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Best Apps for betting on golf



Best Apps for betting on golf

Last week golf fans watched as The Masters took place at Augusta. It was an exciting tournament that showed that golf can be just as dramatic and intense as any other major sport. There was also the added excitement of seeing Tiger Woods back on the course since the car accident that horribly injured his right leg and nearly ended his career.

The appeal of golf is growing in America and around the world. The sport has always had its fans, but many people thought of it as a boring pastime for the wealthy that lacked the compelling action and teamwork of fast-paced sports like basketball and soccer. In recent years, however, as more players from diverse backgrounds have been performing well, golf’s fanbase has grown.

Interest in golf is growing at a time when sports betting is also booming. Online sportsbooks have changed the industry, allowing fans to place bets from home, from wherever they’re watching the game, and everywhere in between. You no longer need to walk into a physical casino or betting shop in order to place a bet, and this freedom has opened up betting to a much larger group of people.

As with all digital industries, however, the huge number of betting apps and websites can make it somewhat bewildering to choose one. Some are better than others in terms of odds, security, and reliability. The best sportsbook for each person is largely down to personal preference, so on this list, we’ve focused on the best apps and websites to get you ready to bet on golf.

World Sports Network – Best all-around betting guide

World Sports Network (WSN) is the best sports betting guide on the market today. It covers a huge range of sports and provides content that includes stats, the latest news, odds, and opinion pieces. It also provides information on the betting laws in different regions, keeping bettors up to date on how to bet legally in their area.

While some sports betting guides only offer information on the biggest teams and leagues, WSN covers sports from every angle. It also has an international focus rather than just an American one. For example, many sports betting guides will only focus on the PGA, since that’s what American golf fans tend to focus on, but also provides detailed betting information for the DP World Tour.

PGA Tour – Best PGA Tour info

The official PGA Tour app has the most detailed and up-to-date information on every aspect of the PGA Tour and is the best way to stay on top of what’s happening. You can set up notifications on the app so that you know what’s going on the second it happens.

One of the unique features of the app is TOURCast. This feature tracks every shot and shows it as an overlay on a digital map. You can follow each shot with 3D shot trails so you can see the exact distance and trajectory. It is also interspersed with video highlights so that you can see how these shots look in real life. It’s a fantastic feature for the true golf nut.

The app also allows you to follow your favorite players and see all of their stats. This is a great tool to help you plan your golf betting strategy. You can see how every player has performed in the past on a specific course or on similar courses. You can also compare player stats to see who has the best odds of winning.

FunGolfGPS – Best for course analysis

For many sports, the field or court is identical even if the stadiums or arenas that surround it are completely different. In golf, each course varies dramatically from the next. There are different distances from tee to hole, various water hazards and sand traps, hills, valleys, and all sorts of other features that change from hole to hole and from course to course.

Having a clear picture of the courses that the PGA Tour and DP World Tour are playing on can give you an advantage in deciding which players to back when placing your bets. FunGolfGPS gives users access to over 30,000 detailed 3D course maps. Users can even record past shots and drives to see how the golfers you’re considering backing have fared on that fairway in past events.

Choosing a sportsbook might seem like the most important part of sports betting, but you need to have a good understanding of the sport you want to bet on before you place any bets. These apps will help you plan your golf bets so you’re ready when it’s tee time.

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