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Becca Cleveland Stout is a renowned athlete from the University of Michigan who has been known for her athletic achievements. She is the winner of numerous national awards, including the American College Sports Association (ACSA) National Championship, and is a member of the University of Michigan Women’s Basketball Team. Her success is attributed to her great personality, hard work, and dedication.

Becca Cleveland Stout: Awards and nominations

Becca Cleveland Stout

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The Stout family is one of the first families in America to settle. This branch of the family is descended from Richard, who arrived in Virginia in the early 1600’s. Many descendants of Richard and his sons live in Western Virginia today.

The family is mainly remembered for the community leadership that was achieved. One of the oldest members of the Clarksburg Baptist Church was Mary E. Crawford.

Another member was Jean Sheetz, who became a stewardess for United Airlines. Her daughter, Bertha Brown, is a teacher in Harrison County. Other members of the Stout family are Sue Sanchez and Sandy Sever of Shelbyville.

John Stout was born in Hackers Creek, Virginia. He was attacked by Chief Red Cloud, and lost two fingers on his left hand. His lower arm was broken. When he was twenty-four, he went to Camp Chase in Ohio.

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