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What Is Boruto Eye? Here Is Full Explanation



Boruto eye is shown differently in the anime and manga. The majority of the information in the manga has yet to be explained, but the anime has helped to complement the majority of it.

The Jougan is the name of Boruto’s eye. Boruto is the only one who has it, and it allows him to see chakra paths and travel through dimensions.

The Otsutsuki Clan is the only ones who are aware of the eye’s great power and impending confrontation with a predetermined fate.


Involvement in the plot | Boruto Eye

Boruto Eye

Boruto believes his Jougan is the Byakugan waking from his Mother’s side in the anime.

For the time being, it remained unexplained. Boruto only used the Jougan by accident during fights and times of stress.

Boruto and Momoshiki eventually meet. It’s revealed that the eye has a link to the Otsutsuki clan, meaning that Boruto was destined to meet one of its members in order to fully realise the eye’s potential.

After their combat, Momoshiki left a mark on Boruto. Over time, the mark has revealed itself to be Momoshiki’s spirit attempting to take over Boruto’s body.


Momoshiki’s life was on the line, and Boruto proved to be the right vessel for the job.

Boruto was able to preserve control over his mark at first, but now he struggles to resist Momoshiki’s influence.

Boruto’s Jougan ignites in Chapter 53, and Momoshiki gains full control for the first time.

The Jougan appears to be enraged at Momoshiki’s presence. Boruto’s link to the Otsutsuki clan, as well as his impending demise as a vessel, is symbolised by the eye.


Boruto’s fight against Kawaki in the flashback demonstrates his command of the Jougan. Boruto is in a similar situation to when Momoshiki first took possession, although his power appears to flow freely.

Boruto’s Eye: Final Thoughts

It’s not impossible that Momoshiki will find a way to work with Boruto, especially since the alien is at conflict with the series’ major adversary faction.

Boruto would be a celestial Jinchuriki, an interstellar ninja with chakra control and interstellar strength.

Boruto’s Jougan is only known by a few characters. Naruto, like Sasuke, is aware of Boruto’s eye. Boruto told his father about the eye in the anime, thinking it was an awakened Byakugan.


All three Djutsu eyes are combined in the Jougan’s skills. Boruto can travel through dimensions with the Rinnegan, feel chakra with the Sharingan, and see through obstacles with the Byakugan. The Jougan is most likely the most powerful of the three eyes.

Because we don’t know the entire consequences of the Jougan’s involvement in the main plot, it’s unfair to state it’s the best.

However, it appears to have abilities that are either superior to or equal to those of other legendary eyes.

Boruto’s eye has always been on the Jougan. It was until later in the series that it was shown to have skills similar to the other Dojutsu eyes. Boruto is said to be linked to an otherworldly clan.


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