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Best Books For GMAT Prep in 2022



Best Books For GMAT Prep: Students can get into the top business schools in the United States by scoring high on the GMAT. Nearly half of MBA programs require applicants take the GMAT. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

These scores are used by admissions offices to assess a student’s ability to handle the demands of an advanced business education. Continue reading to find out our top picks for GMAT preparation books. These include general guides and resources that focus on particular sections of the exam.

Why use a GMAT Prep Book

Best Books For GMAT Prep

Kaplan estimates that the average student will spend 120 hours studying for the GMAT. GMAT prep books that are best for students will help them understand test-taking strategies and common questions they might encounter on test day.


The following GMAT prep books are particularly helpful for those who intend to spend a lot of time studying to improve their scores. You can identify the areas that you need to improve and use this information to help you choose the right books and resources for you as you prepare for the GMAT.

Best Books For GMAT Prep

1. “GMAT Official Guide 2022 Bundle”

The official GMAT prep bundle includes a general exam guide, as well as guides for the Quantitative and Verbal sections. It is an essential resource. This highly rated bundle contains over 1,900 practice questions with answer explanations. This bundle teaches you how to answer questions and helps you track your progress.

If you are looking to save money, test-takers may opt for the book-only version instead.

2. Manhattan Prep’s 7th Edition “All the GMAT Bundle”

This popular, but expensive, GMAT resource condenses the content of the 10-book “Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set”, into three books. You will find hundreds of practice questions for both the Quantitative as well as Verbal sections, and a range of strategies that can help you on test day.


These GMAT prep books include scheduling tips, video lessons, and six practice GMAT tests that are computer-adaptive.

3.Kaplan’s GMAT Prep Plus 2022-2023

This new GMAT prep book contains over 350 practice questions that have been prepared by experts. It is an effective tool for students who want learn and improve their test-taking skills. You can review detailed explanations and take six online GMAT practice exams.

All strategies have been tested by students. Kaplan guarantees that the book will improve your GMAT score, or your money back.

4.Mometrix’s GMAT Prep Book 2022-2023

Mometrix’s new GMAT prep book will help test-takers to understand the most important concepts and vocabulary behind the writing, logic organization, math and verbal sections of the exam. This book includes a full-length practice exam and detailed answer explanations.


Online videos are also available where experts explain various aspects of the GMAT.

5. “GMAT Official Advanced Question”

This official GMAT prep guide is geared towards high scorers and focuses on the most difficult questions from past exams. This guide contains 300 GMAT practice questions with explanations.

An online question bank and a mobile app are also available to test-takers.

Top Books For GMAT Prep Integrated Reasoning & Analytical Writing 

1.Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Integrated Reasoning & Writing, 7th Edition

GMAT prep books that specifically cover the Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning (IR sections of the GMAT are rare. Manhattan Prep has created a comprehensive guide to cover all of the key points about these sections.


This book teaches test-takers how to manage their time and solve problems for the GMAT’s essay and IR sections. Additional practice is also available online for students.

2.Manhattan Review’s 6th Edition “GMAT Analytical writing Guide”

This book is the only one that focuses exclusively on the Analytical Writing section of the GMAT. It covers all you need to know in order to write a compelling and effective essay on test day. Learn about the different argument types on the GMAT, as well as strategies to craft a convincing response.

Students can also read many sample essays and receive critiques explaining why they are strong or weak.

Top GMAT Verbal Books

1.PowerScore’s GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible 2021 Edition

This GMAT prep book helps test takers understand argumentation by focusing on the concepts behind different types of critical reasoning questions. You’ll be able to answer questions faster and increase your GMAT score. You will be able to read comprehension with the concepts you have learned.


The highly acclaimed GMAT prep book also includes access to a website that provides additional guidance and tips for the exam.

2.Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Foundations of Verbal 7th Edition

Manhattan Prep’s popular prep book, this guide covers the foundational Verbal concepts used on the GMAT. This resource is especially helpful for English-speaking people. Online GMAT practice tests, interactive tutorials and online GMAT preparation are a great benefit for test-takers.

Additionally, you will learn the basics of sentence correction, reading comprehension, critical reasoning and reading comprehension.

3. “The Critical Reader: A Complete GMAT Sentence Correction Guide.”

Erica L. Meltzer, a well-known verbal and test preparation expert, shares her top tips and strategies to pass sentence correction questions on GMAT Verbal section. Students learn to identify different types of questions through drills and 150 practice problems. This will help them to determine the best approach to each type.


This book contains a wealth of grammar tips and should be used in conjunction the GMAT Verbal guide.

For GMAT Prep Quantitative books

1.Manhattan Prep’s 7th Edition “GMAT Foundations of Math”

GMAT Quantitative scores can be maximized by students who seek guidance from experts who have achieved scores in excess of 99 percentiles. This book teaches test-takers the fundamental concepts behind GMAT mathematics questions and key strategies to help them succeed on test day.

This popular guide includes access to video tutorials and hundreds of practice problems.

2.Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Advanced Quant, Third Edition

This book is the best GMAT prep guide for students who are determined to score a perfect Quantitative Section score. This guide contains more than 250 of GMAT’s most challenging math problems.


This detailed prep book is especially useful for those who have already scored at least 47 on Quant.

3.Kaplan’s GMAT Math Workbook, 10th edition

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the GMAT’s most important math concepts and includes over 300 practice questions. Learn how the Quantitative section scores and key strategies for solving problems and data-based questions.

Additionally, drills will be provided in common topics such as data analysis and geometry.

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