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Best markets to visit in Pune



Best markets to visit in Pune: If you are a tourist then you will definitely want to visit the best places in Pune so that you can make the best of your memories. Pune is a place with so many exciting markets that you will find a unique thing in every market you visit.

In such a situation it is very important to mention the basic fact that if you need proper guidance about the best markets to visit in Pune then this article is definitely for you. It will explain to you the best places in Pune and at the same point in time what unique selling proposition you will find them. The list has been given in the following way.

Let us have a look at the best places to shop before you book your 1 bhk flat for rent near Magarpatta city.


1. Juna Bazar

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If you are a lover of historic monuments and antique artefacts then this is the market for you. You will find super Amazing and super creative stuff here at a very decent and reasonable cost. What is more important is to find so many colourful objects and different types of showpieces for the purposes of decoration. 

It is important to prove that this market is able to gain a lot of popularity from different types of movies and quirky stuff. It is also important to mention that this is the best kind of market that you will ever come across in Pune because it is so vibrant and energizing. It is able to sell amazing stuff at very affordable pricing. You can find all kinds of decorative material here and the variety would definitely surprise you to the greatest possible extent. 

2. Fashion street

This is the perfect market area for all shopaholics. If you want to buy the latest collection of dresses and dress materials then this is the best market you can ever travel to. It is important to mention the fact that there are so many accessories available that you can carry along with your favourite dresses. So many amazing and beautiful dresses along with shoes and other types of Sling bags are also available here. Book your flat with stanzaliving and enjoy living in the best manner. 


It is possible to gather the most beautiful collection in this one location because it has so many Street vendors which sell fashionable products at a very reasonable and cheap cost. This is the best type of product you can ever buy. You can get tired after exploring this market but this market will not get tired of surprising you with so many latest products. 

3. Hong Kong market

This is a market which is known for its speciality. It is famous for providing an insight into South Asian culture. That is why you will find so many South Asian products here which have been inspired by its philosophy and culture. You will find here different restaurants which prepare authentic South Asian dishes. You will also find statement jewellery and other kinds of dresses which are very traditional to South Asian countries. 

At the same point in time, this is a perfect Marketplace that you will ever come across. It is a wonderful place to visit because it caters to so many amazing and essential goods that you will never find across any of the tourist markets. It is considered to be one of the busiest markets of Pune. 

4. Laxmi road

For all the middle age ladies out there who want to purchase beautiful jewellery and bangles then this is the market for you in Pune. It is considered to be a storehouse of so many beautiful products like bangles and statement jewellery like necklaces and earrings. You can also find products like ear cuffs and bracelets. Additional jewellery which has been inspired by the local culture including the Maharashtrian culture can also be found there. 


This is the perfect place for all the wedding shopping because you will find such a huge variety of different kinds of accessories that a bride may need. Beautiful anklets and handcrafted bangles are available here. In addition, you can also find so many beautiful pieces like brooches and safety pins which are designed as per the preference of the customer. 

5. Clover centre

This is the Sarojini Nagar of Pune. It is quite obvious that it is very heavily crowded with no proper shopping facility but still the youth loves to travel to this place because of the availability of so much amazing stuff At a very cheap cost. You will find here everything from dresses to footwear including your jewellery and Lingerie as well. 

It is a one-stop destination for your sleepers and trousers including your perfect fit food facilities. There are so many vendors who sell handcrafted handbags and other statement jewellery that is so beautiful to carry. It is pretty amazing and at the same point in time, you will love the shopping experience here. 



So what are you waiting for and visit these amazing markets today because this is so swelling and amazing that you will never forget the experience. This is the best you can get in Pune for yourself and your entertainment. 

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