Roland.

His look contradicts the claim that he was the most handsome of Charlemagne’s Twelve Peers, and while this is shocking, it is usual for tales to be skewed.

He dresses “like a girl” on purpose since he enjoys cute stuff. In the servant status, his gender was designated “le Confidential.


Personality of Astolfo

Oh, I would strongly advise against relying just on my judgment. Astolfo, no one can demonstrate as much lack of restraint as I can!

(Rider converses with Sieg)

Astolfo is described as “curiosity in human form,” as he is perennially optimistic and entirely devoid of sense in his folklore.

As a Servant who is more concerned with the immediate prospect of a second life than with anything else, he will, with or without permission from his Master, depart whenever he is not in combat to indulge in the world’s pleasures.


He prefers to be in physical form rather than being kept in spirit form except for fight, and just getting permission to do so is enough to make him dance with glee.

He’s a terrifyingly unrivaled blabbermouth, prone to going on and on until those involved lose all sense of reason.

His conversations have a habit of wandering toward maximal social awkwardness, notwithstanding his lack of malice.

Because he is continually showing up everywhere, his hobby of adventuring gets him involved in a variety of shenanigans.


Because he has no desire to give the Holy Grail to anyone, in particular, this Servant’s motive varies drastically depending on whether or not he likes his Master.

The sort who is open and honest with the person he has grown to like, regardless of whether that person is of the opposite or same sex.

Astolfo leaves all difficult decisions to his heart to decide on the spot, taking the path he thinks is best.

He does what he pleases with no remorse, and such obviousness would be difficult to comprehend from anybody else.


He chooses to save Sieg totally under such a ruse, and when asked how far he can help, he says, “I’ll keep helping him till I stop.”

Relationships | Astolfo

When they first met, Astolfo took it upon himself to assist Sieg merely because he wanted to.

Even after being told that Sieg would only survive for three years due to his homunculus status, he swore to look after him until he was completely happy.

Despite knowing the retaliation he would face from the rest of the Black Fact for this treacherous conduct, Astolfo would later assist Sieg in escaping from the Yggdmillennia.


He can motivate Sieg to live even when he believes it is worthless.

Astolfo Role

Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia summons Rider with a glass bottle bearing stains left by some liquid as a catalyst in a multiple Servant summoning.

He is the only one who greets the Masters with a wide, happy expression when they first summon him.

He rushes to present himself to the other Servants, losing all tact in disclosing his genuine name without permission and being reprimanded for using Archer’s true name instead of his class name.


He is overjoyed when his Master offers to give him a tour of the castle after the assembled Masters and Servants depart.

She discloses that she will not force him into spirit form to save energy and has even prepared a room for him.

To avoid notice, he wears basic homunculi clothing when he leaves for the town, despite his Master’s strict orders.

A homunculus escapes from the magical energy storage tanks before he can be used as research material, shortly after Kairi Sisigou and Saber of Red combat many of Caster of Black’s golems.


Rider stumbles across the homunculus as he desperately tries to flee, concerned about his condition, and resolved to assist him in some way.

The Rider begins by enveloping the homunculus in his cloak and transporting him to safety as the homunculus inaudibly screams for aid and faints from exertion.

Rider avoids his room owing to his Master’s continuous calls, and he runs into two homunculi on Caster’s instructions looking for the escapee.

Rider denies seeing him and mulls over who he may confide in regarding the incident. After ruling out Saber, Lancer, and Berserker, he chooses Archer.


Archer recognizes the situation right away and uses his medical training to investigate the homunculus.

Archer informs the Rider that the homunculus cannot live a normal life and has just three years to survive in his current state.

The Rider is upset due to the revelation, and Archer wonders why he saved the homunculus.

He can immediately respond that it was just because that was what he wanted to do, and he leaves the dilemma of what to do about Caster pursuing the homunculus hanging in the balance.


Before departing, Archer lends him to the chamber and asks Rider whether he will see the task of caring for the homunculus through to the conclusion.

He can’t imagine the homunculus, given how frail and helpless he would be able to flee on his own or live even if he did.

Rider intends to protect and help the homunculus until he feels it is acceptable, even though he will vanish far before three years.

He nudges the already waking homunculus up and tries to strike up a conversation, but all he gets is a hesitant quiet.


He lovingly cuddles the homunculus to his chest in an attempt to calm him down, reminding him that he is there to assist him in achieving his dream.

Rider responds promptly to the homunculus’s skeptical expression with a carefree smile as he asks for Rider’s help in saving him.

As a Heroic Spirit, Rider swears to keep him no matter what, advising him to leave all planning to the one who lacks restraint the most.

Survivor’s Side

The Rider remains summoned in the world after the Great Holy Grail War ends because his contract with Sieg was never terminated.


He starts traveling throughout the world, catching up with other war survivors to see what they’ve been up to, such as reuniting with Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia at her new home in New York.

Due to his bad recall, he wishes to preserve a permanent record of events.

Following his conversations with other War survivors, he travels to the Middle East to learn more about Amakusa Shirou’s acquisition of Semiramis’ catalyst.

Grand Order/Fate

For Approximately a Week, Santa Alters


Astolfo tells Marie Antoinette to fire at Santa Alter on Hippogriff when she arrives in answer to Marie Antoinette’s letter.

He arrives too late to join Marie and Chevalier d’Eon in their battle against Santa Alter later.

Astolfo is eager to get his present after Marie and D’Eon have received theirs. On the other hand, Santa Alter flies away, refusing to give him one because he didn’t help out at Orleans.

When Astolfo is injured by a Halloween pumpkin hurled by Santa Alter, he tries to justify his absence.


He wonders if giving him a pumpkin means she thinks he’s cute, but Marie teases him that it means he won’t be back till next Halloween.

Trial Quest for Amakusa Shirou

In the remains of a village, Astolfo joins Ritsuka and Mash, revealing himself by leaping out and frightening Mash.

He recalls why he reached out to the two after introducing himself. He goes on to say that Amakusa Shirou and Gilgamesh are fighting for the Holy Grail.

Astolfo leads Ritsuka and Mash to Gilgamesh and Amakusa Shirou after defeating some lamia.


Astolfo interrupts a fight between Amakusa Shirou and Gilgamesh, stating that he has brought with him a Master.

Ritsuka can pick who gets the Pseudo-Grail after Amakusa Shirou and Gilgamesh know their reasons for seeking it.

Because Astolfo isn’t interested in the Holy Grail, the battle is between Amakusa Shirou and Gilgamesh.

Romani Archaman explains that the Pseudo-Grail is growing and eating magical energy after they explain why they want it.


As a result, the Psuedo-Grail is in danger of becoming genuine.

As a result, Romani believes it would be risky for Ritsuka to offer the Grail to a Servant with whom they haven’t signed a contract.

Ritsuka resolves to grab the Grail on his own, which leads to a fight between the group and Amakusa Shirou and Gilgamesh.

However, Romani reports that the Psuedo-Grail is summoning Shadow Servants after the combat.


As a result, Amakusa Shirou and Gilgamesh recognize that the Pseudo-Grail is no longer safe to use and must be destroyed.

When they enter the Psuedo-chamber, Grail’s, everyone forms two-person teams to fight the Shadow Servants.

Amakusa Shirou teams up with Ritsuka and Mash, while Astolfo teams up with Gilgamesh.

The party prepares to destroy the Psuedo-Grail after defeating the Shadow Servants.


However, it gives way to a huge ghost with the magical powers of a Demon God. Gilgamesh destroys the Psuedo-Grail after the others have destroyed the spirit.

After that, Astolfo bids Ritsuka by and departs.

The Singularity of Subspecies II: Agartha

Astolfo and Chevalier d’Eon stealthily dayshift Ritsuka to the Agartha Singularity with the help of Jingle Abel Meuniere.

While Ritsuka discusses the Servants missing from Chaldea with Mash and Leonardo da Vinci, he unexpectedly reveals himself.


D’eon believes they should look for the Demon God when Ritsuka provides Leonardo da Vinci their observational analysis of the surroundings.

Still, Mash claims its signal became garbled after Ritsuka arrived. The party prepares to explore after Da Vinci notices fake structures nearby.

Astolfo gets ahead of the others, but he swiftly returns, having brought back a pack of Demon Boars by accident.

Following the footprints of the boars, the gang discovers a boy on the ground.


His name is Fergus, and he introduces himself. However, he materialized as a child, and his recollections were all from his boyhood.

When they notice Fergus, the group uncovers a nearby campground and is attacked by Amazons.

Astolfo assigns Fergus to be Ritsuka’s full-time defender once they’re defeated, observing that he’s completely capable of defense.

He promises him that he’ll become used to fighting females in time. Wagon tracks lead away from the camp and down the road, which D’Eon notes.


The rest of the group decides to follow them to see where they go.

The gang arrives in a town where they discover that the Amazons are enslaving males.

This explains why the Amazons assaulted them when they saw Fergus at the hunting outpost.

When they’re found, D’Eon advises they depart before anyone notices.


Penthesilea appears after the gang defeats the Amazons to investigate the commotion.

She asks who sent them and where they’re from after learning Ritsuka’s name and then lists every group in Agartha.

Ritsuka misinterprets Ritsuka’s bewilderment at the inquiry as a refusal to respond.

She then launches an attack on the group, which her Amazons bolster.


Except for Fergus, who declined to defend himself, she praises them for their bravery and prowess.

When Penthesilea decides to take them as slaves, the party tries to flee, but they’re outmanned when more Amazons arrive.

On the other hand, half of the Amazons accompany Penthesilea to a neighboring town after learning that a certain guy is present.

Until Christopher Columbus and his Resistance arrive to assist them, the group fights off the other half’s effort to capture them.


After defeating the Amazons, the Resistance sets the enslaved men free.

Columbus states that Agartha is oppressed by matriarchy and asserts that the Resistance is fighting it.

At the Resistance’s hideout, he offers to answer any questions. He verifies that he is a Rider class Servant, but he cannot activate his Noble Phantasm due to his amnesia.

When the gang arrives at the Resistance’s hideout, they discover Agartha is unavoidable.


After a hole acting as a teleportation spell to Agartha emerged beneath them, the Resistance members were abducted from various ages.

They are then alerted of a monster onslaught by a young boy. Columbus explains the current condition of affairs in Agartha after the monsters have been defeated.

According to Da Vinci, the Demon God may have amalgamated with one of the ruling Servants who serve as the Singularity’s core.

Because their goals are similar, the gang joins the Resistance.


They then assist in the slaying of creatures attacking the peach trees, which provide the Resistances with food.

They try to sleep after that as Mash and da Vinci analyze the new information.

After that, Columbus decides to attack the City of Water, Ys, first, especially since there is a Resistance camp on the outskirts of the city’s jurisdiction for replenishment.

Columbus explains that all of Agartha’s rivers feed into the lake where Ys is located as the gang heads for the camp.


The inhabitants of Ys use these rivers to assault and loot their adversaries.

The Resistance is focusing on Ys to halt the attacks and reclaim control of the rivers.

When the gang finally arrives at the camp, it discovers that pirates are attacking it.

Columbus has the survivors and rescue group take care of the camp after slaying the pirates.


In the meantime, the party will infiltrate Ys and assassinate the Pirate Princess.

The party discovers Ys to be filthy and vicious after sneaking in. Because the canals are the easiest path to the Pirate Princess, Columbus recommends grabbing a gondola.

D’Eon disagrees, claiming that it should only be used as a last resort because it would attract too much attention. At a tavern, the party soon notices pirates abusing men.

They defeat the pirates, but one who had been missing previously warns the city before Columbus put her out.


When D’Eon discovers they’re near the city’s largest mansion, the party flees for cover. Wu Zetian offers to show them the mansion’s secret entrance.

They pursue her down her hidden route until they reach the mansion’s back garden.

The gang enters the home after Wu Zetian has left.

One of the Servants missing from Chaldea, Francis Drake, greets the group inside the manor but in changed clothes and demeanor.


Da Vinci confirms that she shares Drake’s Spirit Origin. However, “Drake” disputes it, introducing herself as the Pirate Princess Dahut.

Dahut isn’t the Drake they remember, so the group fights her and her pirates. Dahut, however, instructs the pregnant pirates to give birth after they kill a few pirates.

The pirates, unlike normal birthing, divided themselves apart to create clones of themselves.

The trio fights once more once additional pirates are made.


Dahut loses and attempts to flee. Pirates are created to keep the gang from escaping when things become a little shaky.

The floodgates of the city have been opened, and Ys is now inundated.

The Empress of the Nightless City, Wu Zetian, enters next, and Dahut recognizes her as such.

Wu Zetian confesses that she was the one who opened the city’s floodgates, having learned the location of the key from Dahut’s former confidant.


The floodwaters then wash away Dahut. If the group escapes before Wu Zeiten escapes, Wu Zeiten invites them to her city.

As the group makes their way out of the flooded mansion, they notice that Ys is almost totally submerged.

Dahut was not the Demon God host, according to Mash and Da Vinci, because she did not follow the prior patterns of becoming a Demon God when on the verge of defeat.

The gang travels to the Nightless City in search of the Demon God.


When Columbus visits the Nightless City, he confesses that he gave the Resistance orders to find any seaworthy vessel among Ys’ ruins.

He claims there is something akin to a natural calamity outside of the menace of the ruling Servants and monsters.

In comparison to the Amazons and pirates, he describes the Nightless City as cautious and defensive.

With Ys gone, Columbus fears that the Nightless City has changed and advises doing recon.


He also warns that the city is full of creatures, which he refers to as dogs.

Columbus returns to the Resistance’s hideout as the group approaches the Nightless City.

He may return with a proper army ready to conquer the city when Wu Zeiten is beaten.

D’Eon chooses to take precautions to guarantee the operation remains clandestine when the gang infiltrates the city.


He begins by gathering intelligence with a small group. The group will move in together after more knowledge about the city, its threats, and Wu Zetian’s whereabouts.

D’Eon then decides that because they can pass as citizens, they and Astolfo would obtain the information.

They then disguise themselves by stealing clothes from a nearby house.

Given that D’Eon took the clothes from a bedroom, Astolfo believes they are used for sexual roleplaying.


Before leaving with Astolfo, D’Eon cautions the others to keep a low profile.

The pair notices a platform in the plaza’s center while undertaking reconnaissance.

They also note that the men aren’t physically shackled; D’Eon speculates that a spell binds them.

As a result, they decide to question a man about it when he is alone.


They then observe a woman with two males and decide to pursue them with Astolfo.

While the woman goes to the restroom, one of the men tells the other about his desire to abandon the city and join the Resistance.

When D’Eon attempts to approach the men, the other man loudly announces that the other is disrupting the quiet by trying to depart the city.

The two see a Torturer (the city’s police force) carry out the public execution of the man who tried to leave via Langchi in the plaza’s middle.


D’Eon recognizes the platform as a scaffold for performances right away.

Astolfo urges them to put an end to the execution. The Torturer is tougher than she appears, but there’s more on the way.

Before she executes the pair after the guy, the Torturer asks to know their identities.

To their disgust, Astolfo presents himself as Sailor Paladin, followed by D’Eon, who identifies themselves as Maid Knight.


Ritsuka and Fergus are dispatched to assist them. The party departs after beating the Torturers while Mash hunts for a hiding place.

They eventually get away from their assailants, and D’Eon and Astolfo revert to their regular garb.

Even though he won’t spend the night with a severed hand, a man (who Ritsuka and Fergus met before) praises the group for saving the man who was set to be executed.

Due to the city’s heavy security and a desire not to keep the Resistance waiting, the group decided that Wu Zetian ought to be taken out today.


D’Eon inquires about where Wu Zetian is, but the man cannot respond because men are just servants to the ladies.

Ritsuka asks whether he has heard any reports about Wu Zetian.

He recalls one about a subterranean city facility that only Torturers and higher are allowed to enter.

D’Eon inquires about its location, and the guy recalls another telling him about a Torturer who appeared out of nowhere in front of him.


He guesses the facility’s entrance is close to the executioner’s scaffold in the plaza, where that happened.


Despite being one of Charlemagne’s Twelve Paladins, Astolfo is seen as a “weak” knight whose talents are inferior to those of the others. He has been immortalized as such in numerous legends.

Despite Astolfo’s weakness, the various Noble Phantasms he acquired (or borrowed) during his journeys are highly potent, allowing him to be fully utilized as a war asset.

In terms of power and talent, Astolfo would be regarded as a second or third-rate Heroic Spirit if his Noble Phantasms were not taken into account.


Astolfo has a streak of good luck that isn’t just for show; most of the time, whatever he does goes nicely.

Unlike many other Servants, he is a Heroic Spirit that does not have any inherent vulnerabilities if his True Name is revealed.

A sword and chain mail are Astolfo’s primary weapons. Though he does not wield a Noble Phantasm, he does wield a slim blade that is incomparably sharp to regular weapons wielded by other rank-and-file troops.

He doesn’t use his sword too much, so he gives it to Sieg. In Sieg’s hands, the steel sword felt weighty.



Skills in a Class

Astolfo’s Magic Resistance (A (D) Rank): This Skill would normally be at Rank D, but because of his book Noble Phantasm, it has been substantially improved.

As a result, every magecraft of Rank A or lower has been annulled.

Modern magi, on the other hand, are incapable of harming Astolfo.

Riding (A+ Rank): Astolfo is capable of horseback riding. As a result, he can control beasts with the ranks of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast.


This does not apply to Dragonkin, however.

Astolfo Personal Qualities

The reason is evaporating (D Rank): Reason is evaporating. He is incapable of keeping secrets.

He’ll talk about his team’s flaws and True Names carelessly, forgetting vital details, and so on.

It’s a kind of apocalyptic curse. This ability also functions as “Instinct.” Astolfo can sense the best course during the combat to some extent.


Monstrous Strength (C- Rank): Increases STR temporarily. Astolfo, on the other hand, takes damage every turn while using this Skill.

Independent Action (B Rank): The capacity to operate independently for some time even if the Master’s magical energy supply is cut off. Even if he loses his Master, he can stay manifested for up to two days at this rank.

Noble Phantasm is a collection of noble phantasms.

La Black Luna is a hunting horn that instills fear in the minds of those who hear it, causing them to flee instinctively.


All within its range will feel the shock of an explosive sound.

When the damage is equal to or greater than the target’s HP, it will be reduced to dust and scattered.

Normal mages are not resistant to its influence, but Heroic Spirits with Magic Resistance are not.

Chasseur de Logistille: This book, inherited from a specific witch, has the power to destroy any and every magic contained inside it.


It does not completely cancel a Reality Marble or a high-thaumaturgy extremely close to Reality Marble.

Still, it does make it possible by invoking its true name and reading its content.

Argalia’s Trap: Argilia’s Lance, a knight’s lance. There’s a golden tip on it. Although a wound is inflicted on the spiritual body’s leg, killing capacity is poor.

A LUCK check is required to recover from a fall. In the event of a failure, the negative condition of “falling” persists.


It’s not difficult to succeed, though, because LUCK adjusts itself upwards.

Hippogriff: A Phantasmal Beast whose existence is fundamentally “impossible.”

Despite its lower rank than a Griffon from the Age of Gods, its charged pulverization attack equals an A rank physical attack.

It may position itself in an inter-dimensional fissure for a brief duration. As a result, it is capable of phasing past any strike.


Astolfo acquired the godly shield Akhilleus Kosmos from Achilles in Fate/Apocrypha.

Astolfo cannot use Achilles’ style of assault with protection because he is not a genuine owner.

Conception and Creation

Meteo Hoshizora and Ototsugu Konoe collaborated on the design of Astolfo for the failed online game project.

Yuuichirou Higashide described how frightening it was to lose track of his gender while working on Fate/Apocrypha.


Konoe developed into a magnificent figure who takes his path while ignoring the established framework.

Astolfo was ranked 152nd in the Type-10th Moon’s Anniversary Character Poll.

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