Bert Kreischer Net Worth in 2022

October 19, 2022
bert kreischer net worth

Bert Kreischer Net Worth: Bert Kreischer is a comedian who is well-known. His stand-up comedy is what makes him most famous. His greatest claim to fame is his ability to perform stand-up comedy, totally naked, onstage.

He does it all in terms performances. He is a comedian, actor, reality TV host and podcaster. Bert Kreischer’s net worth is $3 million. He goes by the name “The Machine”. To get all new updates follow

What is Bert Kreischer’ Net Worthbert kreischer net worth

Bert Kreischer, an American comedian, actor, reality TV host, writer, producer, and podcaster, is Bert Kreischer. Bert Kreischer is worth $3 million. He is also known as “The Machine”, and has appeared in comedy specials like “Comfortably Dumb” (2009) and “The Machine (2016). Bert started hosting the podcast “Bertcast”, in 2012. He also hosts “Bill and Bert” with Bill Burr and “2 Bears 1 Cave” (with Tom Segura).

Kreischer hosted the shows “Hurt Bert”, (2004) and “Bert the Conqueror,” (2010-2011, 2016), as well as the cooking show “Something’s Burning”. Bert starred in the Netflix reality series “The Cabin With Bert Kreischer” in 2020. He is also credited with being an executive producer (along with “Hurt Bert”, “Comfortably Dumb,” and “Something’s Burning”) on that show. In 2014, Kreischer published the memoir “Life of the Party” and in July 2021, he was awarded “Variety’s” Creative Impact in Comedy Award.

Early life: Bert Kreischer Net Worth 

Albert Kreischer created on November 3, 1972. Although he was born in St. Petersburg in Florida, he spent his childhood in Tampa. His father was an estate lawyer and his mother was involved in early childhood development.

He went to Florida State University to study English for college. He was a fraternity member in the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and was well-known for his partying skills.

His university ranked number one on The Princeton Review’s 1997 list of the top party schools. Kreischer was in sixth year and was the school’s top partyer.

Comedy Career

Bert first encountered stand-up comedy at a Tallahassee bar called Potbelly’s. In the hopes of having a full-time job, he moved to New York City. After that, he worked at the Boston Comedy Club.

He began his gimmick, performing without his shirt. His story about how he got his nickname was what made him famous. It involved him getting into the mafia on a school trip to Russia.

Although it is a fictional story and he probably did not travel to Russia, The Machine’s story became a hit with comedy fans. He was invited to appear on Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Personal Life

Bert married LeeAnn Kemp on December 3, 2003 and they have two daughters, Georgia, born in 2004, and Ila, born in 2006. The family currently lives in Los Angeles. LeeAnn hosts the podcast “Wife of the Party” out of Bert’s man cave. Kreischer answered “Fatherly” when he was asked to describe himself as a father. Mediocre. Loving. It is possible for dads to kill it. “I’m not one such dad.” Bert said that he was raised Catholic and that he is “ten times more religious” than his family. However, he and LeeAnn don’t believe in raising their children religiously as LeeAnn is not religious.

How He earned the moneybert kreischer net worth

Bert Kreischer’s net worth derived from many different performances. He was a stand-up comedian who did a lot for his net worth. Ryan Reynolds is also a friend. He was also on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Bert’s story involves Comfortably Numb. He’s also appeared on Kimmel and Letterman. He is also a well-known performer on National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. He has also been part of National Lampoon Live, and Trip Flip.

Rolling Stone featured him, and he had a sitcom deal. Reality Bites was a huge success and helped him make his mark in the television industry. Bert’s story is unique and American stand-up comedy is one of the most popular acts.

bert kreischer Height & Weight

Bert Kreischer is now 49 years old. He was born November 3, 1972. This makes him 49 years old. He stands at 5 feet 11 inches (1.82m) tall and weighs 80kg (176 lb).

Bert Kreischer’s feet seem to be insanely large. In one of his Podcasts, he said that he has huge feet and even displayed them. He is also known for his big feet. Bert is Caucasian and his star sign Scorpio.

Other Ventures: Bert Kreischer Net Worth 

His media debut was in 1985, when he played the role of Chunk in “The Goonies”. He was a stand-up comedian and appeared on National Lampoon Live – Volume 2 (2004).

Slowly, he built his reputation and awarded “Bert Kreischer – Comfortably Dumb”. Later, he was offered other roles. He was the host of the reality TV series “Bert the Conqueror” in 2010.

In 2012, Bert began podcasting. Bert is the host and co-host of Bertcast. He also hosts 2 Bears 1 Cave, Bert and Bill. He also appears on other podcasts, including Tom Segura and Ethan Klein.
Tim Dillon.

He won his first Netflix special in 2018, entitled “Bert Kreischer Secret Time”. Two years later, he received his second Netflix special.


Q. How much money does Bert Kreischer make per show?

A. He gets approximately $1,500 per post.

Q. What is Bert Kreischer’s net worth 2022?

A. Bert Kreischer has a net worth of $3 million.

Q. How long does the Bert Kreischer show last?

A. Most Bert Kreischer comedy shows typically last about 1-2 hours.

Q. Who is Bert Kreischer wife?

A. LeeAnn Kreischer.

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