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9 Best Anime Beestars Character Guides



Beestars Character: hits Netflix, get to know the wretched characters of the animal-based anime. The first season of Beastars, a high school animal-based murder mystery, will premiere on Netflix on March 13th. The series follows Legoshi, a grey wolf who works as a stagehand in the Cherryton High School Drama Club alongside his anthropomorphic peers, and is based on the popular manga written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki.

9 Best Anime Beestars Character Guides

Beasters Characters

When a herbivore is killed, the school’s carnivorous students are suspected. As the investigation unfolds, the students must navigate the tumultuous world of high school romance while also learning to control their animal instincts.

In Japan, the series premiered on Netflix in the fall of 2019. The series, which is produced by Studio Orange, has already been renewed for Season 2 and will be adapted into a live-action stage production in the spring. With a cast of characters drawn from a wide range of zoological species, it’s a good idea to brush up on the who’s who of Cherryton before diving in.


1. Legoshi

Legoshi, a 17-year-old introverted grey wolf with the gentle, contemplative heart of a monk and the keen detective’s instinct of Hercule Poirot, is cast in the lead role of Beastars. Being a carnivore often works against him, as he’s more likely to be a shoulder to cry on than an antagonist, despite his intimidating appearance.

He’s courteous, but he’s not afraid to intervene or use his size — or claws and teeth — to his advantage. Legoshi, a true friend to all, can often bridge the gap between herbivores and carnivores in a socially segregated world where trust between herbivores and carnivores is hard to come by.

Legoshi claims that tragedies make him feel calm, but his calm demeanour can prevent him from expressing his true feelings, such as his love for Haru, a white rabbit and fellow student. His quiet demeanour belies his talent for detection and observation, which he uses to track down Tem’s true killer.

2. Louis

The majority of people do not believe that a deer can be frightening. However, most people have never met Louis.


Third-year student Louis commands his Cherryton High School Drama Club actors and stagehands regardless of their status in the herbivore/carnivore hierarchy.

His tall stature and delicate features belie his complete control over every aspect of himself, and thus all aspects and happenings within the club. Louis puts his heart and soul into his roles as a lead actor, sometimes to his detriment.

Louis, like everyone else, hides his insecurities and anxiety about his status as heir to his father’s legacy behind a mask.

Louis is constantly at odds with his own nature, hiding the frail reality of being a deer, despite his success and the glory that comes with being a candidate for the titular Beastar title. Regardless, he is unquestionably the Drama Club’s leader.


3. Haru

Haru is a dwarf white rabbit who is the only member of Cherryton’s Garden Club. Haru, unlike Legoshi, prefers superficial relationships because she was expelled from school for being, well, rabbit-like in her sexual promiscuity.

Haru, despite her reputation, is a happy and adventurous girl. Haru can be forthright but is generally thought to have a loving soul. She has a thick skin and is fearless to be herself. That is, until she is compelled to speak out for herself.

Haru, the youngest of her dwarf rabbit family, was told by her parents that she would be treated as though she didn’t have much time left. Despite this, Haru has a strong sense of survival and is rarely fazed by bullies or aggressors.

Haru discovered that having sex provided her a short sense of equality and made her feel like she belonged at school. This came at a cost, as gossip spreads quickly at Cherryton High, and she was quickly shunned.


4. Tem

Tem, an alpaca, is the cause for the murder-mystery part of Beastars, since he is brutally murdered in the first act by an assailant he appears to know. Though his affections for Els, an Angora Goat and fellow actor, were never revealed when he was alive, the drama club member is shown to have had feelings for her.

Tem was frank and straightforward about his sentiments for his classmates, often with terrible honesty. As the mystery unfolds, his death lingers in Cherryton’s halls, dampening the mood of the Drama Club.

5. Jack

Jack the Labrador is loyal and friendly, just like his real-life counterpart, though this can sometimes work against him.

In Beastars, dogs are the result of experiments during World War II to breed a highly-intelligent version of wolves. Because of this, Jack feels rather embarrassed regarding his heritage.


However, this doesn’t keep him from becoming Cherryton’s star pupil, nor does it get in the way of his friendship with Legoshi, with whom he is roommates and the childhood friend of.

Following Tem’s death, Jack begins to notice how herbivores see carnivores like himself.

His attempts to convince his herbivore friends that those like him wouldn’t stoop to hurting them fall mostly on deaf ears in light of the tragedy. His friendly nature is often enough to win the weary over, though, and his loyalty to Legoshi drives him to better his reputation.

6. Bill

The second-year student and Bengal tiger, Bill, is quite the opposite to Legoshi in many ways — save for perhaps his hidden kind-hearted nature. Outgoing, brash and proud of his heritage, Bill often jump-starts arguments and is a shoot first, ask questions later type of guy.


Despite the seemingly fragile status of his relationships with his peers, and in particular his heated, often violent encounters with Legoshi, Bill is seen as trustworthy by Louis and worthy of a spot as lead actor in the drama club’s productions.

Bill’s attitude toward the reality of the herbivore/carnivore society is lacking in subtlety, as he often alludes to the morbid truth behind the city’s Black Market where carnivores satiate their innate desires.

Not one to put on airs regarding his status as a carnivore, Bill often bucks the trend of hiding his instincts as a tiger, proudly boasting of his reputation in the wild.

7. Gouhin

The giant panda known as Gouhin is the Black Market’s resident doctor, looking after carnivores who have fallen off the “don’t eat herbivores” path.


He moonlights as a psychiatrist for these lost souls, often helping guide them back from giving in to their animal instincts. Gouhin’s friendship with Legoshi is akin to that of a mentor, though one armed with a wicked crossbow and a hard-ass personality. When Legoshi is in need of assistance, Gouhin comes to his aide both mentally and physically.

8. Juno

A fellow grey wolf with a penchant for success, Juno is a highly self-motivated member of the drama club. Her kindness extends to her friends and fellow thespians, but above all else, her desire to be successful reigns supreme.

However, what may motivate her more so than becoming the next Beastar is winning the affections of Legoshi — who she fell in love with instantly upon meeting. When she learns of Haru’s existence, and Legoshi’s feelings therein, Juno doubles her efforts to lasso her fellow wolf.

9. Shishigumi/Chief Lion

Once outside the walls of the relatively safe Cherryton High (R.I.P. Tem), very real dangers begin to present themselves to the sheltered students. Such is the case with Shishigumi — a gang of lions operating in the shady back alley of the Black Market.


The central figure and intimidating presence of the gang is Chief Lion, a cigar-smoking, suit-wearing boss with scars over both eyes and a knack for stripping his prey, subjecting them to mockery and shame before devouring them. He says that by doing so, the blood tastes better.

Cruel and malicious, Chief Lion commands his gang to kidnap white-furred herbivores in particular for his personal pleasure. In this way, the Shishigumi gang embraces their animal side and demonstrates what it’s like to be wild in a modern world.

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