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Do Away Carry-Ons Live Up to the Hype?


https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/are-away-carry-ons-worth-the-hype/We have never been big fans of hard-sided luggage in the past. away luggage Contrary to popular belief, hard-sided suitcases can be just as durable as their soft-sided counterparts. They do offer some advantages that people might value above durability. Hard-shell bags are lighter than fabric bags and come in a wider range of colors, prints, and textures. After five years of testing hard-sided luggage, the Away Carry-On is our recommendation.

Our pick

The best carry-on bag with hard sides

This is a great-looking, resilient piece of hard-sided luggage, with top-of-the-line components–including YKK zippers and the smoothest wheels we tested–at a decent price.

The Away Carry-On is a great choice if you prefer the lighter weight and look of a hard-sided bag. This bag is 7.6 pounds in weight and can hold almost 40 liters.

It stands out from the rest of its competitors because it has high-end components such as sturdy YKK zippers that are strong and smooth-rolling wheels. The wide range of colors available and the flexible, yet strong, polycarbonate shell were both appreciated.

The polycarbonate shell will last longer than soft-sided luggage. Our testers tested multiple models over five years and found the Away to have lasted through most of the travel challenges with very few scratches.

The lifetime warranty on Away bags covers cracks in the shell as well as any hardware damage (wheels or handles, zippers, etc.).

The research

away luggage

Which carry-on should you choose?

For most people, I recommend soft-sided luggage. This conclusion was reached after six years of traveling with bags and interviewing luggage designers, flight attendants, baggage handlers, travel experts, and other luggage designers.

Soft-sided luggage is more resistant to scuffs and marks and has multiple pockets and compartments. This makes it easier for individuals to adapt to their travel needs.

A hard-sided case’s clamshell design makes it difficult to pack and unpack. The entire case is split into two sections. This can make it difficult to pack in tight spaces like small hotel rooms.

If you have bulky or large items, it can be difficult to pack two compartments of equal size.

Contrary to popular belief, hard-sided luggage lacks rigidity when not fully packed. Also, most hard-sided luggage does not have external pockets.

The Flex is expandable hard-sided luggage from Away, which we are currently testing. The Flex is designed with the same clamshell opening as the Away original suitcase but has an additional zipper that allows the nylon center to expand.

This design reduces the overall compact strength and strengthens the zipper. It may still be useful for some if it is able to compress more effectively into a bag. Once we have completed our testing, we will update this guide with the conclusions.

Why would anyone still want such a bag, anyway? Hard-sided suitcases are great. These suitcases come in bold colors and patterns, which are impossible to match with soft-sided luggage.

They are slim and minimalist; they weigh less than fabric shells and are as free from pedestrian concerns about exterior pockets as any influencer scrolling through your Instagram feed.

You want a hard-sided bag. The popularity of Away is evident when you walk through an airport. Away isn’t the only company that makes minimalist, hard-shelled luggage.

These new luggage pieces are designed to make millennials reach for their wallets. But which ones are actually worth the money?

These bags share a few characteristics. These bags are almost always made from polycarbonate, which is a synthetic resin. However, the more expensive models may use ABS plastics or blends of ABS and polycarbonate to make their shells.

Polycarbonate is lighter, more flexible, and offers greater impact resistance than ABS.

These bags are usually clamshell-shaped, meaning they have a split-down middle and close with either a zipper or locking hinge. They also come with four wheels instead of two.

It is difficult to determine the strength of polycarbonate shells and even more difficult to test them. Although we can evaluate the strength, relative weight, and composition of the material and consider the brand’s reputation, it’s not enough to get a good idea of the limits of these suitcases.

However, our primary goal was not to find the most durable luggage. We wanted to find the best bag to pack, the best for travel, and the most cost-effective.

The Away Carry-On and Muji Adjustable Handle Suitcase were our top choices. After comparing the layouts of the bags, their comfort, and looks, we narrowed the list down to the top four.

Since 2016, I have been traveling intermittently with Away. We have had other testers travel with the Away, Muji and AmazonBasics models over the years.

The Verge published stories about Away’s customer service staff mismanagement and poor working conditions in its retail and manufacturing divisions towards the end of 2019.

The company has had mixed responses to these stories, and most recently it has denied the claims.

Although these incidents don’t appear to have affected the quality of Away products, we recognize that not everyone wants to purchase Away bags. We suggested the Muji Adjustable Handle Suitcase to them as an alternative.

The best carry-on bag with hard sides

This is a great-looking, resilient piece of hard-sided luggage, with top-of-the-line components–including YKK zippers and the smoothest wheels we tested–at a decent price.

The Away Carry-On has been my favorite bag for 5 years. I have also given the bag to friends and frequent travelers to see how they liked it. The Away bag is the most minimalist of all the hard-sided bags we tested.

A suitcase that does not have any external pockets is a unique way to feel comfortable, despite its impracticality. All your travel items can be packed in one brick.

You’ll be able to forget about everything while traveling thanks to the simplicity of the design and the smooth texture of the plastic. The Away bag feels great in the hands.

We also found that its Hinomoto wheels were noticeably more comfortable than any other bag, aside from the Muji. Away also sells compatible packing cubes that fit perfectly in the bag’s beveled corners.

The Away’s use of polycarbonate is similar to the one used in high-end luggage like the Rimowa Cabin S which costs twice as much as the Away. Away’s polycarbonate is strong but flexible.

Five years ago, when we first tested the Away, it was a problem. The Away would flex and jam onto itself, especially on airport carpets. The company seems to have solved that problem. I haven’t had it with any new models.

The best online ordering experience is provided by The Away. Select your size and color, then wait for your luggage at your doorstep.

You can stack the Away’s Medium and regular Carry-On bags into The Large to create a set that looks like a collection of Russian dolls. The Carry-On holds nearly 40 liters, but you only need one carry-on.

After the Verge published stories by employees about Away’s management and culture, it was brought to light that there is a disconnect between Away’s marketed image and working conditions.

These stories include allegations of mismanagement by Away’s customer support team as well as poor working conditions within the company’s manufacturing and retail departments.

The company has had mixed responses to these stories, with the exception of denying the claims. These incidents don’t appear to have any effect on the quality of Away products but they could affect customers’ opinions about the brand.

The Away, like many other hard-sided cases that we tested, has an optional removable battery as well as external USB ports to charge for certain color options. We are still not convinced that the luggage should have a battery.

Although portable batteries are inexpensive and available in many sizes, they can only be useful when you’re not too far away. We found that the Away’s battery compartment was the easiest to access.

It’s still a nice place to store a small battery. It’s easy to forget if your bag is gate-checked. The Away battery does not have quick-charging USBPD ports and is therefore a step behind other current models.

We think it’s better to buy a separate battery and keep it in your purse or under-seat bag.

A lifetime limited warranty covers the Away in case of major failures, such as cracking the zipper or shell cracking. (Cosmetic damage not included.

Flaws, but not dealbreakers

The Away’s complaints mirror those we have with hard-sided luggage. These bags are difficult to pack and unpack because of their clamshell design. They can be split in the middle, opening into two sections.

Although packing cubes can help, after years of unpacking and packing soft-sided luggage with only one lid, I find the clamshell design more difficult to pack.

Soft-sided luggage is best if you only need one compartment.

What I found was those bag lovers were more likely to test it than those who didn’t love it.

People who didn’t like the bag hated it even before they held it.

You won’t be disappointed if the bag’s simple design and sleek aesthetic make you feel more relaxed while traveling.

Dimensions: 21.7 x 13.7 x 9 inches

Weight: 7.6 pounds

Capacity: 39.8 Liters

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