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Australia news live update: urgent industry talks to address Covid supply shortages, Djokovic awaits visa decision | Australia news


We’re hearing 20 to 40% furloughing of workers. That’s for a variety of reasons. It might be because the worker is sick and has Covid or because they’re symptomatic or because there’s a little bit of confusion as whether or not that worker should come to work.

Cosboa has been calling for a national standardised approach for most of these for about a year now but what we heard from lots of industry groups was that the problem was across the board and that lots of industries were being heavily hit. The notion of an essential business, now, small businesses have been down this road before. It’s been determined by government what is an essential business and our concern is that after obviously the critical industry, such as food security, etc, and logistics are worked out, that we’re going to see a prioritisation of businesses and what’s considered essential.

Now, to, I think a lot of communities out there, every small business is essential right now being the largest employer collectively of Australians. We need to see all small businesses given, I guess, equality when it comes to different circumstances in which they operate and that will alleviate confusion as well.

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