The 7 Best Planners For College Students 2022

September 20, 2022
Best planner for college student

Best Planners For College: Your life as a student is hectic! Sometimes it can be difficult to remember where you are supposed to be. A student planner can help keep your schedule organized. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

It is important to keep track of extracurricular activities, homework assignments, and other details. This list contains the top college planners. We’ll get into the “why” later.

  • PurpleTrail – The Best Personal Planner
  • Best Eco-Friendly Planner Erin Condren
  • Most Versatile Planner – Erin Condren
  • Indeme – Best Hardcover Planner
  • Blue Sky’s Most Detail Planner
  • Best Bargain Planner – Feteulo
  • Vindora’s Best Basic Planner

Here’s my list with the top 7 college planners.

The Best Student Planners

Best planner for college student

A paper planner is a great idea for managing classes, weekend plans, and long term goals. To improve your memory and keep track of due dates, it is a good idea to physically write down information.

Another benefit to writing in an academic planner is that it doesn’t require you to use a screen. This allows you to review your goals, complete homework, and organize your day. There are many planners available, from simple daily planners that can be used for scheduling, to more detailed journals that track time and manage habits. There are many undated versions available if you need one during the academic year.

Best Planners For College : PurpleTrail‘s Student Planner

Best planner for college student

Watercolor Mountains Student Planner: This planner is for creative students. It can be customized to your liking and you have the option of a variety of layouts.

This planner is ideal for college students because it can be customized. PurpleTrail lets you personalize the planner according to your preferences by choosing the cover material and the page color. You can personalize your planner with quotes, photos and other details in the Design Center. This planner is one of the best for college. You can choose how many months you want in the planner, and which month to start with.

There are two sizes. You can choose from a larger size for more space to take notes, or a smaller one that will fit into your bag. It all comes down to you and your goals for your planner.

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Best Planners For College: Indeme Hardcover Weekly and Monthly Planner

Indeme Hardcover Weekly and Monthly Planner

Style doesn’t have to cost a lot. These durable, colorful day planners can be used for both fashion and function. They come in many different styles and colors.

It is extremely durable so it won’t get damaged in your bag. It is thicker than a nickel. You will find a tab with two pages and a spread on each month so that you can mark special dates. Do you struggle to remember holidays? This college planner will help you remember holidays. The overview and pre-written holidays are highlighted on each day. There is space to keep notes and checklists in the weekly spreads. You can even store your papers, notes and supplies in a separate pocket.

This planner is also one the most cost-effective for college. You’ll receive a matching bookmark with a bonus detachable, as well as 175 sticky notes, a ruler and 92 stickers for your planner. You get everything in this package.

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Blue Sky Flagship Collection

best planner

Flagship Collection is a great planner for college if you are a business person and don’t feel the need decorate every inch of your planner. These pages are available from 5am to 9pm. Every day contains space for your top 3 things, gratitude messages, to-do lists and notes. You can even see the hour-by-hour timetable. Flagship is available in both beginning and middle-year editions. Each edition runs 12 months.

Every month is tabbed for easy navigation and reading. Each day is unique in that it contains a proverb or a quote that will inspire. One example is “Some things catch your attention, but only pursue those that grab your heart.”

This is a fantastic option for those who want to be aware and organised at the same time. The classroom is only one part of the larger world.

There are many printables that can help you organize your life. You can use them to create bucket lists, organize your week, gratitude journals and food and exercise logs.

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Focused Planner by Erin Condren

Best planner

My first major college planner purchase was the Focused Planner. I absolutely love it. This planner is perfect for anyone who wants everything organized professionally. Stickers of all sizes and shapes can be added to the planner. Etsy sellers can sell stickers that match the dimensions and shapes of the Focused Planner boxes. Washi tape makes a great addition.

This softbound planner has no date so it is timeless. The planner has both vertical weekly layouts and monthly overview pages. Every weekly page has space to include a Notes section. This is always a great feature. You can even use the ribbon to mark your place.

You can buy the softbound cover in either camel or navy. This might be the best college planner option for students who want a personalized experience.

Key Details:

Erin Condren’s Softbound Vegan Leather 12 Month Planner


The Focused Edition Vegan Leather Planner will keep you organized and will make you feel great. The planner offers weekly, monthly, and yearly planning to help you get ahead of the year. The planner is horizontally laid out for easy reading and includes lots of pages for notes or doodling.

This planner for college has a vegan leather cover and special lay-flat binding. It is comfortable and easy to use for both left- and right-handed users. This planner is perfect for minimalist college students who don’t want all the stickers.

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Vindora Academic Daily Planner


The Academic Daily Planner is hardcover planner that includes weekly and monthly planning pages. The monthly spread of this planner includes a summary of the month and a section for notes. You can use the weekly pages to ensure you stay on top of your daily planning and class assignments.

The best part about this journal is the supplemental pages. They include a wealth of useful information. You’ll find a holiday schedule, a website login/password tracker page, scheduling templates, lots of contact information pages, and many more. The pages also include an excellent academic scheduler. You can place your time, class and professor names, as well as room information, according to the day of each week or term.

It has a modern, elegant, and simple feel. The best thing about this planner is the fact that it has an inner folder pocket. This makes it easy to keep track of any paper. This planner is one of the best for college and it’s also very affordable.

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Feteulo – Academic Weekly and Monthly Planner

Feteulo’s Academic Weekly & Monthly Planners come in a variety of eye-catching designs. They are available in a range of colors and patterns that add personality to the planner without being too loud or overbearing. You can also choose rainbow stripes or dogs if floral patterns don’t appeal to you.

It has month-by-month tabs and a 12-month academic calendar. Each week is divided into two pages. Each month is marked with holidays. The planner includes a whole page for note-taking and a yearly overview page. You can even plan for the future. This is a dream for note-taker.

These planners are a great bargain at a mere 6.4″ x 8.5″. This planner is a stylish and minimalist option that will help students organize their lives.

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Best Planners For College: Tips to Stay Organized

These are some helpful tips to help you stay organized after you have selected the perfect college planner.

  • The planner was purchased. Use it! It is pointless to purchase a planner and then not fill it with your assignments and schedule.
  • Have fun with it! Add accessories such as stickers and pens. This will make it feel more fun than a chore.
  • Take your time. Although it may take some time to get used to listing all of your activities, it will eventually help you stay organized and will likely remain fresh in mind.
  • Keep the most important information in your phone. Once you have everything in your planner, you can now put deadlines and important dates in your phone. You can also set reminders to help you stay on track.

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