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Best Tips To Advertise YouTube Channel


You want to advertise your music on YouTube, right? I got it. More than 2 billion individuals are active on the site each month to advertise YouTube channel, and nearly half of those people only use it to listen to music.

 Best YouTube promotion services are listed below for your consideration:

  • Promozle
  • You Grow

I’ll go over the list above, then after that, I’ll briefly discuss the strategy  to advertise YouTube channel for seeking YouTube promotion in the first place. In other words, you probably shouldn’t spend money on promotion if you don’t know what you want from it. And if you do spend money on promotion, you should do it with an eye towards creating a community rather than merely boosting vanity metrics. (More on that is below.)

Alright, let’s get started.


This one might not surprise you if you’ve followed Two Story Melody at all (or if, for some reason, you’ve already scrolled to the bottom of this page). Yes,  Promozle is skilled in this area, and yes, I work with him.

Promozle honesty is one of my favorite qualities in him. If he doesn’t think a song will succeed, he won’t market it; he won’t try to upsell you into spending a lot for unnecessary promotion. He also avoids using bots. Check out this comment from a client on his website:

Promozle doesn’t set up false expectations,” the statement reads. “If he doesn’t think a song will perform well with any of his marketing packages, he will tell you so.”

That has also been confirmed to me.  Promozle manages paid advertising campaigns, playlist placements, and channels. He’s definitely an excellent alternative to help you achieve your YouTube goals, and with an entry fee of $77, he’s rather inexpensive even if your budget is tight.


Another excellent choice for promoting music on YouTube of hip hop promotion services to Grow your music.

These folks were the first ones I came across while researching Spotify promotion firms; it turns out that YouTube is another area of interest for them. I’ve spoken to team members and can vouch for the fact that they are a) real people, and b) incredibly open.

As you can see from their landing page, targeted advertising are their main technique of video promotion. Campaigns are launched at extremely affordable costs; you can try out their service for $124. They put a heavy emphasis on channel engagement overall. They phrased it like this:

We want to promote your entire channel with that song, not just your song. The objective is to attract subscribers who will interact with your content going forward.

I agree with it because I believe that too many artists focus too much on vanity metrics for singles when real fandom involves exploring more complex artistic expression. In any case, you can get information on their common view / like ratios and other stats like that here if you’re interested in learning more about their business.

Last but not least, although I haven’t used You Grow for a YouTube campaign, I have used their Spotify services and seen good results, which is why I am an affiliate. Although I’m hoping to try YouTube soon (and will update this report when I do), for the time being, based on my interactions with their team, I am still confident in recommending them for YouTube video promotion.

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