Calusa Nature select and Planetarium present the first-ever

November 3, 2022
nature's select

Local fireworks show, nature’s select perfect for those who don’t like the sound of the boom.

People on the autism spectrum can feel overwhelmed by sensory overload.

Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium presented its first-ever sensory-friendly fireworks show. It was created for people with PTSD and on the Autism spectrum.

Calusa Nature Center

Connie Bennett Martin is the board president of Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium.

Bennett-Martin stated, “It was the best thing because I began hearing a few kids with the little Oohs and Ahhs,”

WINK News asked her how she came up with the idea for this program.

“About a month ago, a gentleman came in. Bennett-Martin answered that he had been asked by a gentleman if there were programs for his son with autism.

The director of the planetarium joined her and they created an entire fireworks display.

The indoor display displayed graphics from the planetarium dome and was accompanied by patriotic music and soft piano.

Amanda Serrano brought Greg with her.

Serrano’s statement that he was diagnosed with Serrano when he was just two years old.

. It’s been difficult because there aren’t enough places for him to go.

She supports events like these, which bring awareness to the autistic population.

Serrano stated, “This is definitely the best place to take your children to be themselves.”

Zan Jabara and her 15-month-old son enjoyed the show.

Nature’s Select and Jabara stated, “His first ever planetarium show, so it’s really thrilling to get that off the list.”

Jabara stated that she believes it’s wonderful that this is being done for all children, no matter if they are on the spectrum.

This is all part of creating an inclusive, safe space.

Bennett-Martin stated, “If we’re going do stuff for ourselves then the least we can do is ensure that everyone else is included in the fun.”

Sensory Sundays will be held on the first Sunday of each month. They are hosted by the autism services of Florida.

These shows are suitable for guests with sensory sensitivities or autism.

Even if you have no sensory needs, everyone is welcome.

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