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Bubbles Trailer Park Boys : 10 Facts You Never Knew About Bubbles



Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, perhaps? Here are ten things about him that you probably didn’t know.

He’s known for his love of cats, his iconic Coke-bottle spectacles, and for having the largest heart of anyone you’ve ever met. Bubbles quickly established himself as one of the show’s best and funniest characters. He also acts as a sounding board for his pals, Ricky and Julian.

He is responsible for turning Trailer Park Boys into the hit series today as one of the show’s primary protagonists. Unless you’re a die-hard Bubbles fan, there are probably some things you didn’t know about the show.

Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Bubbles.

Bubbles Trailer Park Boys

1. He has no idea what his last name is.

The majority of the main cast is never addressed by their full names, which is a reoccurring theme throughout the series. In Bubbles’ instance, it seems that his legal name is merely Bubbles.

After Julian and Ricky take Bubbles to the hospital in the episode “Conky,” Julian tells a nurse that his name is just Bubbles. Bubbles also provide officer George Green a false licence with only his first name in “Workin’ Man.”

Bubbles confirmed in a 2009 interview with CBC Q that while he has the last name, he has no idea what it is. The only thing he knows is that it will most likely begin with an ‘R.’

2. Alektorophobia is a phobia that he suffers from.

You’d think Bubbles has steel nerves after temporarily adopting a mountain lion called Steve French. While he is not terrified of a mountain lion, one animal terrifies him. He admits that he has Alektorophobia in “Where the F*** is Oscar Goldman?”

To put it another way, he is terrified of chickens. He was pecked cruelly as a child after falling into a chicken coop while fleeing from a farmer with some buddies. His anxiety was so embarrassing that even his best pals, Ricky and Julian, were unaware of it.

3. From his parents, he inherited a school bus.

Bubbles have spent most of his life in a shed since his parents abandoned him. On the other hand, Bubbles becomes homeless in the film Don’t Legalize It. After receiving a letter from a lawyer holding a will from his deceased parents, who bequeathed him a residence in Kingston, his luck suddenly changes.

Their home turns out to be an old school bus in a classic Trailer Park Boys twist. Bubbles have the bus relocated to the Sunnyvale Trailer Park to serve as his new home by the end of the movie. While his parents may have abandoned him, it is comforting to know that they were still thinking about him before they died.

4. He Had A Girlfriend Before | Bubbles Trailer Park Boys

When it comes to ladies, Bubbles lacks Ricky and Julian’s experience. Nonetheless, this does not imply that he has never been in a relationship with a woman. Bubbles fall for Jenny, an employee at a local animal shelter who helps prevent his kittens from being put down in Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day.

At the end of the movie, he asks her out, and they begin dating. Bubbles tell what transpired between him and Jenny while filming an on-set video for season nine titled “Ask me F***ing Anything.” Unfortunately, despite their excellent relationship, it is hinted that she began dating another man.

5. His father was a professional ice hockey player.

Bubbles’ parents aren’t well-known. They had abandoned him when he was only five years old. One of the few things he recalls about his father is hockey.

He talks about his love of hockey and discloses that his father was a hockey player known as “The Hammer” during an interview on Hockey Night in Canada.

His father had a reputation for becoming drunk before important games and regularly attacking other players. Even though he was never particularly strong at fighting, he was a fan favourite.

6. He assisted in the fundraising for a fan | Bubbles Trailer Park Boys

Bubbles are highly loyal and always has his pals’ backs, one of his best qualities. This devotion also extends to his fans. A couple of months ago, he went the extra mile to aid a fan of the show that had been suffering for almost a decade from extreme chronic pain caused by a severe case of cluster headaches.

Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles, stepped in to aid when he learned of the fan’s plight. He established a crowdfunding effort to raise money for medical procedures, and he even enlisted the help of other admirers like Bubbles. The fan expressed his gratitude by saying that Smith/Bubbles’ compassion saved his life.

7. He was the subject of a bar named after him.

Over time, as the popularity of Trailer Park Boys grew, so did the possibility for profitable commercial opportunities. Smith founded Bubbles Mansion, a pub in downtown Halifax, in 2006.

The pub had a Bubbles motif and loads of show memorabilia, including shopping carts, images of Bubbles with cats, and a trailer that served as a walk-in freezer.

The bar was also well-known for its $1 beverages. Unfortunately, as the city restricted selling inexpensive drinks, the bar’s popularity plummeted.

As a result, the bar’s price had to be raised from $1 to $2.50. In 2010, the bar closed its doors.

8. He’s finished his astronaut training.

Bubbles have dreamed of becoming an astronaut since he was a toddler. Bubbles eventually get the chance to live his dream in Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: USA’s episode “Orlando 1.” The boys’ first mission is to go to NASA and complete astronaut training.

They all passed their examinations and had the opportunity to meet Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Bubbles not only had the opportunity to operate a spaceship in a simulator, but he also saw a genuine rocket launch.

While he may not become an astronaut due to his poor eyesight, it is uplifting to see him finally achieve his longtime ambition.

9. He’s collaborated with other musicians.

Before becoming Bubbles, Smith was a professional guitarist for the Canadian rock band Sandbox. Bubbles’ appreciation of music is evident throughout the series. He’s even made cameo appearances in the music of other musicians.

He appears in the music video for Canadian musician Snow’s “Legal” and in the music video for The Tragically Hip’s “The Darkest One,” alongside Ricky, Julian, and Gord Downie.

He also records the song “Who’s Got Your Belly” in the Out of the Park: USA episode “Memphis,” which features Rush’s Alex Lifeson as the main guitarist.

10. Without his glasses, he would not exist.

Bubbles, Julian, and Ricky, are the trademark trio of the Trailer Park Boys, and without them, the show would be incomplete.

On the other hand, bubbles were essentially non-existent before the show aired. Smith was originally contracted to work on the audio for the first Trailer Park Boy movie.

His fiancée had bought his distinctive glasses at an estate sale at the time, and series creator Mike Clattenburg liked how he looked wearing them.

The showcase had reservations about including Bubbles at first. Fortunately, he became one of the show’s main characters. Trailer Park Boys would not have been as successful as today if it hadn’t been for him.

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