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Bold And Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks



Bold And Beautiful Spoilers:  and daily news updates at Soap Dirt.Keep checking this site for the latest news on CBS’ soap opera. This includes drama with Logan, Forrester and Spencer families. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are updated daily. You can also find casting news and the latest gossip behind-the scenes. William J. was the one who invents B&B. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell. It’s been a huge success since its inception in 1987. We bring you the most recent news to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on behind the scenes and on-screen. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers change daily.

The bold and beautiful Spoilers Finn

Bold And Beautiful Spoilers

Friday, April 1, 2019

Sheila doesn’t realize it, but the situation spirals downward after Ridge warns Taylor to avoid the maniacal. What if Sheila becomes angry at Steffy after learning that Finn knows the truth about Steffy’s savage act? It will lead to an attack of some kind. It doesn’t matter what kind of attack, verbal or physical, it is important to observe. Keep the weapon hidden until then!


The Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week

Monday, April 4

Dollar Bill tells Liam what to do about starting families with both Steffy and Hope. We can only guess what kind of wisdom he’ll have to share about feeling a connection between two related women… We don’t know if he has figured that one out yet.

Thomas is getting more and more worried as he hears Ridge and Taylor talk about Sheila’s mental health. Do they choose to talk to her and find out that his sister is in danger?

A look inside the beloved Bold & Beautiful star’s dream home when her $8 million home goes on the market.


Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful

Tuesday, April 5:

When Deacon finds something strange going on in Il Giardino, he gets scared. Do you think it has anything to do with the fight that started this week between the two? Maybe they’re just running out of bread sticks?

Sheila starts to unravel because she is afraid that her crime will be found out and that she will be named as the outside force that broke “Bridge.” Since she has been acting like a person who has no idea where they are up to this point, it’s not a big surprise. (Hey, she’s done more than that, as you can see from these photos of her life as a criminal.)

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful

Wednesday, April 6:


Sheila is upset, and Deacon is trying to calm her down. But is there anything that can calm down the crazy woman, who is worried that people will notice all the damage she’s done? Maybe a piece of bread would help?

When Brooke tells Hope and Liam that she thinks an outside force is at work, her perception goes into hyperdrive. If you want to play a drinking game where you take a shot each time she says “external force,” should the players… well, don’t?

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful

on April 7, 2014

Being crazy is not easy. This morning, Li doesn’t agree with Sheila’s plan to be Finn’s mother. This makes Sheila angry. It seems that no one thought about how her crazy, violent, and dishonest past will make her a sketchy mother character.


If Ridge, Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy get together as a family, I would only think about it if it was against Sheila. The problem is that if her fuse was blown all the way down to zero, how would she react if walls came close to her?

Bold and Beautiful hints

Friday, April 8

Taylor, didn’t you die enough times? It’s not true, because when she tries to help solve the conflict between Li and Sheila, she tempts fate. The shrink could also try to make Brooke or Quinn into best friends.


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