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Ava Majury 15 Years Old Girl Tik-Tok star Denied Protective Order


A Collier County teenager ava majury who became famous on social media attracted stalkers. A young man shot into the home of TikTok’s star TikTok user last year.

A stalker entered Ava Majury’s home at the Raffia Preserve, Collier County on July 10th and fired a shotgun through her door. Majury had blocked the Maryland man online. He sent thousands of messages to Majury asking for photos of his body and feet. Majury’s father shot and killed the man.

Ava Majury, a woman she claims stalks, was present in court Monday to request a personal protection order. Majury is concerned for her safety but the judge refused to grant the request.

Majury is use having more than one million followers on TikTok. Majury displayed her vulnerability in courtroom on Monday.

ava majuryDuring the proceedings, she was interrogated by a lawyer.

Lawyer: “So, you’re not currently in school?”

Majury: “No.”

Lawyer: “And before all this happened, you were going to school in person?”

Majury: “Yes.”

Lawyer: “And then you quit the soccer team. Correct?”

Majury: “Yes.”

Lawyer: “You love soccer.”

Majury: “Yeah.”

Lawyer: “And your friends are not at school?”

Majury: “No.”

Lawyer: Are you having nightmares?

Majury: “Yes.”

Majury said to a judge that this was because Majury used to go to school together. Majury accused the student of stalking and harassing Majury by following her through the corridors and staring at her.

“All that is certain is that a young lady’s mind is so troubled that she wants to be at school with her friends playing football, yet the fear proved that she stayed home because of fear,” stated Lanny J. Davis, Ava Majury’s attorney.

Majury’s attorneys didn’t provide enough evidence against her classmate to warrant an injunction against stalking. Majury wants to move on.

Majury stated, “Although today did not go the way we expected it to, I’m glad that I got my truth out and my story was told.”

The student accused of stalking was represented by a lawyer who argued that her client tried to help Majury but never threatened her.

Majury’s only desire is to return to school and have fun again, while sharing TikToks with her 1 million+ followers. But she insists she can’t.

“About one year ago today, I was a normal teenage girl living my life. I played soccer and went to high school. And I spread positivity on social media. Majury said, “Now I am afraid to leave my home.”

Majury came to court to get her fear quelled. Majury told the judge that a former friend from high school tried to intimidate and harass her. “I changed my schedule so that I could not see people. I pulled myself out of soccer during the season to avoid him. It was frightening and made me feel unsafe. Majury said that she has nightmares about almost everything.

She stopped attending school. Majury now asserts that her ex-classmate was involved in the attack on July last year, which ended with her father shooting and killing another teenager stalker.

Lanny Davis, her lawyer, was not accepted by the judge. This is Lanny Davis, who was once President Clinton’s special counsel. He stated that, despite Majury’s ruling in court, there was still good.

Davis stated, “We chose to move forward so there’s a lesson about the danger of Facebook and that people should learn to recognize the signs and indicators of someone who might be threatening you before the danger.”

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Ava majury Biography, Height and Net Worth, Birthdays, Net Worth, Ages, Boyfriends, Parents, Ethnicity, & More

Biography, Height and Net Worth, Birthdays, Net Worth, Ages, Boyfriends, Parents, Ethnicity, & More


what is ava majury age?

ava majury is  15 years old girl

ava majury net worth?

As of June 2022 , her net worth was $100,000

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