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Bakugo:15 Facts You Never Knew



Katsuki Bakugo aggressive nature and intimidating strength are well-known among My Hero Academia fans, but there’s more to Kacchan than meets the eye.

Katsuki Bakugo is one of My Hero Academia’s most well-known characters, however he is outranked by protagonist Izuku Midoriya and fan favourite Shoto Todoroki in terms of overall popularity. Viewers are accustomed with Kacchan’s brash demeanour and intimidating strength, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Because belligerent characters are often stereotyped as one-dimensional or predictable, MHA fans who accept Bakugo at face value may be unaware of how captivating he is. Here are ten things about Class 1-A’s resident enraged hero that you probably didn’t know.


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Daniel Kurland updated this page on August 4th, 2021: MHA’s leader is Midoriya, but Katsuki Bakugo is never far behind and receives a great deal of attention from the shonen series. Bakugo’s explosive personality and fiery temper are easy to mock, yet he has surprising depth for those willing to explore deeper.

1. Endeavor’s Hero Agency has him as a member.

Season 5 of My Hero Academia focuses the first half of the season focusing on the thrilling strength tests that take place in the Joint Training Competition between students from Classes 1A and 1B. The heroes are pushed back into their separate work study programmes in the second half of the season.

Best Jeanist was Bakugo’s previous ally, but after his disappearance, Bakugo joins Shoto and Midoriya in Endeavor’s Hero Agency. Bakugo is pleased by Endeavor’s determination and ability to study, but it takes him some time to warm up to him. The more Bakugo stays at Endeavor’s Hero Agency, the more a wonderful understanding develops between them.

2. He Comes Up With A Horribly Absurd Hero Name

It’s admirable that My Hero Academia emphasises how essential every component of a hero’s persona is in the public’s opinion of them. It’s evident that having a powerful Quirk or being a member of a prominent team is significant, but the series also emphasises the importance of a hero’s attire and even their name.


Bakugo doesn’t miss this opportunity with a modest nickname when a hero’s name is the only thing others know about them. Bakugo reveals his hero name, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, which is a perfect match for his fiery, explosive attitude. It’s one of the most unusual hero names, but it’s also one of the most remembered.

3. He Has The One For All Quirk For A Short Time

Many various heroes are featured in My Hero Academia, but Izuku Midoriya is frequently chastised because he is the heir to All Might’s priceless One For All Quirk. Various villains have pursued Midoriya in the hopes of obtaining or suffocating this ability, and other Pro Heroes have stated that it is not a Quirk that is given away lightly.

Bakugo temporarily shares Midoriya’s One For All Quirk in the My Hero Academia movies, and the finale of Heroes Rising involves Bakugo temporarily sharing Midoriya’s One For All Quirk. The two launch a coordinated attack on Nine, resulting in his defeat, but Bakugo’s ability to maintain this Quirk should not be underestimated.

4. He’s one of the last students in 1-A to get his provisional licence.

Any society needs rules, but My Hero Academia places a premium on the rankings and procedures that control the society’s heroics. As a result, there are some very capable heroes who are unable to employ their abilities in the field due to a lack of qualifications.


Bakugo appears to be at the top of his class, although he was one of the last students to receive his Provisional Hero License. It’s actually rather fitting that Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki pass their tests and finally enter the world as heroes in the 100th episode of My Hero Academia.

5. He’s Fantastic With Children

Heroes should ideally serve as role models for youngsters, but just because someone is brave and selfless doesn’t imply they’ll be a natural with tomorrow’s youth. Bakugo has a history of bullying and a lack of patience, therefore he appears to have no patience for children.

Bakugo and Todoroki, on the other hand, are pitted against a group of children in an early trial. Bakugo recognises himself in these young people and the less understanding guy he once was. He wants to assist these kids learn the same lessons he did, but much earlier in life, so they don’t fall into the same traps. It’s a lovely demonstration of comprehension.

6. His Authentic Personality

Bakugo, believe it or not, was originally intended to be a nice and sensitive character who, when he misspoke, would come off as unpleasant or insulting. It’s inconceivable to picture the forever enraged Kacchan having a meek personality at this time.


Khei Horikoshi, the author of the series, believed that a nice version of the young hero would be too boring, so he chose to make him completely rude instead. To be fair, the dramatic wrath he radiates in each scene keeps the anime’s intensity high throughout.

7. He Has Diverse Interests

Bakugo is into two very specific things, according to his character biography in Volume 1 of the My Hero Academia manga: mountain climbing and spicy food. Katsuki’s taste in cuisine is as fiery as the bursts he makes with his sweat, which is no surprise given his explosive Quirk.

Mountain climbing may appear to be an unusual pastime for the fiery student, yet it is linked to certain parts of his personality. Bakugo enjoys a good challenge, and what could be more dangerous than climbing mountains?

8. In Class 1-A, he is the oldest student.

Although all of the children in Class 1-A are the same age, Bakugo, who was born on April 20, is the oldest in his class by a month. The second-oldest pupil, Mashirao Ojiro, was born on May 28. This meant Katsuki was 16 when she entered U.A. High School, whereas the rest of the students were just 15.


Despite the fact that Mezo Shoji is the tallest figure in Class 1-A, he is also the youngest. Because his birthdate is in late February, he is both the “baby” of the group and one of the most physically threatening students.

9. He’s a good cook.

Katsuki’s cooking abilities are hinted rather than explicitly proved, but there’s a glimmer of Gordon Ramsay hiding within him if you read between the lines. Given that he shares the same temper as the Hell’s Kitchen cook, this is a natural fit.

Bakugo has great knife skills, which was highlighted in both the anime and manga versions of My Hero Academia while the students were preparing curry. This does not immediately qualify him as a good chef, but it does indicate that he is capable of chopping ingredients, which must count for something.

10. He’ll always have good skin (Like His Mother)

Mitsuki Bakugo has the capacity to secrete Glycerin from her skin as a quirk. Glycerin works as a moisturiser, which is why her complexion is perfect and she appears to be much younger than she is.


The Explosion of Kacchan Quirk is a mix of his mother’s Glycerin and his father’s Acid Sweat, which means he’ll have flawless skin for the rest of his life. It’s also worth noticing that the aspiring hero shares more physical characteristics with Mitsuki than with his father, implying that he’ll mature well.

11. He has nothing in common with his father.

Masaru Bakugo is reasonably calm, collected, and significantly less violent than Mitsuki and Katsuki, who are aggressive and hotheaded. Despite their vast differences in temperament, he sincerely loves his family. He is, however, dissatisfied with his son’s ferocious temper.

Masaru disapproves of Katsuki’s attitude, but eventually backs him up in his goal to become a professional hero. In every way, the family embodies a “like-mother-like-son” connection, including physical resemblance—Kacchan looks exactly like his mother, and they even have the same hair.

12. His Kneepads Are Actually Functional

Bakugo’s hero suit is impressive, but it has one little flaw that few fans notice. The grenade bracers are so distracting that the fact that he’s wearing kneepads almost goes unnoticed. It may seem odd to protect his knee caps (of all things), but the pads were not incorporated for defensive purposes.


Bakugo’s kneepads were intended for offensive strategies, but he hasn’t really put them to use yet. On the other hand, he can do a fantastic amount of damage with just his fists, so he doesn’t need to include any complicated leg movement. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the adage goes.

13. He’s a musical prodigy, especially on the drums.

While climbing mountains is a difficult activity, we’re more amazed by Bakugo’s ability to play the drums. This scenario from the MHA manga reveals that the hothead is a gifted musician, as seen by his drum solo, which wowed his peers.

Bakugo’s unexpected musical abilities may appear arbitrary or senseless at first glance, yet the energy required to play a drum set correlates with Bakugo’s strong emotions.

14. Khei Horikoshi had not expected him to be so well-liked.

Horikoshi is quite justified in being perplexed by Katsuki’s popularity. After all, he set out to make the adolescent dislikeable and unpleasant. Few could have imagined that the most unfriendly kid would become such a fan favourite in the series, which is packed with every personality conceivable.


While Horikoshi intended anime/manga fans to despise the sassy character, his aggressiveness heightens the drama of his relationship with Izuku Midoriya. The protagonist is the polar opposite of Kacchan in every way.

15. His abrasive demeanour is inspired by another Horikoshi creation.

Khei Horikoshi wrote and illustrated Oumagadoki Zoo, and fans have seen connections between it and My Hero Academia. One of these parallels involves a character named Shishido, whose personality is identical to that of Shishido.

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