Borje Salming Death: Iconic Maple Leafs Defenceman Börje Salming Dies At 71

November 25, 2022
borje salming death

Borje Salming Death: Borje Salming, a legend in Maple Leafs hockey and a European hockey icon, has died. The team released a statement on Thursday. He was 71.

Brendan Shanahan, Leafs president, released a statement saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs are mourning the loss of Borje Saltming. Borje was an icon of the game, a pioneer in the game with unbreakable spirit. He also had unquestioned toughness. His contributions to the community and his play on the ice helped him open up the NHL for Europeans.

How Did Borje Salming Die?borje salming death

“Borje was a Maple Leafs player 50 years ago. He will always be part of our hockey family.” We send our deepest condolences for his wife Pia, his children Theresa and Rasmua, Bianca and Lisa, as well as his brother Stieg.

Salming, who diagnosed in July with ALS, honored at Scotiabank Arena with an emotional ceremony. Sheldon Keefe, the Toronto coach, participated in a ceremonial puck dropping, starting a lineup that included six Swedish players. Salming couldn’t speak due to the disease.

According to, Darryl Sittler, another Leafs Hall of Famer said that “Nobody will ever forget these moments, this game and this night.” Borje had hoped for this. He told us months ago that he wanted to attend the Hall of Fame weekend. He is here.

“To be there standing beside him tonight was an unforgettable evening that I will always cherish.” Hockey fans will remember it, I’m sure.

Salming is the first Swedish player inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is also the Leafs’ franchise record holder of assists.

Salming was a newcomer to the NHL in 1965. Swedes considered too soft to be allowed to play North American hockey. Salming took a hammer on that reputation, despite the fact that he was being accused of taking cheap shots.

Keefe said to reporters that he thinks of the Maple Leafs two weeks ago.

Toronto’s Emotional Final Tributes

His significance to Toronto and the Maple Leafs was evident during emotional tributes, standing ovations and other gestures of respect earlier in the month as he attended the final Toronto games.

Salming was accompanied at the event by his family members and former teammates. Salming was accompanied by his family and former teammates at both games.

Sittler told CBC News that he was afraid these games would be his last chance to see his friend and teammate.

It was a moment of magic.Salming, who had lost some speech and mobility, briefly shook hands with each Maple Leafs player before slowly stepping off the ice to make his final appearance with the team. He was about face against the Vancouver Canucks.

A former colleague of the NHL legend and NHL legend, Lanny Mcdonald, told CBC News that it was “Salming wanted to receive a present so he could feel honoured at the celebrations in Toronto.

According to McDonald’s, it is an honour for his family to know how much he values and loves them.”

“More than anything, he was such an amazing teammate, both on the ice and off.”

Salming’s strong, two-way play made them one of the best hockey defensemen. He was also a beloved player in team history.

Salming stated that “Wearing the Toronto Maple Leaf sweater 16 seasons was a great honor,” in part, in a statement he made following the unveiling of his statue in 2014.

“I look back with fondness on my time in Toronto and I enjoy every opportunity to visit it.”

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