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Britney Spears Is Giving Off ‘Free Woman Energy, in Every Sense of the world



Britney Spears Is Giving Off ‘Free Woman Energy: Britney Spears is free – in every sense of the word. On Thursday (Jan. 6), the pop diva shared a mirror selfie in which she was wearing nothing but white knee-high socks and a matching white choker.

“Freewoman energy has never felt better,” she captioned the naked photo, which was accompanied by a few pink emojis covering areas of her entire naked body.

Britney Spears Is Giving Off ‘Free Woman Energy

Britney Spears Is Giving Off ‘Free Woman Energy

Since her 13-year conservatorship ended, Spears has been sharing all of the other great “free woman” experiences she’s had. Earlier in the day, she posted a video of herself smashing a small chocolate piata cake on Instagram, stating that she had “dinner at a very wonderful spot in Los Angeles.”


She stated, “I didn’t have any expectations at all because I hadn’t gone out in a while…” before disclosing that the nameless restaurant was “very gorgeous.”

“The way this cuisine made me feel made me feel like I was six years old!!!!” she exclaimed. “I forgot to add I drank my first glass of red wine in 13 years [wine emoji]!!! In that restaurant, I felt sexier than I’d ever felt in my life.”

“Then I look up at the sky and think, ‘Wow, is this what I’ve been missing???’” she continued.

Here’s Spears’ blog entry about her dinner experience.

In February 2008, Spears and her father, Jamie Spears, went into a conservatorship, giving him power over his daughter’s life and career for the previous 13 years. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge officially dissolved the agreement in November.


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