Cable TV vs streaming sites

September 6, 2022
streaming sites

streaming sites

Cable TV has been the most important source of entertainment that has been etched into the minds of its users for many decades.  We are not denying the fact that streaming services are attaining immense acclaim because of the convenience and amazing content variety that they offer.  Due to this very reason, a lot of us have given up our cable TV service and started confiding in streaming services for an enhanced viewing experience. 

The second reason why people are ditching cable TV and turning to streaming services is the heavy cable TV bills that make them penniless. Looking at this distressing situation, several prominent cable TV providers like Optimum cable have started providing low-cost plans to fulfill the requirements of the customers who have a set budget.  

We think that is a great initiative taken by cable companies and this honestly should be sufficient to prevent the users from cutting the cord. However, if your mind is still cluttered with thoughts and you can’t make a decision, then you have come to the right place as we are about to elaborate on the advantages of streaming services as well as cable TV. This way you will be able to choose the medium that fulfills your entertainment requirements in the best possible manner. 

Advantages of using cable TV

Many people still consider cable TV as the ultimate source of entertainment. The prominent advantages of owning a cable TV subscription include:

  • Minimal hardware requirement

Cable TV does not need several hardware devices to function. What you require is a working TV set, which is in most cases given to you by your cable TV provider in order to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. 

Cable circulatory lines are present on either the service poles or the utility lines that are underground. Utilizing coaxial cables, alerts are sent to the customers via elevated or underground service drop. 

  • Freedom from reliance on internet connectivity

The greatest benefit provided by cable TV is that you are free from the compulsion of being heavily dependent on the internet connection to view your best-loved movies or TV shows. 

Relying on the internet connection completely becomes an issue especially when you are regularly facing connectivity difficulties. In addition, the presence of a steady internet connection is still an important issue in several areas, while cable TV facilities are accessible almost everywhere. 

  • The broad spectrum of channel options

Cable TV gives you access to numerous channels that have a lot of entertainment in store for every member of your family. These channels include sports channels, cooking channels, and movie and music channels. In simpler words, cable TV caters to people of all ages. 

Several prominent cable TV providers give you the option of enjoying 200 plus channels. A very relevant example, in this case, would be Optimum, which offers more than 400 channels including ABC, HBO, ESPN, and more. 

Perks of using streaming sites

There is no doubt in saying that streaming sites have accumulated a lot of admiration and have made their name around the globe. Coupled with its affability in perceiving content as well as organized groups, streaming facilities are taking control of the entertainment industry. 

  • Cost-effective options

Streaming sites uplift your savings account and save you from the hassle of paying heavy bills. Moreover, you can also operate different streaming websites utilizing WiFi or a hotspot. This means that there is no need of having fixed devices for this purpose. 

You can easily sign in to your streaming account and get entertained on the go. In addition to this, you can also save up a considerable amount on the tickets since the latest films get released on streaming sites in a very less time. 

  • Unique content

Several famous streaming sites have a wide range of amazing content; these sites include Netflix and Amazon, which have their original series. These series are not streamed on any other service. The ability to view exclusive content essentially is one of the largest attractions for people to sign up for such services 

  • Commercial free

You might have faced interruptions while watching your favorite TV show. These interruptions are called commercials or advertisements that keep popping up after every fifteen to twenty minutes. 

If you are fed up with such commercials, then streaming sites are the only solution for you as they bless you with several hours of uninterrupted entertainment. Streaming services will save you from the hassle of watching unwanted commercials or advertisement campaigns and will guarantee a smooth viewing experience. 

  • Exceptional video quality

Another very important factor that streaming sites guarantee you is exceptional video quality. You would always be viewing the content in high definition hence making your viewing experience worthwhile. 

  • Flexibility

Streaming sites also promise to provide you with contract flexibility. We are saying this because they are mostly bundles with internet services. In addition to this, several TV service providers also equip you with amazing discounts for streaming services. 

Final words

We cannot deny that both cable TV as well as streaming sites have their perks and drawbacks. The discussion as to which will conquer and rule over the other ultimately depends on the preferences of the user.  Due to the availability of a large channel selection, live sports, and news, some consumers would always choose cable TV over streaming services. Others, on the other hand, might select streaming websites due to their simplicity and freedom to view whatever they want whenever they want.

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