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Benadryl and alcohol- Is This Combination Safe?


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One likely only wants relief if one is dealing with a runny nose, uncontrollable sneezing, or red, watery, and itchy eyes. Thankfully, there is a variety of over-the-counter drugs that work well to treat seasonal allergies. Benadryl is a popular option for many persons.

Benadryl is the brand name creating new versions of an antihistamine called Diphenhydramine. Antihistamine is a medicine that interferes with the action of the compound inflammatory reactions in the body.

Inflammatory reactions are involved in the body’s immune response to allergens. It is the reason one gets a stuffy nose, itchy skin, and other reactions. When one comes in contact with something, one is allergic. An antihistamine is worked by blocking the body’s response to these allergens. It will ease the allergic symptoms.

Because one will purchase Benadryl at pharmacies and grocery stores without a prescription, one may think it is safe to use in the situation. But Benadryl is a potent drug, and it comes with risks. One risk is the severe effects it will cause if one takes it with alcohol.

Don’t take Benadryl with alcohol.

Benadryl does not affect the liver as alcohol does. But both drugs working on the central nervous system. These are made up of the brain and spinal cord, which is the problem.

Benadryl and alcohol both CNS stimulation these drugs slow down the CNS. Taking them together is dangerous because they will slow down the CNS too much. It will cause drowsiness, sleep, and trouble doing physical and mental tasks that have to require alertness.

In short, Benadryl and alcohol should not use together. It is essential to know that it is precarious to use them together in some instances. These cases are if one misuses Benadryl, takes these drugs together while driving, and his senior.


Benadryl is approving to treat allergy symptoms only. It is not mean to use for any other purpose.

However, some people may think it is a good idea to use it as a sleep aid. It is because Benadryl causes drowsiness. The generic form of Benadryl, Diphenhydramine, is approving as a sleep aid. Some people will think alcohol will serve the same role since it will also make one sleepy.

But if one wants to get a good night’s sleep, one will make the mistake of thinking of wine, and a dose of Benadryl does the trick. It has misused Benadryl and alcohol that will make one dizzy and prevent one from sleeping throughout the night.

Benadryl will also interact negatively with sleep aids and other medications. So, to be safe, one should only use Benadryl to treat the allergy symptoms.

Driving warning

One may have heard that one should not drive or use machinery if one takes Benadryl alone or with alcohol. The warning is because of the risks of CNS depression from the drug.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that it will significantly affect a driver’s ability to stay alert than alcohol does. The administration also agrees that alcohol will increase the effects of Benadryl.

One already knows that drinking alcohol and driving is dangerous. Adding Benadryl to the mix and its behavior is risky.

In seniors

Drinking alcohol and taking Benadryl makes it hard to control body movement well for people of all ages. But it will make it even risky for seniors.

Damage motor ability, combining with the dizziness and sedation from Benadryl. It will cause particular problems for older adults. For example, the combination will increase the risk of falls on seniors.

Hidden uses of alcohol

Now that one knows that Benadryl and alcohol don’t mix, one should be aware of hidden alcohol use that one should avoid while taking Benadryl.

Some medications may contain alcohol. These are drugs such as laxatives and cough syrup. Medicines up to 10 percent alcohol these drugs contact with Benadryl. So sure to read the labels on all the medications. One is taking to reduce the risk of accidental interactions or misuse.

Suppose one is taking more than one OTC or prescription drug or supplement. Talk to the doctor or pharmacist. They will let one know if the other medications contain alcohol and if it is safe to take them with Benadryl.

Talk with the doctor.

Benadryl is a potent drug; using it safely means not drinking alcohol while one takes it. Combining the medicine with alcohol will cause dangerous effects, like extreme drowsiness and damage motor skills and alertness.

Benadryl designs for short-term use, so it is best to wait until one are done taking it before one has any alcohol. These beverages are mouthwashes and other drugs that list alcohol as an ingredient. On the safer side, one will ask the doctor or pharmacist how long to wait after taking Benadryl before one reaches for a drink.

Suppose one drink a lot and find it difficult to hold off on drinking for a few days. Consider reading up on resources and support.

So, it is an essential article on the topic of Benadryl and alcohol.

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