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How Bennett Sips Calls Carly Lawrence His ‘Soulmate’



Carly Lawrence: Bennett Sipes of Love Island deems Carly Lawrence of Too Hot To Handle his “soulmate.” Take a look at what Bennett said and how Carly reacted.

Bennett Sipes of Love Island USA season 2 has resorted to social media to declare that his new girlfriend, Carly Lawrence of Too Hot To Handle, is his “soulmate.” Bennett, a 26-year-old executive assistant from Baltimore, Maryland, was introduced to Love Island fans in 2020 as a 26-year-old administrative assistant from Baltimore, Maryland.

Bennett first hooked up with Kierstan Saulter when he arrived at the Las Vegas villa. She was on her way out of the program, but she still had feelings for Carrington Rodriguez.


Bennett later remarried newcomer Lakeyn Call. Even though they had chemistry, they were removed just before the Love Island USA season 2 finale.

Carly Lawrence, a 24-year-old model from Toronto, Canada, was present on Too Hot To Handle season 2 as a 24-year-old model. She began the season with Chase de Moor and completed it with Joey Joy. After Too Hot To Handle, Carly and Joey remained together for a few months before breaking up in late 2021.

Carly and Bennett just declared their official dating status on social media. On the other hand, Bennett posted a fresh photo on Instagram on Wednesday, January 19, proclaiming his undying love for Carly. Bennett stated in the post, “Never used the word soulmate until we discovered each other.” “Love you hubby,” Carly said in the comments.

Based on their exchanges, Bennett’s connection with Carly is clearly at an all-time high right now. Nathan Webb, Carly’s Too Hot To Handle co-star, didn’t miss out on occasion to crack a joke. “Swolemate,” he said in the comments.


Individually, Bennett’s and Carly’s love lives had recently been rather heated. Bennett dated Leslie Golden of Love Island USA after producers booted her from season 3 for bringing a dab pen into the resort. They dated for a few months before Leslie broke up with him at the end of 2021.


Carly dated Joey for months following their time on Too Hot To Handle, but they broke up after she suspected him of cheating on her. Carly was dating a couple of other males following her breakup. Unfortunately, nothing happened until Bennett’s relationship was made public on social media.

Bennett and Carly have been officially dating for some time, but Bennett labeling his girlfriend a “soulmate” for the first time in his life is uncharted terrain for him. Bennett was also referred to as “hubby” by Carly, indicating that she is much more confident in her relationship with Bennett than she was with Joey.

With the release of Too Hot To Handle season 3 on Netflix, it appears that Carly from season 2 has finally found love outside of the show.

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