Our Favorite Gear, Techniques, and Tips for Campfire Cooking

October 28, 2022
campfire cooking kit

campfire cooking kitWirecutter is obsessed with finding the right tool for every job. a campfire cooking kit  We also want to find the best way to use it. This obsessiveness extends to our personal and professional lives, which often include camping. We have researched a variety of gear to use for camping, grilling, camping stoves, portable grills, and coolers.

We all have our own ways of cooking, so we also collected some tips and tools that make camping cooking easier. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

A backup burner that fits in your pocket

A spare burner is a great addition to car camping with friends or family. It can make the difference between eating out in a crowded restaurant and enjoying a delicious meal together.

The LiteMax Stove is smaller than a deck card and can be easily tucked away in a backpack or duffel bag’s side pocket. It can be set up in less than a minute and boils water in five minutes.

The stove also runs on one can of blended propane gas for 50 minutes. campfire cooking kit  Boiling a small amount of water to make coffee is one of my favorite rituals.

The LiteMax is a great tool for these occasions. It’s easier and more discreet than igniting a bigger stove, fire, or grill.

You can keep your food fresh by bringing several coolers on your next camping trip. One cooler is enough for dry food, cold food, and icy drinks. You can double them as additional seating. Let’s take a look at it:

Refrigerated food, such as meat, eggs, and cheese, should be kept together in one cooler. You can use cold packs to keep your groceries from getting waterlogged. Or, you can load the cooler with frozen food, such as steaks, chops, and quarts of homemade chili, that you can make on-site.

Seal food in plastic zip-top bags. Layer foods from the bottom, beginning with eggs, poultry, red meat, pork, cheese, and dairy. This will prevent cross-contamination.

Although it sounds excessive to have a separate cooler for chips and bread, granola, and other dry goods, it is the best way to prevent them from becoming stale. It’s also much easier to clean up. Chip clips are also helpful.

You can have clean ice for cold beer and drinks in one cooler by placing the ice bags in the bags and laying them on top. This will ensure that your drink is safe and secure.

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