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Big Bang Theory Christmas Episodes Ranked According To IMDb



Big Bang Theory Christmas Episodes: Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas special episodes abound on The Big Bang Theory, but which are the best of the best?

The Big Bang Theory was never known for its Christmas specials, which is why it may come as a surprise to viewers that the programme produced 17 of them throughout the course of its 12-year existence. Even though the Christmas specials weren’t the show’s main attraction, they were generally heartwarming extras.

Big Bang Theory Christmas Episodes Rank

BIg Bang Theory CHristmas Episodes

The Big Bang Theory group got to spend several of the year’s most beloved holidays together over the years, from Halloween to Thanksgiving to New Years to Valentine’s Day. Which of the series’ costumed capers, winter celebrations, and unexpected inclusions were the best?


Infiltration of a Clean Room (7.4)

Penny and Amy entertained Raj’s visiting father during the Christmas episode of season 8, while Leonard, Raj, and Howard attempted to capture a bird they had unintentionally let into their lab. Meanwhile, Sheldon attempts to ruin Amy’s holiday by purchasing a gift for her… but the tables are turned when Amy bakes Sheldon his Meemaw’s famous Christmas cookies.

Summary of the Holidays (7.4)

Another Christmas episode near the bottom of the list came from season 10 and intertwined three different Christmas stories: the first followed Sheldon and Amy as they travelled to Texas, the second followed Penny and Leonard as they bought a Christmas tree together, and the third followed Bernadette and Howard as they tried to keep their newborn from crying… none of which ended well.

The Submergence of Valentino (7.6)

Sheldon and Amy hosted a special “Fun with Flags” episode, Penny and Leonard tried to recapture the youth that they didn’t realise had slipped away, Raj tries to break up with his girlfriend Emily in order to start dating another girl and loses both, and Bernadette drops a bombshell that she and Howard are pregnant in this Valentine’s episode from season 9.

Simulation of Santa Claus (7.9)

The guys decide to play a special Christmas-themed game of Dungeons & Dragons for the season 6 Christmas episode, while Raj joins the girls for a night of drinking and partying. Unfortunately, the D&D game concludes with Sheldon settling an undetermined score with Santa by abandoning him in the game’s fictitious dungeons.


The Permutation of Platonic Forms (7.9)

Sheldon and Amy spend the day “as friends” (they had broken up at the time) during the season 9 Thanksgiving episode and learn they can still get along.

Meanwhile, Bernadette, Howard, and Raj work at a soup kitchen, while Leonard and Penny attempt to cook their first Thanksgiving dinner together – Howard meets Elon Musk, and the entire gang spots Leonard in a hot-orange nightgown.

The Proof of Tangible Affection (8.0)

This season 6 Valentine’s episode featured three separate stories: Sheldon and Amy searched for the perfect gift for each other, Bernadette/Howard and Leonard/Penny went on a double-date that was ruined when Penny’s ex-boyfriend showed up, and Raj throws a lonely-persons party at the comic-book store with Stuart.

Excitation in Holograms (8.1)

Another season 6 holiday episode (this one Halloween) may have ended with a comic-book store Halloween party, but the show itself centred around the premise that Howard wouldn’t stop talking about his journey to space, while Leonard learned that he could turn Penny on with his mind alone. Sheldon and Amy also fought over what “couples costume” they should wear to the party.


The Large Hadron Collision (LHC) is a type of particle collision that (8.1)

Leonard is chosen to be sent to Switzerland on February 14th for a work trip and decides to bring Penny with him in the third season’s first Valentine’s Day episode. Unfortunately, the trip is to the Large Hadron Collider (which Sheldon has always wanted to see), and he spends the episode attempting to get Leonard to take him instead.

Extraction of Cooper (8.2)

Sheldon flew home to Texas for his nephew’s birth in the season 7 Christmas special, while the rest of the gang decorated the flat and the tree. While they decorate, the gang imagines what their lives would be like if none of them had ever met Sheldon, imagining what they would be doing instead.

Manipulation of Locomotives (8.3)

Another Valentine’s Day episode, another double-date – this time Bernadette/Howard joined Sheldon/Amy for dinner and a romantic train trip, culminating with Sheldon and Amy passionately kissing for the first time. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny are in charge of Raj’s dog, and they let her consume an entire box of chocolates by accident.

Perturbation by Imitation (8.3)

Sheldon and Howard were at odds in the final season of the show’s lone holiday episode, when Howard chose to dress up as Sheldon for Halloween (making fun of him in the process).


Sheldon and Amy respond by dressing up as Howard and Bernadette for the gang’s Halloween party and mockingly pointing out all of the short couple’s flaws.

The Maternal Harmony (8.4)

Leonard’s mother was first presented to the audience in season 2, and she opted to return for a Christmas visit in season 3. Unfortunately, Leonard decides not to tell his mother that he’s seeing Penny because he doesn’t want to deal with the reaction he’ll get. Leonard has a meltdown after his mother informs him that she is divorcing his father, so Penny and Beverly go to The Cheesecake Factory and get blitzed.

The Middle Earth Paradigm is a concept that has been around for a long time (8.5)

The lads attended a Halloween party across the hall in Penny’s apartment in Season 1’s lone holiday episode. Leonard sees the party as an opportunity to get to know Penny’s friends, but is thwarted when Penny’s ex-boyfriend turns up and proceeds to cause havoc. Penny manages to persuade the monster to leave Leonard alone, and the two share their first kiss.

Fluctuation of the Good Guy (8.6)

During the fifth season’s Halloween episode, Leonard is faced with the decision of being faithful to his Indian girlfriend or pursuing an attractive woman he meets at the comic book store; he makes the incorrect choice and ends up with neither. Meanwhile, Sheldon spends the rest of the show attempting to scare the other guys in payback for them scaring him at the start.


Reuniting the Justice League (8.7)

The gang hires Penny and her muscular boyfriend, Zack, to fill out their line-up of The Justice League for a costume-contest at the comic-book store in the show’s lone New Years holiday special, which took place in the fourth season. When Penny feels uncomfortable being with Zack and Leonard at the same time, the night becomes tense… but happily, they make it to the party and win the contest in the end.

The Decoupling of Thanksgiving (8.9)

The first Thanksgiving episode of the sitcom didn’t air until season 7, when the entire cast decided to spend the holiday at Howard and Bernadette’s house. Unfortunately, Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack shows up for dinner to sign the legal divorce papers when it’s discovered that the two former lovers had an unintentional quickie marriage in Vegas several years prior.

The Hypothesis of the Bath-Item Gift (9.2)

Sheldon tries to come up with the perfect gift for Penny, only to fall horribly short when Penny gives him a customised autograph from Leonard Nimoy in the second season’s Christmas episode, which is still regarded one of the series’ funniest episodes (Spock).

Meanwhile, Leonard is envious of Penny’s new gorgeous scientist boyfriend, owing to Penny’s refusal to date Leonard because he is “too smart.” Fortunately for Leonard, but unfortunately for Penny, he is satisfied when Penny confesses that her new physicist lover is actually married and cheating on her. Christmas greetings from Newton!


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